COD MW3: Toxic Damage Guide

Find out what Toxic Damage is and how to use it while playing COD MW3 Zombies!

Call of Duty MW 3 - Toxic Damage
Call of Duty MW 3 - Toxic Damage

To Unlock Camo Cosmetics for your character in COD: MW3 Zombies, you need to get Toxic Damage Kills. These differ from the casual zombie killing, as you need to modify your Ammunition.

Key Takeaways

  • Toxic Damage is a damage type that modifies your ammo in COD MW3 Zombies.
  • When you shoot the zombies with this ammo type, the targeted zombie starts killing the others. Any zombie killed like this will grant you a Toxic Damage kill.
  • I figured out that if you are too close to the zombies when causing Toxic Damage through Poisonous gas, you will take damage and reduce your health.

Toxic Damage is a type of damage you can deal through modified ammunition for your weapons. The effect can be applied by multiple methods, however, I recommend the Brain Rot Ammo Mod as it is the most effective. Your main objective is to get kills and complete challenges to unlock skins for weapons and your character.

After you shoot a zombie with the Toxic Damage modification applied, it starts supporting you and targets other zombies. Therefore, every zombie killed counts as a Toxic Damage kill. Moreover, you can keep track of your kills by checking the challenges tab.

Here is the summary table of the 3 ways to give Toxic Damage.

Toxic Damage Dealing MethodsDescription
Brain Rot Ammo ModDestroy yellow Cysts at a specific location to unlock Aether Cache chests. Consume the Ammo Mod and shoot zombies to deal Toxic Damage.
Poisonous GasThrow the Experimental Gas at the zombies to deal Toxic Damage. Amount of damage dealt is low, so ensure you use it on zombies that have low health.
Elemental Pop SodaConsume the soda to apply random Damage effect on your ammunition, that includes Toxic Damage.

Brain Rot Ammo Mod

At specific places, you will notice yellow spots on walls or rooftops that can be popped by shooting them. They are Cysts, and you must destroy all of them in an area to get the Aether Cache.

This chest contains valuable loot and one item will be the Brain Rot Ammo Mod. I suggest you consume that item so its effect is applied to your primary weapon. Now, just keep shooting the zombies so they start attacking each other and get you the toxic damage kills.

I recommend you shoot only a couple of zombies in a large group and wait for them to kill the others. Do the same with other zombies so you are getting more kills to complete the challenges.

Poisonous Gas

Unlock Requirement.

  • Reach Level 18.
  • Complete 5 Daily Challenges

You can throw the Experimental Gas at the zombies that keep dealing with Toxic Damage gradually. However, the amount of damage is far less than what you witness with the Brain Rot Ammo Mod.

Additionally, the Experimental Gas becomes more effective when you throw it at zombies that are already low on health. I recommend you use your weaponry to get their health close to zero and then throw the gas to wipe them off the battleground.

Elemental Pop

Consuming the Elemental Pop when playing zombies will apply a random ammo modification to your bullets. The four effects are Fire, Electric, Toxic, and Frost. By firing bullets during the consumption period, I found out that the applicable effect is random and you can’t control it.

Due to the uncertain nature of the modification, I suggest you keep a high-fire-rate weapon, such as the Lachmann Sub SMG. Also, extend its magazine so you have more bullets. Due to a weapon of similar nature, more bullets are fired and there is a high occurrence of dealing Toxic Damage.

My Thoughts On The Toxic Damage Mechanic

Although there are three different ways of dealing with Toxic Damage to the zombies, I will stick with the Brain Rot Ammo Modification. It provides a stable way to deal damage that stays for a longer period as compared to the other ways. Furthermore, when using Poisonous Gas, keep a safe distance from the zombies, as the gas can reduce your health quickly.

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