Monster Hunter Rise Gaismagorm: Definitive Guide

monster hunter rise gaismagorm
The Gaismagorm

Monster Hunter Rise is the newest entry in the critically acclaimed Monster Hunter Series. Developed and published by Capcom, it was released in 2021 for the Nintendo Switch, with a PC version following in 2022. It is the 6th mainline game in the Monster Hunter series. It received an expansion in June of 2022, titled Sunbreak, and Monster Hunter Rise Gaismagorm is the final boss of the game.

The Sunbreak expansion is a fully-fledged content expansion pack that includes several new quests, locations, characters, weapons, ranks and monsters. One of these monsters is the much feared and respected Gaismagorm.

Key Takeaways

  • Gaismagorm is the final Boss in the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. It is a gigantic dragon with agile arms, powerful gut muscles, and the ability to create and manipulate explosions.
  • Gaismagorm comes at the end stages of the game. It can emerge from any of the massive craters in the game. It only targets the player.
  • Gaismagorm uses crystalline Quiro to generate attacks. It is vulnerable to Fire, Dragon, and Thunder elementals and immune to Poison, Stun, Paralysis, Sleep, and Exhaust elementals.
  • Gaismagorm is a tough nut to crack. Use of weapons with Thunder and Dragon elementals is recommended. Ranged weapons are less effective.
  • The fight is divided into two stages, each with its own sections. The first stage is destroying the crystallized Quiro on its back. The player is provided a Dragonator and an Elgado for the fight. The Head, Neck, Arms, and Wings are vulnerable parts and should be attacked.
  • The Gaismagorm has a variety of attacks. These include Squash, Multiple Hand Slams, Head Sweep, Vortex, Conflagration, Explosive Drag, Ground Fire, Fireball Lineup, Belly Slam, Rain of Fire, Mouth Charge, Wall Climb, and Frenzy.
  • Gaismagorm drops some of the best weapons in the game. These include the Felyne Archdemon Staff and Canyene Archdemon Fang. Both items have a rarity of 10 and deal Blunt damage. Each of them requires 4800 coins and 2 Heavy Archdemon Scraps to craft.

What Is the Gaismagorm?

A gargantuan monster living in the darkest depths since ancient times. Gaismagorm’s rock-like forearms boast tenacious strength which allows it to burrow underground. It has a symbiotic relationship with the Qurio, and feeds on their life force for energy. Once it has chosen a place to nest, it collapses the surrounding bedrock to create an opening to the surface. The opening forms a massive crater in which it releases the Qurio through.

An ancient gargantuan monster that has been living in the darkest depths since eons, the gaismagorm is a towering, lumbering beast that measures 60 feet in height and is the final boss of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. It is also known as the Dark Abyss Dragon, and the Abyssal Archdemon of the Abyss.

Its basic size and shape is very similar to other Elder Dragons, especially the Gogmazios. It is possible that the Gaismagorm is undergoing rapid evolution, as its back legs appear useless and drag when the dragon moves.

In contrast, its arms are extremely strong and fast, allowing for both rapid movement and the ability to quickly throw items at any threats it perceives.

The Gaismagorm relies on a symbiotic relationship with the Qurio to survive. It feeds on the life energy of the Qurio and gains sustenance and vitality from them. It also appears to have some level of hive-intelligence capability, as it is able to morph them into both offensive and defensive equipment, similar to nano-machines. For example, it can cause them to shoot out lasers for attacks, and crystallise into makeshift armour.

Moreover, it also has very powerful gut muscles that can create a vacuum strong enough to pull in not only crystallised qurio, but also debris and even people. It also has the capability to both create and manipulate explosions and make them fall from the sky.

The Gaismagorm spends most of its time hibernating in the ground in a nest it creates prior. When it needs to feed, it creates a hole from which the Qurio escape and eat. Once they return to the hole, the Gaismagorm absorbs their life force, and thus gains sustenance.

After the Gaismagorm has accumulated enough energy, it will emerge from the whole onto the surface. The Gaismagorm does not stay underground out of its own accord, rather it is kept there out of necessity by the Malzeno, the two of whom are mortal enemies for several hundreds of years.

Where To Find Monster Hunter Rise Gaismagorm?

From the depth, its voice can be heard.
‘The time has come.’
From the depth it beckons:
‘Come to me!’
As it feeds on stolen life, its power grows ever stronger.
Until it finally reveals itself 

The Gaismagorm is a storyline boss, and as such it can only be encountered near the end of the main quest. To find it, the player has to keep an eye out for massive craters from which it escapes onto the surface. It is an Elder Dragon that will target and is hostile to the player at any range. The Gaismagorm will only target the player and is non-hostile to all other entities.

Gaismagorm General Stats

The Gaismagorm utilises the crystalline Quiro on its back to launch attacks onto the player. As a result, it can be exponentially advantageous for the player to target and destroy these crystalline depositories. However, care must be taken, as the player is very vulnerable to sweeping attacks by the Gaismagorm in the process.

The Gaismagorm has a 10 star Threat Level, meaning it is extremely dangerous to the player. It is mainly a physical damage monster, and is capable of stunning the player with some of its attacks. It is immune to Poison, Stun, Paralysis, Sleep, and Exhaust, so using weapons with those elemental damages is ill-advised. It has some level of vulnerabilities to Fire, Dragon and Thunder elementals.

Strategy Guide For Fighting The Gaismagorm

Make no mistake – the Gaismagorm is a tough fight, which makes sense, as it is the final boss of the expansion. The Elder Dragon is a huge critter, which results in difficult manoeuvring in the fairly small arena. To prepare for the battle, it is important to bring upgraded armour as well as many healing and stamina items. 

The Gaismagorm In-Game

Like all fights in Monster Hunter Rise, every single weapon is viable, including longswords, if the player is skilled with it and strategically plans their moves. However, Dragon, Thunder, and to an extent Blast elemental weapons have a small edge. On the note of edge, slashing weapons are recommended, as are blunt weapons.

Blunt weapons may be more advantageous due to the increased damage that they do to the neck, abdomen and head regions of the Gaismagorm. Ranged weapons are not recommended, as although they are not completely useless, the increased damage of melee weapons does make them obsolete. Naturally, targeting the head will be most effective, but the neck and wings and arms are also vulnerable.

The boss battle is divided into two stages, with each stage being divided into sections that will need to be repeated until the next stage. The first stage requires the player to destroy the crystallised Qurio on the back of the Gaismagorm’s skin. Until these Qurio are destroyed, the player will not be able to deal that much damage to the Gaismagorm. To break them, the player must attack them until their health bar depletes.

The player will be aided substantially by the Dragonator and the Elgado. As a result, the best strategy relies on being extremely evasive and skittish, relying on jumping in and out of battle to simultaneously damage the Gaismagorm and avoid its attacks. 

monster hunter rise dragonator

For the first phase, it is most important to focus on the vulnerable parts of the dragon, which are its head, neck, arms and wings. The best place to be during this phase is near to its forearms, which are a relative safe spot. However, care must be taken; staying close to its forearms may incite a swing attack, which, if not avoided, deals significant damage.

The other attacks that the Gaismagorm will strike with are a basic smash attack with its forearms, causing damage around a small area. It will also spit rocks and other debris at the player, so care must be taken to stay alert. As mentioned previously, stay focused on the Qurio and keep attacking them. Eventually, the Qurio on that part will be destroyed, making that specific limb more vulnerable to damage.

The Gaismagorm has a specific attack known as a Vortex attack. In it, it will move to the edge of the arena and start sucking in air, along with debris, explosives and even the player.

Once it has charged up this attack, it will hurl all the debris towards the player, damaging them. Moreover, if the player gets sucked in, they will also take significant damage. It is important to note that if the Gaismagorm sucks in explosive items, it will take damage. Moreover, if the Gaismagorm takes enough damage while charging up, its attack will be interrupted, and it will fall back down onto the ground.

At this stage, the player will get a prompt to use the Dragonator. Using the Dragonator will launch a volley of attacks that cause a great deal of damage to the Qurio. This action will be repeated until a cutscene plays. The second phase has now begun.

The player must now enter arena 2, where the Gaismagorm will use a much more dangerous variety of attacks. Moreover, the attacks it previously had now have more moves and also some explosive AOE attributes. In stage 2, the Gaismagorm will start to fire explosive laser beams using the Qurio, which will create danger zones on the arena.

During the battle, the Gaismagorm will pause his offence to climb the wall, at which point the various ballistae around the arena can be used to deal significant damage to it. Also, these ballistae are very useful in destroying the Qurio that target the player in the form of projectiles. Continue targeting the Qurio until the Gaismagorm falls back down into the pit.

Near the end of the battle, the Gaismagorm will enter a sort of rage state, signified by it becoming red all over. In this state, all its attacks deal increased damage, as well as start throwing explosive balls around the arena. The player should continue dodging and weaving and striking between its attacks until it is eventually defeated.

monster hunter rise gaismagorm weaknesses
Gaismagorm Weaknesses

Monster Hunter Rise Gaismagorm Move List

The Gaismagorm has several attacks, which are listed below:


The Gaismagorm will lift its hand up and strike it down over a target, creating a small burst of flames (stage 1). When in the rage state, it is able to use Squash while also using Vortex (stage 2). This attack can also cause several massive explosions around the strike area (stage 3).

Multiple Hand Slams

An extension of the Squash, it is performed while the Gaismagorm is enraged. It will slam its hands down on the ground several times, utilising both hands (stage 2). In stage 3, each slam will cause a massive explosion, increasing the area of effect and damage .

Head Sweep

This attack is utilised against players that consistently target the Gaismagorm’s head. In this attack, the Gaismagorm will quickly move its head from side to side, damaging and knocking back all players in the vicinity of the head.


As iconic as it is dangerous, this move will make quick work of those caught off-guard. The Gaismagorm will jump up and attach itself to one of the walls, and as it falls down, three giant rocks appear in the arena. At this point, the Gaismagorm starts inhaling air, pulling everything in its path towards itself, including the player. Interestingly, the Gaismagorm will take damage for inhaling any explosive items.

Once it receives enough damage, it will fall off of the wall back into the arena, interrupting the attack. Assuming the attack is not interrupted, the Monster Hunter Rise Gaismagorm will use all the debris inhaled to launch explosive attacks that is very hard to dodge. To avoid this fireball, the player must make use of the large stones that pop up from the ground


This attack involves the Gaismagorm spitting out a massive fireball and destroying it with its hands, resulting in damage in a wide radius near it. Like the Vortex fireball, this attack can be dodged by jumping behind one of the boulders.

Explosive Drag

An attack similar to Head Sweep, this attack involves the Monster Hunter Rise Gaismagorm dragging its hand around the ground, causing explosions in the attack’s path. When enraged, this attack changes to have the Gaismagorm make a complete 360 turn around itself, making special use of its tail.

Ground Fire

The Gaismagorm channels red gas in its mouth, charging up an attack that spits flames onto the ground. This fire creates danger zones in the arena, severely limiting the mobility and movement of the player.

When the dragon is enraged, the flames it spits out last longer and hit harder. Once the Gaismagorm hits stage 3, the attack gets a substantial upgrade. The fire it spits out causes the ground to utterly explode in a massive fireball.

Fireball Line Up

The Gaismagorm spits out several fireballs ordered in a line. These Fireballs stay in their place, creating a hazard that the player must avoid, until they are either destroyed or automatically destroy themselves.

Belly Slam

Chaotic, savage and highly effective, the belly slam is an incredibly dangerous move. The Monster Hunter Rise Gaismagorm will lift itself up onto its back legs momentarily, before slamming forward with great speed, crushing anything beneath it and spewing fire on all sides from the impact. Once it hits stage 3, the Gaismagorm will spew out a large fireball after initiating the attack, adding an enormous explosion to the attack

Rain Of Fire

Operationally similar to the Ground Fire attack but substantially deadlier, the Rain of Fire attack involves the Gaismagorm gargling red gas and spitting vertically into the air, causing several fireballs to fall from the sky onto the arena. The Monster Hunter Rise Gaismagorm will spit into the sky several times and release large amounts of fireballs each time, but is vulnerable to attacks while charging up. Therefore, the best strategy is to immediately rush in and deal as much damage as possible. Doing so will likely interrupt the attack, and also shield the player from the fireballs by using the Gaismagorm as a makeshift umbrella.

Mouth Charge

The Gaismagorm will only do this attack while enraged. This attack consists of the Gaismagorm opening its mouth wide, slamming it into the ground while it is open, and quickly rushing towards the player, greatly damaging anything in its path. 

Wall Climb

The Gaismagorm will use this attack during stage 2. At some time during stage 2, the Gaismagorm will start climbing up the walls of the arena. If the player lets it climb all the way to the top, the Gaismagorm will launch a devastating laser attack that shreds everything in its path. Moreover, it will cause a large chunk of the arena to violently explode, destroying many canons in the process.

As a result, it is advisable to use the canons to shoot at it as it is climbing up the walls. Further, the canons can also be used to deal with the fireballs that the Monster Hunter Rise Gaismagorm throws. After either finishing this attack or being interrupted, the Gaismagorm falls back to the ground and the fight continues.


Frenzy is when the Gaismagorm is at its most dangerous, and can be considered Rage 2.0. When frenzied, the Gaismagorm loses all composure, and rushes towards the player, swiping and hitting everything in its path. It also lets out fireballs from its body that target the player automatically. It is extremely important to avoid the Monster Hunter Rise Gaismagorm in this state at all costs.

Monster Hunter Rise Gaismagorm Item Drops

The Gaismagorm, when defeated, drops several crafting materials that can be used to craft exceptionally powerful weapons. They are given below:


Felyne Archdemon Staff

Felyne Archdemon Staff

Staff from an emissary of destruction, arisen to steal even the light of stars

The Felyne Archdemon Staff is a Palico weapon found only in the Sunbreak expansion. Like other Palico weapons, it excels at supporting the hunter and dealing damage against monsters. It is of rarity 10 and deals blunt damage. Crafting it requires 4800 gold coins and 2 Heavy Archdemon Scraps.

Canyene Archdemon Fang

Canyne Archdemon Fang


An envoy of doom from the deep. Long-dormant surges into its biting blade of death.

The Canyene Archdemon Fang is a Palamute Weapon only found in the Sunbreak expansion, and is part of the Canyene Archdemon set. Like the Palico weapons, the Canyene weapons specialise in supporting the player and dealing damage against monsters. Moreover, Palamute weapons are similar to Palico weapons in terms of their defence, elemental resistances, and the crafting materials required to make them.

It is a rarity 10 weapon and deals blunt damage, and requires 4800 coins and 2 Heavy Archdemon Scraps to craft.

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