Monster Hunter Rise Easiest Weapon: A Beginner’s Guide

Here is a detailed breakdown of our top chosen picks of Monster Hunter Easiest Weapon list for beginners.

Monster Hunter Rise Easiest Weapon

Prior to the initial release in 2021, Monster Hunter Rise was released on the PC version in 2022. My Monster Hunter Rise Easiest Weapon guide will list some of the best weapons to be used for beginners.

Since there are a lot of weapons to choose from, players can opt for the weapons that best suit their playstyle. For instance, a Light or Heavy Bow is perfect for players that prefer to engage in fights from a safe distance.

With that said, there are 14 weapons in the game. Each of these weapons has unique skills and abilities. While some of them can be pretty sloppy to use, our guide can summarize the best weapons for beginners.

Key Takeaways

  • Monster Hunter Rise has 14 weapons, each with unique skills and abilities.
  • The Bow is a versatile and beginner-friendly weapon that deals damage from a safe distance and can imbue arrows with different coating abilities.
  • The Charge Blade is a morphing weapon that can be used as a shield and an axe, and has deadly skills and vials that can be filled for more damage.
  • The Heavy Bowgun deals hefty damage but has slow firing mode, and can also drop clustered bombs and act as a shotgun at close range.
  • The Insect Glaive is a customizable weapon that allows players to attack from the air with strong combos and buffs using their Kinsect companion.
  • Dual Blades are extremely fast and lightweight, with a “Demon Mode” that increases attack power and movement speed at the cost of stamina and allow for rapid position changes and aerial attacks.
  • The Greatsword is a hard-hitting weapon that can be charged up for powerful attacks and allows for aerial hits with Hunting Edge.
  • The Hammer is a powerful weapon that deals damage through charged attacks and can stun enemies, with Silkbind Spinning Bludgeon as a favourite attack.
  • The Lance and Shield combination provides high mobility and shielding factor, with simple but effective attacks like Twin Vine and Spiral Thrust.
  • The Switch Axe can switch between an axe and sword and has a gauge for both options, with Invincible Gambit as a powerful attack that significantly buffs movement speed and damage.
  • The Gunlance is a combination of a cannon and lance that allows for point-blank explosions, with Wyvern’s Fire as the best combo and Ground Splitter as a damage buff.

Here is a summary table for the Easiest Weapons in Monster Hunter Rise:

No.Weapon TierAttack TypeSkills/BuffsBest Combo
1BowARangedPower, Para, Sleep, Poison, Blast, ExhaustAerial Aim, Focus Shot
2Charge BladeAMeleeShield/Axe (can be used as both)Morphing Advance, Axe Hopper
3Heavy BowgunSRanged/ Counter-ChargeImmunity/Shotgun/Clustered BombsSetting Sun, Crouching Shot
4Insect GlaiveSExtract/RangedRed Buff, White Buff, Orange Buff, KinsectSilkbind Vault, Jumping Advancing Slash
5Dual BladesSRapid/Counter-AttackDemon mode, Feral Mode, Elemental MagicTower Vault, Shrouded Vault
6GreatswordAMelee/Ranged Aerial Damage/ Counter-AttackPower Sheathe, Adamant Charged Slash
7HammerBMeleeShockwaves/Aerial Damage/ StunSilkbind Spinning Bludgeon, Keeping Sway
8Lance & ShieldBMeleeComb-Reset/Long-Reach/High-AimTwin Vine, Jumping Thrust, Spiral Thrust
9Switch AxeSMeleeAxe/Sword, ImmunityInvincible Gambit, Element Discharge
10GunlanceAMelee/RangedCannon/Lance/Shield. Counter-AttackWyvern Fire, Ground Splitter

Weapons such as the Insect Glaive and the Charge Blade can be chunky. However, if you’re not fond of bigger weapons, there are a few on this list you’ll love!

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Monster Hunter Rise Easiest Weapons

Let me tell you why we’ve summarized the easiest weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. For example, let’s say there are two types of players; the late comers and the legends.

In my term, legends are players with vast experience within the game. They are known to be knowledgeable in all aspects of the game with every know-how.

Of course, with months of training and interaction with almost every environment, they know everything there is to know about the game. Legends in Monster Hunter Rise have already trained themselves to slay fearsome monsters.

You’ll find these players capable of triggering a deadly combination of attacks and shortcuts that you wouldn’t even know about!

Next, we have the Late Comers. These players are technically new to the game. They know little to nothing about the mechanics of the game.

For this instance, we suppose that our readers are new to this game and are in need of the best weapons that best suit their playstyle.

Therefore, we have listed the best weapons in Monster Hunter and explained everything there is to know about them.


One of the easiest weapons in Monster Hunter Rise is the Bow!

Beginners should take baby steps when starting with the game. The best option for them to choose from one of the 14 weapons of Monster Hunter Rise is the Bow.

Many of you know the Bow as a long-range weapon used to keep you safe and out of reach of the enemies. 

Your analogy can be used here in this game as well. The Bow is a highly versatile weapon that will allow the users to play from a safe distance and deal small chunks of damage to the enemies.

The Bow can be charged or fired instantly, but I believe charging the arrows before you shoot deals more damage!

Moreover, the Bow can also imbue the arrows with different magic coating abilities that we’ll discuss in our guide.

While hurling debuff-inducing arrows toward the enemies, you can cause them to lose health through power coating, poison coating, and such.

Ether way, the Bow is a beast and one of the easiest weapons in the game.

Finally, the combinations available for the Bow make it extremely fun and effective to use in combat.

You can leap into the air and deal aerial damage to the opponents while shooting arrows from the top of their heads.

While charging the weapon, players can move the joystick in the favored direction, and the character will instantly dash towards that direction while also launching the arrow to hit its target!

Evidently, the Aerial Aim is one of my favorite attacks, which can become even deadlier with the addition of coatings or debuffs.

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Charge Blade

Charge Blade
A monstrous blade that can wreak havoc in the battlefield!

Is your heart not ready to use the Bow? Are you looking for something that is pure destruction? Well, my friends, let me introduce you to the Charge Blade!

This bad boy right here is a morphing weapon! Not only can you attack with a cool-looking Axe, but you can also turn the weapon into a shield when things get dicey in combat!

Yes, you heard it, guys. The Charge Blade can be used as a Shield and an Axe.

The mobility of the weapon is lacking in some aspects. Still, the average damage and skillset of the Charge Blade make it one of the deadliest weapons in Monster Hunter Rise.

Fear not, as this can also turn out to be the only weapon you might need to fend off monsters and fearsome opponents!

You can perform a series of actions and combinations with the Charge Blade, some of which allow you to perform a charged and weak slash. Each of these attacks differs in damage and animation.

Coming back to the matter at hand, what makes this weapon perfect for beginners?

While you’re up against tough enemies to kill, you can use the Morphing Advance to dash forward in the direction of the enemy. By doing so, you will morph your weapon into the Axe to deal a devastating blow that will be unpredictable in the eyes of the enemy!

Moreover, the weapon holds vials that need to be filled by dealing damage. Wait for the bar to fill up so you can perform an even more deadly attack that deals insane damage!

Similar to the Bow’s Aerial attack, you can use the Axe Hopper to perform a midair combination. When the Vials are fully loaded, the Axe charges up and slams all the way down from the enemy’s body.

Maybe you could declare Charged Blade as the perfect companion for players who prefer everything in a weapon, an all-rounder?

For instance, the ability of the weapon to turn itself into a shield and allow the players to parry as well as switch to offense is a pretty neat skill!

Heavy Bowgun

Heavy Bowgun
Similar to the Bow, the Heavy Bowgun is like a cannon attached to itself, and you can use it at mid-range combat!

Another Monster Hunter Rise Easiest Weapon for beginners is the Heavy Bowgun which is an alternative to the Bow.

It gives the players an advantage in terms of several debuff ammo and a wide array of damage infliction.

Instead of rapidly firing off arrows, the Heavy Bowgun deals hefty damage by its slow firing mode. It is considered a heavy ranged weapon that closely resembles a hand cannon!

You can dodge between shots and be light on your feet while shooting one of its status-inducing ammo!

For instance, the Heavy Bowgun has the ability to drop clustered bombs on the enemies or even act as a shotgun that blows enemies away at close range.

The weapon takes a fair tradeoff between its mobility and defense, which means players can defend themselves against some of the heavy attacks of their target.

Moreover, one of the best attributes of the Heavy Bowgun is its charged attack. You can perform a counterattack and gain immunity while also releasing a massive shot that deals immense damage!

Insect Glaive

Insect Glaive
The buffs on this weapon can either heal you or increase your overall damage!

The Insect Glaive is a weapon made of two components, one being a solid spear and the other a friendly companion known as Kinsect.

This weapon is customizable for players that love to attack not from the ground but from the air!

Players can leap into the air by pressing the ZR + B combination known as the vault. Once in the air, you can perform an advance slash and Vaulting Dance that deals more damage to the enemy the longer you stay airborne.

Let’s move on to the Kinsect! It is your companion, which you can shoot towards different portions of the enemy’s body.

After shooting the Kinsect, you can wait for it to start extracting different benefits, which take effect once you call it back.

You can identify each benefit or buff collected by the Kinsect through its color. The color will be based on the part you aimed at the enemy.

For instance, a red buff will increase your character’s attack power, while a white buff will increase your movement speed. Furthermore, an orange buff will provide knockback protection from enemy attacks and so on!

Combining the overall aerial attacks and the benefits of the Kinsect, the Insect Glaive is an aerial machine with strong combos that allow you to do damage on the ground and air!

Attacks such as the Silkbind Vault followed with a Jumping Advancing Slash allows you to leap forward and perform a series of slash attacks.

Dual Blades

Dual Blade
The weapon might be smaller in size but they pack a huge punch!

Ah, the Dual Blades; takes me back to the good ol’ Elden Ring days. Out of all the weapons mentioned in this guide, the Dual Blades are the best in mobility and several combinations to their attacks.

They are small, but you know what they say about size, don’t you? I would say these weapons are a beast in the right hands!

These Dual Blades are for you if you’re a player fascinated by ending a fight in speed!

They are extremely fast and lightweight, and you’ll enjoy destroying your opponents with those crazy combos.

Let’s discuss the features of the Monster Hunter Rise Easiest Weapon.

Players can use several combinations to charge the weapons and enter into ‘Demon Mode.’ The mode increases your character’s attack power and movement speed.

However, it’ll be draining your stamina till it lasts. The Demon Mode is an efficient method of killing your targets quickly. 

Rapid position change and repositioning yourself in a better spot to tackle your opponent is fun!

Moreover, your character will be flawlessly executing deadly attacks at a faster rate, taking out huge chunks of enemy HP.

In addition to the constant damage, you’ll be evading enemy attacks and practically jumping through the air for some aerial damage!

The fast movement increased damage, and more agility makes this weapon overwhelming!

Not only that, you can stab the enemy with a knife by pressing ZL + X, which is known as the Piercing Bind. The knife or whatever sharp object it is that sticks to the enemies explode and causes a lot of damage.

You can also increase the attack’s damage by landing one of your own shots simultaneously and ultimately allowing your character to jump into the air and do aerial damage.

While experimenting with the Dual Blades, you should try out these moves and the Shrouded Vault to get the most fun out of these bad boys!

Isn’t it amazing how you can evade attacks and counterattack simultaneously, leaving no opportunities for the enemy to strike back? Yeah, I thought so too.


The range and efficiency of the Greatsword is amazing!

The Greatsword is one of the best hard-hitting weapons in my Monster Hunter Rise Easiest Weapon list. The fun fact about this weapon is the ability to charge up the attacks before slamming the Sword down the enemies.

It takes a while to reposition yourself when surrounded by massive-sized enemies. However, players can leap into the air and reposition themselves when faced with a deadlock.

More importantly, do not take this weapon for a chance to gain high mobility, as it will be a tradeoff between high mobility and hard-hitting attacks.

So when you wield the Greatsword, watch out for some fast-paced attacks to dodge!

On the other hand, charging up your blows at the right time can damage the monsters tremendously, causing them to lose a considerable amount of HP.

It would help if you charged your blows at the right time because it takes a while before you can trigger the attacks. 

By pressing ZL + A, your player can perform a Power Sheathe with a quick dash forward followed by the charged slash to end the combination.

Surprisingly, you can get aerial hits with the Greatsword as well. Simply press ZL + X to perform Hunting Edge, which will allow you to leap in the air and attack the enemy. After that, hold ZR to charge the attack.

Your player will strike the enemy down from the air and deal considerable damage. In conclusion, the Greatsword is an easy weapon to maneuver and use against larger enemies.

Not to mention the Adamant Charged Slash is an attack not to be messed with! It allows your character to dash forward after charging the Sword with the basic ‘Charged Slash’ and prevents potential knockback during the animation.


Along with the huge size, the Hammer uses its charged attacks to deal heavy damage!

The Hammer is a chunkier weapon that deals damage through its charged attacks. Yes, almost all the weapons in Monster Hunter Rise are chargeable for the highest damage.

The Hammer could be the most favorite weapon for players that have had an experience with the Dual Wield Hammers in Elden Ring.

Most of the attacks are similar within these two games. However, you could bash enemy heads with the Hammer and leap into the air to perform jump attacks.

You could easily adapt to this weapon, which is why I have saved a spot for it in my Monster Hunter Rise Easiest Weapon List for beginners.

In addition to the ground attacks, players can jump into the air and surprise the enemies with a massive bonk on the head.

The charged blows can be pretty severe, followed by a combination of heavy attacks. This can stun the enemies, giving you plenty of opportunities to strike them down in the next two to three blows.

By pressing ZL + A on this weapon, your player can jump into the air and drop down to deliver a massive blow. This attack involves multiple hits followed by a large-scale attack.

My favorite attack for the Hammer would be the Silkbind Spinning Bludgeon, which, I tell you, is astonishing!

You can perform the attack by pressing ZL + X, and by doing so, your character will attach a silk bind to the upper body of the enemy.

After that, you’ll notice your character charging up his Hammer as it glows and instantly jumps into the air.

Once airborne, you’ll be spinning down on the enemy delivering continuous blows before hitting the ground and finishing it off with a final attack.

In short, the Hammer is a slow but hard-hitting weapon that takes a little while to charge. You can either switch to hard blows or slow combinations that build up damage with every hit.

To your surprise, you’ll be able to land more than 300 damage within three to four combos!

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Lance & Shield

Lance & Shield
The high mobility and shielding factor of the Lance & Shield provide an upper hand for players to perform a counterattack!

These might be the most sophisticated combinations in the game. Lance and Shield is another Monster Hunter Rise weapon any beginner can use in combat.

In comparison to the Sword and Shield, Lance is also a heavier weapon. The shielding factor comes in pretty handy. You can dodge any incoming attack and prepare a counterattack.

When talking about the Lance, it is larger in size and can reach quite a distance. One could say it is perfect for mid-range fights due to its massive range.

With both the Lance and Shield, you can run around in any direction at incredible speed and plow down enemies regardless of their size.

Press ZL + X to bring forth the Twin Vine, which allows you to attach a tethering band of silk to the enemy. After that, you can pull yourself toward the enemy and press X or A to perform a Jumping Thrust.

One of the best features of the Lance is its evasive attack. If you want to charge the enemy from a different angle or cover a safe distance, you can press ZL + A to trigger the Spiral Thrust.

It will allow your character to perform a two-step dash attack followed by a Spiral Thrust that stabs the enemy.

In conclusion, Lance and Shield can be used by beginners due to their simple combinations and not-so-complex attacks. The incredible maneuvers and thrust attacks allow the Lance to take place in my Monster Hunter Rise Easiest Weapon list.

Switch Axe

Switch Axe
The weapon can aid in battle by switching between an Axe and a Sword!

The Switch Axe is a weapon similar to the Charge Blade, but instead of morphing into a shield, it can switch between an axe and a sword!

Any player looking to switch their playstyle during combat will love the Switch Axe!

Honestly, the animation is extremely satisfying to watch when it switches to Axe and then back to a sword.

Both the weapons allow the character to widen their attack pattern. Switching to the Axe can narrow the distance and slice the enemies in close-range combat.

On the other hand, players can use the Sword in mid-range due to its considerable size! The wide swings of the Sword allow your hits to connect with the enemy and deal damage.

Moreover, the Switch Axe has a gauge for both options. Once they are full, you can attach yourself to the enemy and continuously hit them with a range of attacks for a few seconds!

Press ZL + X on this weapon to perform the Invincible Gambit. Your character will start spinning and dash forward to the enemy.

While performing the attack, Invincible Gambit will buff your movement speed and damage significantly. You’ll be immune to any knockback from the enemy attacks.

One of the downsides of this weapon is its longer animations. The weapon can be quite easy to use; players should not overlook its animation.

Other than that, it is the perfect pick for my fellow players with a knack for various attacks!


Shoot powerful shells at point-blank range with the Gunlance!

As the name suggests, Gunlance is a combination of a cannon and Lance. Evidently, it is quite similar to the Lance and Shield we discussed earlier.

However, with the addition of a cannon, the Gunlance propels a massive blast that takes away the enemy’s HP. Earlier, we discussed blocking any incoming blows directed at you with the Shield’s help and swiftly counterattacking.

In this case, you can perform thrust and stab attacks on enemies along with point-blank explosions. Moreover, you can press ZR to Guard followed by X + A to perform the Wyvern’s Fire, which is undoubtedly the best combo for this weapon!

The Wyvern’s Fire charges up and surrounds the Lance in a blue aura which then shoots out a huge blast of shells that damage the enemy continuously.

At point-blank range, you could do some severe damage. The Lance provides a different playstyle for most players and allows them to go toe-to-toe with any enemy in front of them.

The Ground Splitter is an attack that players can perform by pressing ZL + X. It allows your character to dash forward and perform a jump attack.

It also acts as a buff, increasing the overall damage of your cannon and the Wyvern Fire attack.

To end our guide on the Monster Hunter Rise Easiest Weapon List, make sure you try out these weapons before taking them into battle. It will help you learn the mechanics of different weapons so that you can adapt accordingly.

In addition to that, the game offers a variety of weapons, each having its own unique combinations and power-ups. Players will not get bored quickly. For instance, the Switch Axe gives players two different playstyles they can use in combat.

Similarly, the Charge Blade can automatically transform your character into a wild beast! For more extensive guides on games such as Monster Hunter Rise, be sure to visit VeryAliGaming!

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