COD MW3 Zombies: How To Perform Successful Exfill?

It's fun to perform an Exfill in COD Modern Warfare 3, but how do you accomplish a successful Extraction at the end of the mission?

COD Modern Warfare 3: How To Perform Successful Exfill

Key Takeaways

  • The term Exfill is synonymous with Extraction in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.
  • Blue Exit Icons indicate exfill locations on the Tac-Map or Minimap.
  • The Exfill location will have a Green Smoke Signal, and you can interact at this point to be extracted by a Helicopter.
  • Exfills let you preserve your loadout for the next mission. Moreover, there are various XP reward bonuses for your activities during the mission.

You must discover an Exfill location and learn how to perform a successful Exfilll to enjoy the associated rewards in COD: Modern Warfare 3. Moreover, these extraction points in the Zombies mode of MW3 are identified by an icon featuring a person stepping out of a door.

Performing An Exfill

Zombie Exfill
Zombie Exfill (Captured By Us)

Here are all the steps to perform a successful Exfill in COD Modern Warfare 3:

  1. Locate the blue exit icons spread throughout the map and head towards one of them.
  2. You can identify them by a green smoke signal from the ground.
  3. Interact to call for the helicopter and commence the extraction process.
  4. Once the extraction has been requested, exercise patience and wait approximately one minute until the helicopter arrives.
  5. Upon its arrival, you must act swiftly, as you only have a brief 35-second window to board the helicopter; failure to do so will result in being left behind.

Exfill Rewards

Completing the Exfill allows you to preserve your currently equipped weapons. These saved weapons can later be accessed in the Loadout screen, where you can re-equip them before commencing your next game.

Achieving a successful Exfill rewards you with 1,000 XP. Moreover, you also get extra XP for killing Mercenaries and Zombies, from Contracts, and from looting containers.

Any Essence Value you carry will also be automatically extracted and transformed into additional bonus XP.

My Thoughts on Exfills

Exfills are a thrilling addition to the already amazing Zombies mode, getting attacked by herds of zombies while to evacuate the area in a helicopter keeps you in action until you exfill successfully. I find Exfills quite rewarding because it allows me to keep the weapons I find during the match and they can be used in the next match or can be saved in the stash for later usage. Rare weapons like Ray Gun or Longbow rifle are so hard to find so being able to play with them is quite rewarding after a successful Exfill.

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