Monster Hunter Rise: The Definitive Bow Guide

This Monster Hunter Rise Bow Guide will inform you of all the exciting stuff you can do with the bow and if it will be fit for you. It will help you know which bow to use and incorporate in your playstyle.

Monster Hunter Rise - Definitive Bow Guide

Monster Hunter is a newly released action role play that allows you to face off against hordes of monsters. The game presents you with exciting mechanics and an enthralling world. The game has met players’ expectations and is still on the rise in popularity. Moreover, the game has exciting weapons to try your hand on. One of them is the bow which we will discuss in detail throughout this Monster Hunter Rise Bow Guide.

Key Takeaways

  • The bow is a ranged weapon with high DPS.
  • Recent patch 10.0 balanced and improved the bow.
  • Combos like charging sidestep, Herculean draw, focus shot, and arc shot enhance damage.
  • Bow-specific skills: Butcher’s Bind, Power Shot Bind, Strider’s Bind.
  • Bow coatings enhance damage; choose wisely.
  • Types: close range, power, poison, sleep, exhaust, para, blast.
  • Some bows offer enhanced coatings.
  • Rapid shot for multiple shots, spread shot for wider range, pierce shot for long-range focus.
  • Bow rating factors: power, affinity, slots, coatings, mobility.
  • Tips: maintain distance, target weak spots, stay mobile.
  • Best bows: Kamura Bow II, Rakna-Kadaki Strikebow, Royal North Wing.

Monster Hunter Rise Bow Guide

Monster Hunter Rise Bow
Monster Hunter Rise Bow

I’m sure you must have used a bow in your previous games. However, I’ll explain it to give you a rundown that will provide you with more clarity.

Using a bow in games is about precision and accuracy for long-range combat. It offers high DPS and safety but requires skill. Practice and mastering combos are essential. In the recent Balance update 10.0, the bow received buffs and nerfs for balance. Strike Thrust now makes it viable for close-range combat, motivating players to master it.

Bow Changes (Patch 10.0)

  • Charge Level 1: Attack power increased; Elemental scaling slightly increased
  • Charge Level 2: Elemental scaling slightly increased
  • Charge Level 3: Attack power decreased; Elemental scaling slightly increased
  • Charge Level 4: Attack power decreased; Elemental scaling slightly increased
  • Coating effects have been raised when melee attacks (arrow slices) hit while coatings are applied.
     ・ Poison Coating: Status effect buildup increased
     ・ Para Coating: Status effect buildup increased
     ・ Sleep Coating: Status effect buildup increased
     ・ Blast Coating: Status effect buildup increased
     ・ Exhaust Coating: Stun value increased; Exhaust value increased
     ・ Power Coating: Attack power slightly increased
     ・ Close-range Coating: Attack power slightly increased

How to Control the Bow

The bow has both Basic attacks and combos that you can use. If you have just started using the bow, it would be recommended that you skim over the Basic controls. Otherwise, you are good to go into the combos to ensure you deal the most damage you can.

Basic Attacks

Bow Action PC Controls Switch Controls
Aim Mouse Right Click ZL
Shoot Mouse Left Click ZR
Melee Attack MB 4 A
Dragon Piercer MB 4+5 X+A
Choose Coating Ctrl key + MB 4 or 5 Left Button + X or B
Herculean Draw Shift key + MB 4 Right Button + A
Load/Unload Coating MB 5 X
Essential Controls for the Bow

Combos with the Bow

Combos are really vital to fit in between your auto attacks. They add a lot of firepower to your damage and can be the deciding factor in a fight. Combos will become more crucial as you use the bow at close range as you will need the burst damage for them. The table below will showcase the most potent combos you have at your disposal.

Bow Action PC Control Switch Control
Charging Sidestep WASD (This will determine the direction of your charge) + Space Left Stick + B
Herculean Draw Shift key + MB 4 Right Button + A
Focus Shot Shift key + MB 5 Right Button + B
Arc Shot Mouse Left Click + MB 4 ZR + A
Powerful combos to make use of with the bow

Along with the combos, they are multiple Bow-specific skills. These skills are the main highlight of using the bow as they are compelling and enable you to get the upper hand in fights. So let’s go through them along with these combos in detail.

Monster Hunter Rise Bow Skillbind Skills

Firstly, let’s talk about the newly added Sikbink Attack Skills for the bow.

  1. Butcher’s Bind:

    • Description: This skill allows you to unleash a powerful burst of damage by firing two arrows consecutively at the same spot on the monster. It’s particularly effective for severing monster tails.
    • Usage: Precision and timing are crucial for this skill. Missing the target means you’ll need to retry. It consumes one wirebug charge, so use it wisely.Monster Hunter Rise Butcher's BindButcher’s Bind
  2. Herculean Draw:

    • Description: Herculean Draw provides both offensive and defensive benefits. It allows you to dodge incoming attacks, providing flexibility in movement, while also temporarily boosting your attack power, making your shots more potent.
    • Usage: Use it strategically to avoid incoming attacks while simultaneously increasing your damage output.
  3. Focus Shot:

    • Description: Focus Shot is a versatile Silkbind skill that allows you to disengage from enemies effectively by hooking onto a spot with the wirebug. It provides invincibility frames during its use and allows you to quickly recover stamina while crouched after disengaging.
    • Usage: Use it for repositioning during combat and recovering stamina for more arrow shots.
  4. Aerial Aim:

    • Description: Aerial Aim propels you into the air, where your attacks become significantly more damaging. It enables you to unleash a barrage of arrows from above, dealing substantial damage to your targets.
    • Usage: Use it when the enemy’s movement is restricted or when you’re confident in finishing the fight quickly. Be cautious as you won’t be able to dodge enemy attacks while in the air.
  5. Bolt Boost:

    • Description: Bolt Boost enhances your close-quarters combat capabilities by enabling powerful attacks from the supercritical range. It rewards high-risk playstyles and can be combined with Dodgebolt for increased effectiveness.
    • Usage: Utilize it for close-range encounters to deal substantial damage to your targets.

Monster Hunter Rise Bow Switch Skills

These are strong skills that can help you make win fights. You can unlock these skills naturally at different points in the game.

  1. Charging Sidestep: Enhances maneuverability, heals, and boosts charge level. Dodge attacks effectively and refresh charge at max level. Practice for combat excellence.

  2. Absolute Power Shot: Charges high-damage shots, stuns briefly, but consumes more stamina. Use for free attacks or creating distance. Consider stun coatings or manage stamina wisely.

  3. DodgeBolt: Offers quick evasive maneuvers with damage, ideal for close combat. Rapidly charges the bow. Consider pairing with Evade Extender Lv1 for close combat dodging.

  4. Stake Thrust: Crucial for close-range combat, dealing substantial damage. Bonus damage available and further boosted with lethal arrows. Perfect for swift and deadly encounters.

Bow Coatings

Bow coatings are essential for adding extra damage and versatility to your attacks. You can craft them using materials from Kangeroo the Merchant, but remember that each bow has specific coating compatibility, indicated by white text. Choose coatings wisely based on your preferred playstyle.

  1. Close Range Coating: Sacrifices range for increased arrow damage, ideal for close-quarter combat. Turns close range into critical range for targeting vital enemy points. Unlimited supply available.

  2. Power Coating: Increases arrow attack power, allowing for harder hits from a distance or close range. Max of 50 can be carried, providing more damage output and flexibility in combat.

  3. Poison Coating: Adds poison to arrows, dealing lasting damage and disrupting opponents. Limited to 20, use strategically to weaken and finish off enemies from a distance.

  4. Sleep Coating: Induces sleep in targets, slowing them down or immobilizing them. Useful for disengaging or setting up attacks. Max of 20 available, use judiciously for tactical advantage.

  5. Exhaust Coating: Drains opponent’s stamina, potentially stunning them with headshots. Gain an edge in combat by depleting enemy resources. Carry up to 20 to control the pace of the fight.

  6. Para Coating: Inflicts paralysis, slowing enemy movement and potentially stunning them. Utilize 20 coatings strategically to hinder opponents and create openings for attacks.

  7. Blast Coating: Adds explosive power to arrows, increasing damage and potentially distracting monsters. Limited to 20, useful for high damage bursts and disrupting enemy focus.

  8. Enhanced Coating: Some bows feature enhanced coatings, amplifying their damage and effects. Look for the ‘plus’ sign to identify bows with enhanced coatings and maximize their effectiveness in combat. Always check bow stats for insights on efficient bow utilization.

Monster Hunter Rise Bow Coatings
Bow Coatings

Types of Bow Shots

Every bow has its unique shots that you need to remember. Every special shot comes with its own shortcomings and strength. This is why you must know what type of shot you want before you craft or equip a Bow. This Monster Hunter Rise Bow Guide will list down the different kinds of bow shots so you can make an informed decision.

Bow Gameplay
Bow Gameplay [Via: KambingHunter]
  1. Rapid Shot:

    • Fires multiple shots at a single point.
    • Effective for hitting a monster’s weak spot with skill and practice.
    • Works at mid and close range.
    • Level 4 and 5 provide a maximum of 4 arrows.
  2. Spread Shot:

    • Fires arrows in a horizontal spread.
    • Suitable for hitting multiple targets but lacks precision.
    • Difficult to target specific weak spots.
    • Starts with 3 arrows at Level 1, increasing to 5 at Level 3.
    • Short-range effectiveness, not ideal for long-range combat.
  3. Pierce Shot:

    • Charges the arrow for powerful impact, hitting a focused area.
    • Delivers five consecutive hits on the target, dealing massive damage.
    • Ideal for long-range combat against Dragons and Leviathans.
    • Challenging for precise targeting; skill can achieve up to six hits.
  4. Arc Shots:

    • Airborne arrows releasing powder for various buffs.
    • Affinity-type boosts affinity briefly.
    • Brace-type enables moving past attacks.
    • Recovery-type gradually heals health.
  5. Dragon Piercer:

    • Drags the arrow on the ground, charges it up, and fires at high speed.
    • Deals massive damage, especially effective at max charge level.
    • Can one-shot low-level monsters and significantly boosts damage output.

Rating the Bow

The bow is among the highest damaging weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. The weapon provides you with multiple strengths to take advantage of and dominate the battlefield. I rate it S, which is the highest rank it can have, all for a good reason.


  • Massive Damage: The bow delivers substantial damage output.
  • Great Mobility: Allows safe distance attacks with charged shots.
  • Skillful Maneuverability: Skills enable dodging and counterattacking simultaneously, enhancing effectiveness in combat.

Coatings enhance firepower, offering versatile options for various situations. However, these abilities come at a cost.


  • Demanding Precision: Requires precise aiming, which can be challenging.
  • Critical Stamina Management: Vulnerability increases if stamina depletes.
  • Lower Defense: Trade-off for extended range and damage output.

Despite these challenges, the bow remains a powerful weapon. Skills compensate for its flaws, providing maneuverability for escapes and winning fights.

Tips for using the bow

The bow provides you with different scenarios that you can take advantage of. I will share some helpful tips in this Monster Hunter Rise Bow Guide to ensure your success.

  1. Optimize Settings:

    • Disable camera shake.
    • Set Camera Style to focus and distance at 100.
    • Choose a fast Gunner inner reticle for better control.
  2. Dragon Piercer Strategy:

    • Use Dragon Piercer on sleeping enemies to start the fight with significant damage.
  3. Focus on Focus Shot:

    • Incorporate Focus Shot in your combos for stamina recovery and improved combat readiness.
  4. Utilize Coatings:

    • Make good use of coatings whenever possible to enhance your attacks.
  5. Team Play with Arc Shot:

    • In multiplayer, use Arc Shot to provide buffs to your team, helping them perform better and finish fights faster.

These tips will help you make the most of the bow’s capabilities and increase your chances of success in Monster Hunter Rise.

Best Bows in Monster Hunter Rise

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the bow, it’s time to talk about the best bows in-game.

Rampage Bow S

Monster Hunter Rise Rampage Bow S
Rampage Bow S

The Rampage Bow excels with its Rapid Shot, firing arrows rapidly and relentlessly. Its high attack damage keeps opponents under constant pressure. It’s one of the best bows in the game, especially if you enjoy using the Rapid Shot style

Demon’s Guidance

This bow specializes in the spread shot department. This bow becomes an absolute goliath when used together with an Attack boost. Additionally, it has the option of poison coating, allowing you to add that extra bit of damage on top.

Night Flight

This bow is perfect for those who enjoy using the piercing shot, like me. An attack boost and affinity boost on this bow allow you to unleash carnage with your skills. This bow has excellent overall stats and has the potential to be the strongest bow in the game.

Well, this concludes our Monster Hunter Rise Bow Guide. Remember that the bow isn’t for everyone. It can be quite frustrating to use and can be a hassle to deal with sometimes. It suits those who like to play it safe from a distance. If you go for a melee weapon, don’t despair. In a close-range duel, you can come out on top.

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