Monster Hunter Rise Gaismagorm: Definitive Guide

monster hunter rise gaismagorm
The Gaismagorm

The Gaismagorm is a colossal monster in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, also known as the Dark Abyss Dragon or Abyssal Archdemon. It stands at 60 feet tall and shares similarities in shape with other Elder Dragons, like Gogmazios.

Notably, its back legs seem non-functional, while its strong and fast arms enable rapid movement and item throwing. It relies on a symbiotic relationship with the Qurio for sustenance, showing hive-intelligence capabilities. The Qurio can transform into offensive or defensive equipment at its command.

The Gaismagorm has powerful gut muscles, creating a vacuum to pull in crystallized Qurio, debris, and even people. It can generate and manipulate explosions, making them fall from the sky.

Typically, it hibernates in an underground nest, allowing Qurio to escape and feed. Upon their return, it absorbs their life force. Once sufficiently energized, it emerges onto the surface. The Gaismagorm’s underground stay is due to its ongoing battle with its mortal enemy, the Malzeno, spanning centuries.

Key Takeaways

Gaismagorm is the final boss in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, a massive dragon with explosive abilities. It appears in the end stages of the game, emerging from craters and targeting the player.

  1. Appearance: Emerges from craters, targeting the player.
  2. Abilities: Uses crystalline Quiro to generate attacks, vulnerable to Fire, Dragon, and Thunder elements, but immune to Poison, Stun, Paralysis, Sleep, and Exhaust elements.
  3. Recommended Weapons: Thunder and Dragon elemental weapons, while ranged weapons are less effective.
  4. Stages: Two stages; first focuses on destroying crystallized Quiro on its back.
  5. Vulnerable Parts: Head, Neck, Arms, and Wings.
  6. Attacks: Include Squash, Hand Slams, Vortex, Fireball Lineup, among others.
  7. Drops: High-quality weapons like Felyne Archdemon Staff and Canyene Archdemon Fang, requiring 4800 coins and 2 Heavy Archdemon Scraps to craft.

Where To Find Gaismagorm?

From the depth, its voice can be heard.
‘The time has come.’
From the depth it beckons:
‘Come to me!’
As it feeds on stolen life, its power grows ever stronger.
Until it finally reveals itself 

The Gaismagorm is a storyline boss, and as such it can only be encountered near the end of the main quest. To find it, the player has to keep an eye out for massive craters from which it escapes onto the surface. It is an Elder Dragon that will target and is hostile to the player at any range. The Gaismagorm will only target the player and is non-hostile to all other entities.

Gaismagorm General Stats

  • Utilizes crystalline Quiro on its back to launch attacks.
  • Targeting and destroying these crystals can be advantageous but risky.
  • Threat Level: 10 stars, extremely dangerous.
  • Mainly inflicts physical damage and can stun players with certain attacks.
  • Immune to Poison, Stun, Paralysis, Sleep, and Exhaust.
  • Vulnerable to Fire, Dragon, and Thunder elemental damage.

Strategy Guide For Fighting The Gaismagorm

Facing the Gaismagorm demands careful preparation and strategic combat. Here’s a guide to tackle this formidable foe:

The Gaismagorm In-Game


  1. Equip upgraded armor and stock up on healing and stamina items.
  2. Elemental weapons like Dragon, Thunder, and Blast have an advantage.
  3. Blunt weapons excel due to increased damage to specific body parts.
  4. Ranged weapons are less effective; prioritize melee attacks.

Battle Strategy:

  1. Focus on vulnerable areas: head, neck, arms, and wings.
  2. Destroy crystallized Qurio on its body to weaken its defenses.
  3. Utilize the Dragonator and Elgado for additional damage.
    monster hunter rise dragonator
  4. Stay evasive, jumping in and out of battle to avoid attacks.
  5. Watch for its Vortex attack and interrupt it by dealing enough damage.
  6. Use ballistae when Gaismagorm climbs walls to fend off Qurio projectiles.
  7. In its rage state, dodge attacks and strike between its moves to secure victory.
monster hunter rise gaismagorm weaknesses
Gaismagorm Weaknesses

Gaismagorm Move List

The Gaismagorm has a variety of deadly attacks:

  1. Squash: Slams hand down, creating flames. Can combine with Vortex in rage state for massive explosions.
  2. Multiple Hand Slams: Repeated hand slams, causing explosions in stage 3.
  3. Head Sweep: Quickly moves head from side to side, damaging nearby players.
  4. Conflagration: Spits out a fireball and destroys it, causing wide radius damage.
  5. Explosive Drag: Drags hand on ground, causing explosions. Enraged form includes a 360-degree turn with tail.
  6. Ground Fire: Spits flames onto ground, limiting player mobility. Causes massive explosions in stage 3.
  7. Fireball Line Up: Spits fireballs in a line, creating hazards until destroyed.
  8. Belly Slam: Lifts onto back legs and slams forward, causing fire and explosions in stage 3.
  9. Mouth Charge: Slams open mouth into ground and rushes towards player, dealing substantial damage in enraged state.
  10. Wall Climb: Climbs arena walls in stage 2, triggering devastating laser attack if reaches top.
  11. Frenzy: Rushes towards player, swiping and launching fireballs. Avoid at all costs.

Gaismagorm Item Drops

The Gaismagorm, when defeated, drops several crafting materials that can be used to craft exceptionally powerful weapons. They are given below:


Felyne Archdemon Staff

Felyne Archdemon Staff

Staff from an emissary of destruction, arisen to steal even the light of stars

The Felyne Archdemon Staff is a Palico weapon found only in the Sunbreak expansion. Like other Palico weapons, it excels at supporting the hunter and dealing damage against monsters. It is of rarity 10 and deals blunt damage. Crafting it requires 4800 gold coins and 2 Heavy Archdemon Scraps.

Canyene Archdemon Fang

Canyne Archdemon Fang

An envoy of doom from the deep. Long-dormant surges into its biting blade of death.

The Canyene Archdemon Fang is a Palamute Weapon only found in the Sunbreak expansion, and is part of the Canyene Archdemon set. Like the Palico weapons, the Canyene weapons specialise in supporting the player and dealing damage against monsters. Moreover, Palamute weapons are similar to Palico weapons in terms of their defence, elemental resistances, and the crafting materials required to make them.

It is a rarity 10 weapon and deals blunt damage, and requires 4800 coins and 2 Heavy Archdemon Scraps to craft.

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