Monster Hunter Rise: The Definitive Bow Guide

This Monster Hunter Rise Bow Guide will inform you of all the exciting stuff you can do with the bow and if it will be fit for you. It will help you know which bow to use and incorporate in your playstyle.

Monster Hunter Rise - Definitive Bow Guide

Monster Hunter is a newly released action role play that allows you to face off against hordes of monsters. The game presents you with exciting mechanics and an enthralling world. The game has met players’ expectations and is still on the rise in popularity. Moreover, the game has exciting weapons to try your hand on. One of them is the bow which we will discuss in detail throughout this Monster Hunter Rise Bow Guide.

Key Takeaways

  • The bow is a long-range weapon that requires precision and accuracy but rewards unparalleled DPS and safety. The bow received both nerfs & buffs in the recent patch 10.0, which made it more balanced & viable for close range.
  • The combos are essential to add firepower to your damage, & the most potent combos are charging sidestep, Herculean draw, focus shot, & arc shot.
  • The bow-specific skills include Butcher’s Bind, Power Shot Bind, & Strider’s Bind, which provide significant benefits during fights.
  • Bow coatings add quirks to your character & provide more damage; you can craft them using materials from the merchant. Not every coating is compatible with every bow, so you need to choose wisely.
  • Types of Bow coatings include close range, power, poison, sleep, exhaust, para, & blast coatings.
  • Some bows allow you to have an enhanced coating that amps up the damage of that coating & its effect.
  • Rapid shot allows you to fire multiple shots at one point, but it takes skill to land masterfully.
  • Spread shot fires arrows in a horizontal spread, making it easier to hit multiple targets simultaneously, but it has a short range and cannot accurately hit a monster’s weak spots.
  • Pierce shot charges up the arrow to hit it with force at a focused area, making it best for long-range duels and works best against Dragons and Leviathans.
  • The rating of a bow depends on its power, affinity, slots, coatings, & mobility.
  • Tips for using the bow include maintaining distance, aiming for weak spots, & staying mobile.
  • The best bows in Monster Hunter Rise include the Kamura Bow II, Rakna-Kadaki Strikebow, & the Royal North Wing.

The game was initially released in March 2022 but has still managed to stay alive among other competitors like Fire Emblem Three Hopes and Diablo Immortal. You can check our guide on the mentioned games by clicking on them. Coming back to Monster Hunter Rise, it seems its popularity isn’t just for nothing.

Furthermore, the game gives the players autonomy over their character and control over their weapon of choice. The bow is among these weapons. This Monster Hunter Rise Bow Guide will inform you everything about the bow and how you can use it to its max potential.

Monster Hunter Rise Bow Guide

Monster Hunter Rise Bow
Monster Hunter Rise Bow

I’m sure you must have used a bow in your previous games. However, I’ll explain it to give you a rundown that will provide you with more clarity. The bow is a long-range weapon that allows you to poke your enemies from afar. To be skilled at its usage, you must be precise and accurate. If you manage to do that, you will be rewarded handsomely as the DPS from the bow is unparalleled, considering how much safety it provides you while doing so.

However, mastering the weapon is required to become a powerhouse. Well, fret not. It can seem a bit daunting at first, but with given time, you will manage to hone your skills. The combos you can do with this item will ensure that your efforts were not in vain. Additionally, you will have this guide to help you along every step.

During the recent Balance update 10.0, the bow received both nerfs and buffs. To make the item more balanced, the developers introduced these changes. However, the addition of Strike Thrust has made the bow a viable weapon even at close range and encourages players to put in those hours for its mastery.

Bow Changes (Patch 10.0)

  • Charge Level 1: Attack power increased; Elemental scaling slightly increased
  • Charge Level 2: Elemental scaling slightly increased
  • Charge Level 3: Attack power decreased; Elemental scaling slightly increased
  • Charge Level 4: Attack power decreased; Elemental scaling slightly increased
  • Coating effects have been raised when melee attacks (arrow slices) hit while coatings are applied.
     ・ Poison Coating: Status effect buildup increased
     ・ Para Coating: Status effect buildup increased
     ・ Sleep Coating: Status effect buildup increased
     ・ Blast Coating: Status effect buildup increased
     ・ Exhaust Coating: Stun value increased; Exhaust value increased
     ・ Power Coating: Attack power slightly increased
     ・ Close-range Coating: Attack power slightly increased

These patch notes showcase how vital The Bow has become and how beneficial it will be for you. The addition of Strike Thrust is the icing on top. It lets you deal concise burst damage that can pierce through the most potent foes. Although, bear in mind you will still need to time it accurately.

The bow has overall become somewhat balanced from before. But it is still a force to be reckoned with, so you don’t want to miss out on this weapon.

How to Control the Bow

The bow has both Basic attacks and combos that you can use. If you have just started using the bow, it would be recommended that you skim over the Basic controls. Otherwise, you are good to go into the combos to ensure you deal the most damage you can.

Basic Attacks

Bow Action PC Controls Switch Controls
Aim Mouse Right Click ZL
Shoot Mouse Left Click ZR
Melee Attack MB 4 A
Dragon Piercer MB 4+5 X+A
Choose Coating Ctrl key + MB 4 or 5 Left Button + X or B
Herculean Draw Shift key + MB 4 Right Button + A
Load/Unload Coating MB 5 X
Essential Controls for the Bow

Combos with the Bow

Combos are really vital to fit in between your auto attacks. They add a lot of firepower to your damage and can be the deciding factor in a fight. Combos will become more crucial as you use the bow at close range as you will need the burst damage for them. The table below will showcase the most potent combos you have at your disposal.

Bow Action PC Control Switch Control
Charging Sidestep WASD (This will determine the direction of your charge) + Space Left Stick + B
Herculean Draw Shift key + MB 4 Right Button + A
Focus Shot Shift key + MB 5 Right Button + B
Arc Shot Mouse Left Click + MB 4 ZR + A
Powerful combos to make use of with the bow

Along with the combos, they are multiple Bow-specific skills. These skills are the main highlight of using the bow as they are compelling and enable you to get the upper hand in fights. So let’s go through them along with these combos in detail.

Monster Hunter Rise Bow Skillbind Skills

Firstly, let’s talk about the newly added Sikbink Attack Skills for the bow.

Butcher’s Bind

Monster Hunter Rise Butcher's Bind
Butcher’s Bind

This skill is highly effective if you want to deal massive burst damage, Your first arrow will latch onto your opponent using the iron silk. The second arrow will strike at the exact spot you latched on to, causing severe damage. The attack is strong enough to cut off a monster’s tail easily. This attack would definitely be a considerable addition to your arsenal.

Timing and accuracy are essential for this skill to succeed. You need to make sure your second arrow land at the position of the first arrow. If you miss, the first arrow will disappear, and you must try the skill again.

However, this attack would cost you a wirebug charge. This means you cannot spam it much, so you better use it wisely.

Herculean Draw

The skills are part of the Silkbind set and can set you up for various attacks. It enables you to dodge an incoming attack and increase your damage output for a short while. It allows you to hold your ground in a fight.

Firstly, the skill provides you with a dodge. You can roll out of the attacks’ direction and move in any direction you want. Next, it buffs your attack damage for a short while so that you can hit some hard-hitting arrows. This will ensure that you stay healthy and a menace to your enemies.

Focus Shot

This skill from the skill bind is pretty valuable. It can be a good dis-engage tool. It hooks onto an area using the wirebug, which you can use to move left or right with the help of the analog stick. This will allow you to poke your enemies and jump right back out of their range.

Secondly, worry not if you are worried about getting hit while doing this skill. This skill has frames of invincibility, meaning no matter how powerful the attack is, you will remain unharmed. Moreover, you will be crouched after you have jumped out, allowing you to recharge your stamina to fire more arrows quickly.

Aerial AIm

This skill is very suitable for landing some quick and damaging blows. Using this skill flings the player into the air. While in the air, your attacks are buffed to deal more damage than usual. This means you can hit three or four arrows in the air and rain fire on your enemies below.

The only flaw with this attack is that you cannot dodge attacks while in the air, which could result in you taking heaps of damage. That is why this attack is used more to finish the fight when the enemy is somewhat restricted in its movement. Otherwise, it might change your opinion about the bow. That is why you need to consider this Monster Hunter Rise Bow guide.

Bolt Boost

Bolt boost is the skill you rely on where you are up close to your enemies. It allows you to launch attacks from the supercritical range and deal decisive damage. It is one of the most damaging bow attacks that reward you for your high risk-taking.

You can use it alongside the skill Dodgebolt, which is mainly used when in the vicinity of the enemy.

Monster Hunter Rise Bow Switch Skills

These are strong skills that can help you make win fights. You can unlock these skills naturally at different points in the game.

Charging Sidestep

The charging sidestep is a highly potent skill for you to master. Not only does it allow you to heal a huge chunk of damage, but it also provides you with maneuverability. With this combo, you can dodge any incoming skill, enabling you to position better and take the kill shot. It gives you the freedom to move in any direction, which means the limit of this ability is up to your creativity.

Moreover, it even raises your charge level, which makes a huge difference, as you can see from the patch notes. And if you are at the maximum level, it refreshes it for you at the highest level again.

As you can see from the control above, the skill isn’t that hard to master. However, it’s nothing that some practice can’t fix. Master this combo, and you will become an absolute goliath on the battlefield.

Absolute Power Shot

This skill requires you to charge up high damaging shots. These shots will burden your body more, causing you to use more stamina than causal attacks. However, this trade-off isn’t in vain, allowing you to stun your opponents. Stunning them would allow you to attack them without any consequences, or you can use this opportunity to create some distance between each other.

However, the stun duration isn’t really long enough to consider it worth it. For the amount of stamina it uses, at most, you can use this skill only a couple of times. That is why it might be better to use the coating for the stun rather than relying on this skill. If you think you can end a fight before your stamina depletes, then go for it; otherwise, keep this in mind.


This skill allows you to quickly weave in any direction to move out of harm’s way. On top of this mobility, it provides you with considerable damage as you fire arrows while evading. This can make it an instrumental skill to use while in close range to counterattack.

Furthermore, this skill significantly fills up your charge bar, which helps you out in your fight. I am a big fan of this skill due to how much it provides in a fight. However, if you are still unsold, you can get only Evade Extender Lv1 in your build. This will allow you to dodge attacks at close range, making fights much more effortless.

Stake Thrust

Stake Thrust allows you to pierce your enemies at close range and deal considerable damage. It’s a must-have skill that will help you stay on top in fights. The subsequent attacks you land will allow you to deal bonus damage which can help you sever parts of your opponents pretty easily.

Furthermore, You can also enhance the extra damage you deal, depending on the type of arrow you use. If you use a lethal arrow, you can deal damage equal to more than half of the monster’s health, making your fight shorter and deadlier.

Bow Coatings

We have already discussed the importance of skills which are a crucial part of your attack kit. But there is still another essential aspect we need to discuss in this Monster Hunter Rise Bow Guide. That is the Bow coatings.

Bow coatings are advantageous as they add a lot of quirks to your character and provide you with more damage. They can be crafted using materials that you get from Kangeroo the Merchant. Remember that you can only have a specific number of coating with you, so ensure you have the most useful ones.

Not every coating is compatible with every bow, so you must remember what you are going for. Look through the coatings below and decide which will be the most beneficial for you, and find a bow that will be compatible with it. The coating will be compatible with your bow if it is written in white text.

Monster Hunter Rise Bow Coatings
Bow Coatings

Close Range Coating

You can carry infinite amounts of the close-range coating, making it readily available to you whenever you want. That is why it is crucial you know how it can help you. This coating sacrifices your additional range to add more damage to your arrow. There is no downside to losing the range; if you use this, you have already been forced into a close fight. Furthermore, it changes close range to critical range, enabling you to hit vital enemy points to gain the upper hand.

Power Coating

You can carry a maximum of 50 power coating in your pouch at one time. As the name suggests, this coating increases your arrow attack power, making them hit harder. You can use it to deal damage from a distance or even close range. The increased damage gives your more leeway to take risks in fights.

Poison Coating

This coating adds poison to your arrows. The poison does lasting damage and messes with your opponents. You can use the extra damage to finish off enemies and keep poking at them from a distance. However, you can only have 20 of them, so make sure you utilize them wisely.

Sleep Coating

This coating is beneficial if you want to get away from a fight or just create distance. Sleep coating makes the victim of your arrow sleepy, making them lose speed and even get stuck in a spot. You can use this to dis-engage or land arrows without the enemy moving. You can have up to 20 of these coatings, so it is better if you can make them count.

Exhaust Coating

This is similar to Sleep coating in that it slows the opponents down. It makes enemies deplete their stamina faster, allowing you to get the edge in a fight. Moreover, if you can land a headshot, it will temporarily stun them, making it easier for you to land your subsequent attacks. You can have up to 20 of these exhaust coatings.

Para Coating

This coating incorporates a paralysis stat into your attacks. This will slow down the enemy’s movement and can stun them if you land enough of them. You can carry 20 of them.

Blast Coating

This coating adds explosive power to your arrows allowing you to do more damage. It can make noise as well to distract monsters. The maximum amount of this coating you can carry is 20.

Enhanced Coating

Some bows allow you to have an enhanced coating which amps up the damage of that coating and its effect. A bow with the enhanced coating will show a ‘plus’ sign along the coating sign. Always check your bow stats for enhanced coating, as it will provide insight into how to utilize your bow efficiently.

Types of Bow Shots

Every bow has its unique shots that you need to remember. Every special shot comes with its own shortcomings and strength. This is why you must know what type of shot you want before you craft or equip a Bow. This Monster Hunter Rise Bow Guide will list down the different kinds of bow shots so you can make an informed decision.

Bow Gameplay
Bow Gameplay [Via: KambingHunter]

Rapid Shot

Rapid shot allows you to fire multiple shots at one point. This can be highly useful if you hit a monster’s weak spot. It will deal crucial damage and make you win the fight without much effort. However, it isn’t easy to hit a monster’s vital spot. This shot takes skill to land masterfully, which means that you might need some practice before you can excel at it.

Furthermore, this shot works at both mid and close range giving you multiple avenues to explore. As your Rapid shot level increases, it adds more arrows to the shot. It reaches the maximum of 4 arrows at levels 4 and 5.

Spread Shot

Spread shot as the name suggests, fire arrow in a horizontal spread. The wide range of arrows makes it easier to hit multiple targets simultaneously. However, this shot cannot accurately hit a monster’s weak spots. It is only your luck if you hit one, as it is pretty hard.

The shot starts with a spread of 3 arrows at Level 1. However, as your level increases, it goes up to 5 arrows at level 3 and remains constant. This shot has a short range to be effective, so if you prefer long-range duels, this shot isn’t for you.

Pierce Shot

This shot charges up the arrow to hit it with force at a focused area. The arrow then follows its path until it lands five consecutive hits on the monster. The shot is mighty and can allow you to deal massive damage. It works best against Dragons and Leviathans as you can use it at long range.

The only thing that keeps this shot from being the most useful is the inability to hit the target’s weak spots accurately. Aiming with this skill and allowing the arrow to travel inward is hard. However, if you are confident in your aiming prowess, you can hit the target for up to six hits.

Arc Shots

Arc shots are arrows you shoot in the air that pop to scatter powder. This scattered power grants you buffs depending on the type of arc shot you used. An affinity-type arc shot would give you increased affinity for a short duration. Next up, we have the brace type, which allows you to brush past enemy attacks without being blown back. Lastly, we have the recovery-type arc shot that enables you to heal a portion of your health over time.

Dragon Piercer

The Dragon piercer is a potent ability to use. It sparks the arrow by dragging it on the ground. It then charges up the shot and fires at extreme speed. The attack deals massive damage and can one-shot low-level monsters. This shot is more damaging if your charge level is at max as it is directly linked to it. This shot can be a giant card to have and can up your damage output by a ton.

Rating the Bow

The bow is among the highest damaging weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. The weapon provides you with multiple strengths to take advantage of and dominate the battlefield. I rate it S, which is the highest rank it can have, all for a good reason.


The bow allows you to hit your enemy with a charged shot that deals enormous damage. This damage can become the deciding factor in a fight. Moreover, the weapon provides you with insane mobility. Firstly, you can use the bow to deal damage from a safe distance. You fire as many charged-up shots without being scared of getting while charging up because of the ridiculously long range. Secondly, the skills allow you to roll out of enemies attacks and even counterattack simultaneously. The effectiveness of the abilities increases even more as you use the skills in combos giving you both damage and maneuverability.

Moreover, you can add more firepower to your attacks with the help of coating. Even in the coatings department, you have multiple options to choose from. They allow you to overcome almost any kind of situation. However, all this isn’t for free.


The bow requires you to be precise in your attacks which can be hard to master. This precision can make you frustrated and even lose fights as you might feel like you have to try harder than someone with a melee weapon. Furthermore, the arrows you fire use a lot of your stamina. If you can’t keep track of your stamina and efficiently divide it among your attacks, it can leave you helpless in front of a mob.

If your stamina finishes, you will be left helpless. This is because you won’t have any defense to block the attack coming at you. The Low defense is the price you pay for the range and damage you get from the bow.

Considering everything, the bow is still a potent weapon whose flaws can easily be covered with the skills it provides you with. The maneuverability will come in handy in need of a quick getaway and will allow you to win fights.

Tips for using the bow

The bow provides you with different scenarios that you can take advantage of. I will share some helpful tips in this Monster Hunter Rise Bow Guide to ensure your success.

Firstly, change your settings to ensure you are playing in the most comfortable settings and controls,

  • Change your camera shake to None.
  • Adjust your Camera Style to focus and distance to 100.
  • Make your Gunner inner Reticle Fast.

These settings would provide you to take advantage of the bow fully.

Next up, use your dragon piercer of sleeping enemies. As we talked, a flaw of the dragon piercer is that it is hard to hit on a moving monster. Well, it can be the perfect tool to wake them up. It will ensure that you have already dealt considerable damage to the beast before the fight even starts.

Moreover, incorporate Focus Shot in your combos. It is highly beneficial as it covers up one of the flaws of the bow. It helps with your stamina recovery and makes you fit to fight back. Also, make sure you are using coatings whenever you can.

Lastly, remember to use the Arc Shot if you are playing in a party. It will provide you and your team with buffs allowing them to fight to their fullest. It will also enable you to finish fights quicker and be able to take on the next monster without much damage.

Best Bows in Monster Hunter Rise

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the bow, it’s time to talk about the best bows in-game.

Rampage Bow S

Monster Hunter Rise Rampage Bow S
Rampage Bow S

This bow enables you to run rampant with the Rapid Shot. With this bow, you fire arrows at high speed, never allowing your opponents to take a breather in a fight. Moreover, the insane attack damage of this blow leaves the opponents in agony with every arrow. This rampage bow is among the best bows of the game and is a perfect path for you if you like using the Rapid shot.

Demon’s Guidance

This bow specializes in the spread shot department. This bow becomes an absolute goliath when used together with an Attack boost. Additionally, it has the option of poison coating, allowing you to add that extra bit of damage on top.

Night Flight

This bow is perfect for those who enjoy using the piercing shot, like me. An attack boost and affinity boost on this bow allow you to unleash carnage with your skills. This bow has excellent overall stats and has the potential to be the strongest bow in the game.


Well, this concludes our Monster Hunter Rise Bow Guide. Remember that the bow isn’t for everyone. It can be quite frustrating to use and can be a hassle to deal with sometimes. It suits those who like to play it safe from a distance. If you go for a melee weapon, don’t despair. In a close-range duel, you can come out on top.

On that note, I’ll end this Monster Hunter Rise Bow Guide. Let me know down below which is your favorite bow and why!


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