The Actually Fun Way To Level Up Weapons In MW2

Level up any weapon while you play the objective. It's not a cheat, it's genius!

Modern Warfare 2 how to level up guns fast
Guide to upgrade your weapons

It’s all fun and games with the stock weapons until you get into a real fight, and that’s where you really need to level up weapons fast in COD MWII, and we’ll make sure you have a seamless experience doing that.

Key Takeaways

  • Always equip the weapon you want to level up, & have a second weapon in mind to upgrade next.
  • Double XP won’t activate automatically, so make sure to enable it properly. Take advantage of Double XP events to level up weapons faster.
  • The first method involves playing game modes like Domination for a higher kill count & XP, with double XP activated.
  • The second method involves playing Search & Destroy or Prisoner’s Rescue with double XP activated & in a full squad for constant XP & revival.
  • The third method involves playing Invasion mode with the Field Upgrade Tactical Insertion, marking a safe spot to respawn, &farming bots for XP.
  • When bots become too difficult to take down, exit & join a new match with easier bots.

How To Level Up Weapons

Now, before I dive into our first method, there are a few steps that you must follow to get the most out of these methods.

  • Always make sure to equip the right weapon that you want to level up; otherwise, the boosts will end up getting wasted, and you’ll have to either purchase or wait for gifts.
  • Have your second weapon in mind that you want to upgrade if the first one is completed during the boost, then you can easily swap it with the other one that you want to upgrade and start leveling it up in the same game mode or match.
  • Double XP won’t get activated unless you do it manually or the game is running a double XP event, so make sure you enable it properly; otherwise, you’ll end up grinding regular XP throughout the matches.
Steps to upgrade weapons
Leveling Up Your Weapons

Domination Mode

The first method is to play the game modes that last longer and allow you to reach a higher kill count in the game; that way, you can maximize your XP as well as complete some of the challenges required before you can finally level up that specific weapon.

I personally love Domination Mode as it’s a fun and engaging game mode, and it helps you build a strong relationship with your team as well as allows you to earn Squad XP as well. It has multiple activities that you can do to increase the amount of XP earned, and it does not get boring at all.

Now we are emphasizing more towards having the double XP activated during these game modes because they are extremely rewarding and will allow you to level up your weapons fast in a very short amount of time.

First Method
First Method to Level Up Weapons

Search & Destroy/Prisoner’s Rescue

With our second method, the grind becomes interesting as well as hardcore, instead of sticking with simple game modes we are moving towards fan-favorite Search and Destroy and Prisoner’s Rescue.

Both of the game modes reward exponential XP per Kill compared to any other game mode in the game and not only that, they last longer than them too. This perk, combined with the Double XP bonus, can skyrocket your grind for leveling up the weapons, but it’s advised to play in a squad.

Second Method
Second Method to Leveling Up Weapons

Invasion Mode

This method won’t be preferred by most but hey you need that good juicy XP so we have to use all the resources at our disposal and playing invasion game mode is one of them.

Invasion is more about strategy gameplay than that of having a fun time, it requires you to play smart to get the most out of it, and despite being, as mentioned, not the fun game mode, it offers massive rewards and XP when played right.

Just make sure you own the Field Upgrade Tactical insertion in your inventory, you need to equip it before getting into the invasion. Once you are in the game, this upgrade will allow you to mark the spot where you want to respawn after getting eliminated in the game.

Third Method
Tactical Insertion Field Upgrade For Leveling Up Weapons

Invasion in its current state is very rewarding, if you play it right you can expect to level up most of your weapons in only a couple of games. Make sure you mark the safest spot in the enemy base so you keep respawning, especially at a high ground advantage level.

The game mode is full of bots to fill up the lobby, rewarding tons of XP. So all you need to do is keep coming back once eliminated and hunt down as many bots as you can to get the most XP out of this game mode.

Do keep in mind that with time, the armor of these bots keeps on buffing, which means they won’t be as easy to take out as they were at the beginning of the match.

What you can do in such a situation is to keep farming until you feel comfortable eliminating these bots, the moment it starts getting difficult you can exit that match and join a new one with the fresh lobby full of easy bots and start grinding again for the XP.

Final round
Invasion Method To Level Up Weapons
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