Monster Hunter Rise Awegite: Definitive Guide

In this Monster Hunter Rise awegite guide, we will be covering all you need to know about it from its uses to locations

awegite in monster hunter rise

What Is Monster Hunter Rise Awegite

awegite in monster hunter rise
Awegite in Monster Hunter Rise

Unlocking the master rank is no challenging feat. All you need to do is finish Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s first mission, which is the ‘uninvited guest.’ In it, you basically need to hunt Daimyo Hermitaur. The fight will be easier if you go in wearing armor that has high water resistance.

The new master rank is accompanied by numerous new items, such as the awegite. In our guide on Monster Hunter Rise awegite, we will cover everything you need to know about it, from its uses to where you can find it.

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Awegite is a new mineral in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Having it in store can prove to be very useful because it will allow you to craft powerful weapons and armor that will compliment your build. This will ultimately make it easier for you to progress in the game.

Do not consider awegite a regular item because you can craft top-of-the-line weapons with it, which will also help you in the endgame. In addition to that, having awegite can also to be highly lucrative because it has a fantastic sell value.

Key Takeaways

  • Awegite is an exclusive mineral item in Monster Hunter Rise that helps you craft some of the best weapons and armor in the game. It is one of the rarest items in the game and should not be taken for granted.
  • There are multiple ways to increase Awegite. One method is the Outcrops. Head to the Mining Outcrops through the Shrine Ruins. Out of the two crops available, white and blue, mainly focus on mining white crops as they have a better chance of getting you uncommon ore.
  • Getting your Geologist level to 3 will allow you extra time for mining outcrops. This can be your way of maximizing Awegite. Another way to get Awegite is using the gathering-type Palico Cat. this companion helps you in getting rare items. Repeating these steps will also increase your chances of getting Awegite.
  • Mining is a stamina-consuming activity. It is recommended to use stamina boosters like Dango Glutten and Dango Wall Runner and Steaks to keep your stamina well enough for mining.
  • Awegite can be found in several locations. Base Camp, Zone 1, Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 11, Zone 12, and Zone 13 are included in these locations. Zone 5 and Zone 1 are the most fruitful ones when it comes to mining Awegite.
  • Awegite is used to craft some of the best weapons in the game including Kamura Warrior Cleaver, Kamura Warrior Ballist, Kamura Warrior C. Blade, Kamura Warrior Sword, Kamura Warrior Crossbow, Meteor Cannon II, and Kamura Warrior Gunlance.
  • Armor Sets that can be crafted using Awegite include Ingot X Set, Guild Bard Set, Scholar Set, Kamura Legacy Set, Grand Chaos Set, Knight Square Set, Gargwa X Set, and Five Element Set.
  • Armors craftable with Awegite are Scholar’s Gloves, Ingot Mail X, Ingot Vambraces X, Kamura Legacy Braces, Kamura Legacy Grab, Kamura Legacy Leggins, Kamura Warrior Glaive, Gragwa Mask X, and Five Element Mask.
  • You can also sell Awegite for 1200 Zeny to earn money. Awegite can also create Two Blaze Jewel +2.

Mining Awegite

Getting your hands on awegite is not as easy as it might seem because it has a rarity of 8. However, if you follow the guidelines that we are about to lay down in our Monster Hunter Rise awegite guide, the chances of you getting awegite will definitely brighten up.

How To Maximize Awegite

We have compiled a list of things that you need to keep in mind before mining for awegite. These things will not only provide you a better understanding of getting awegite but also increase your chances of it.


In order to find awegite, you need to head to the shrine ruins and from there to the mining outcrops. There are two types of mining outcrops, white and blue. You can get awegite from both of these. However, there is a teeny bit of difference between the white and blue outcrops.

The blue mining outcrops will result in you getting the common ore, whereas the white one will result in you getting the uncommon ore. In addition to that, the chances of you getting awegite are also better with the white mining outcrops.

To be on the safe side, it will be wiser to mine all the nodes along the way. This will ensure that you get as much of the ore as possible.


The ‘geologist’ is a skill in Monster Hunter Rise that essentially affects the number of times you can use a gathering point. To maximize your chances of getting awegite, you should equip a level 3 geologist decoration.

Geologist has three levels. At level 3, it allows you to gather one extra time from mining outcrops. That is precisely what we are looking for.

 A Palico Cat

Palico in Monster Hunter Rise

Palicoes are these cute little companions in Monster Hunter Rise that join you on hunts. There are five types of palico cats in the game: healer, assist, gathering, fighter, and bombardier. Each of these bring their own unique skills to the table.

You must have a gathering-type palico cat on your team if you are interested in increasing your chances of getting awegite. A gathering-type palico cat is much better at collecting rare materials from the surroundings when on hunts than other palicoes.


The next method in our Monster Hunter Rise awegite guide is simply doing everything all over again. This means that once you have done the mining, you should restart the level and repeat the entire process.

All these methods combined will undoubtedly ensure that you get the maximum amount of awegite possible.


Before embarking on the journey to the mining outcrops, you need to pay much attention to stamina. The journey is full of cliffsides that you will climb using your Wirebug and hence you will need a lot of stamina for this arduous task.

There are several ways that you can utilize to boost your stamina. A few of these are given below:

Stamina Boosters

Stamina boosters like the Dango Glutton and Dango Wall Runner can be used to improve your stamina. These two can be acquired by completing quests.

To acquire the Dango Wall Runner, you will need to complete the three stars village quest called the ‘Supply Run.’ On the other hand, the Dango Glutton will automatically be available once you reach three stars in Village or two stars in Gathering Hub.


We all know that a well-done steak is the solution to all problems. Downing a well-done steak will for sure help increase your stamina. A well-done steak can be easily acquired from the canteen. However, this will cost you some valuable zenny.

Do not worry because there is a way to have a well-done steak that does not require you to spend a lot of zenny. You can prepare the steak for yourself when you are out on a hunt.

It will need a little practice before you are able to perfectly cook a steak for yourself. A tip that you should keep in mind is that to have a well-done steak; you need to take the meat off the fire once the handle has rotated four times.

Now that the basics are out of the way let us move on to the locations of awegite in Monster Hunter Rise.

Locations Of Awegite In Monster Hunter Rise

The zones in monster hunter rise where the awegite mining nodes are located
Map Locations

Awegite can be found in several locations. All of these are listed below:

Base camp

The first location in our Monster Hunter Rise awegite guide is base camp. You need to use Wirebug to climb a cliff. Once you have done that, reach the top, and hopefully, you will find some awegite drops here.

Zone 1

Head to zone 1 and get to the top of the cliff. There look around for bamboo and jagras. These indicate the place where there are chances of awegite drop. Keep in mind that this is one of the most fruitful locations when it comes to getting the ore. Therefore, make way to it the first chance you get.

Zone 5

Zone 5 is like a gold mine of awegite because several mining nodes are located here.

To get to one of the mining nodes in zone 5, you need to climb the small plateau in it. Once you have done so, look around for a ruined building. The mining node for awegite will be present in the surroundings of this ruined building.

To get to another mining node in this zone, you need to head to the Torii gate that is located on top of the mountain. There will be a clearing ahead of it. You will most likely find the mining node that you are looking for on the left side of the clearing.

In addition to that, there is a mining node in the west of zone 5 as well. Getting to it is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is find the cave that is located on the west side of the trail near the ravine. Once you find it, look around inside the cave to get the awegite drops.

The last location that we will be covering for zone 5 is essentially located between the cliffs lined with torii gates between zone 5 and zone 8. The mining node will be nearby these cliffs.

Zone 6

The mining node in zone 6 is present on its southwest side. Head there and use the wirebug to swing across the cliff and over the basin. Hopefully, you will find an awegite mining node in the vicinity.

Zone 11

The next zone in our Monster Hunter Rise awegite guide is zone 11. The mining node in zone 11 is situated close to the southern entrance of the monster’s lair.

Zone 12

The node in this zone is in the vicinity of the vines on the southern wall of the trail located far to the north.

Zone 13

The mining node in zone 13 is located in the surrounding of the bamboos that are close to the southwest corner of the beautiful waterfall in this region.

Uses Of Awegite

As we have mentioned before, awegite is a very valuable material that you can use to craft some outstanding gear. Below are some of the uses of awegite:



Awegite is mainly used to make master rank kamura weapons. Some of the best weapons that you can craft using awegite are given below:

  • Kamura Warrior Cleaver
  • Kamura Warrior Ballista
  • Kamura Warrior C. Blade
  • Kamura Warrior Sword
  • Kamura Warrior Crossbow
  • Meteor Cannon II
  • Kamura Warrior Gunlance

Armor Sets

Armor sets in monster hunter rise using awegite
Armor Sets

Given below are some of the armor sets that you can craft using awegite:

  • Ingot X Set
  • Guild Bard Set
  • Scholar Set
  • Kamura Legacy Set
  • Grand Chaos Set
  • Knight Square Set
  • Gargwa X Set
  • Five Element Set


Given below are some of the armors that you can craft using awegite:

  • Scholar’s Gloves
  • Ingot Mail X
  • Ingot Vambraces X
  • Kamura Legacy Braces
  • Kamura Legacy Garb
  • Kamura Legacy Leggins
  • Kamura Warrior Glaive
  • Gargwa Mask X
  • Five Element Mask


If you are someone who is looking to farm money in Monster Hunter Rise, then awegite can turn out to be very useful for you. Awegite has an amazing sell value of 1200 zenny. Therefore, if you are farming money or have some extra awegite lying around, you should utilize it to earn yourself some zenny.


You can also use awegite to create Two Blaze Jewel +2

Final Words

This brings us to the end of our detailed guide on Monsters Hunter Rise awegite. We hope you found this guide to be informative and helpful. While you are at it, head on over and read our different guides on Monster Hunters rise including paralysis sac, gaismagorm, best greatsword build, locations, and much more.

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