Monster Hunter Rise: Large Herbivore Bone Guide

Here you will find a detailed guide on the location of Large Herbivore Bone along with the best Armor Pieces that require this material.

Monster Hunter Rise Large Herbivore Bone

Master Rank came with its own set of items, and one particularly noteworthy addition was the Monster Hunter Rise Large Herbivore Bone. This seemingly unassuming item proved to be quite valuable in my adventures.

I quickly learned that the Large Herbivore Bone could be used to forge materials and upgrade various armor pieces. Specifically, it played a role in enhancing the Rhenoplos Greaves X, Rhenoplos Braces X, Dober Vambraces X, Dober Greaves, and more. Additionally, crafty hunters like me could use it to create decoration pieces, such as the coveted Medicine Jewel.

What’s interesting to note is that when I upgraded both the Rhenoplos Braces X and Rhenoplos Greaves, their skills received simultaneous improvements.

These two armor pieces boasted a total of five skills: Artillery, Load Shells, Special Ammo Boost, Pierce Up, and Tremor Resistance, with three and two sets respectively.

Breaking down these skills:

  • Artillery significantly boosts your attack power.
  • Load Shells enhances the ammo capacity and reload speed of your Gunlance.
  • Special Ammo Boost greatly empowers the Bowgun and Dragon Piercer by increasing their ammo potency.
  • Pierce up enhances the attack power of “Piercing Ammo,” a favorite of Bow users.
  • Tremor Resistance grants partial immunity to ground tremors when facing large-sized monsters.

In summary, the Large Herbivore Bone is a vital requirement for upgrading these armor pieces, making it an essential resource in your Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak journey. Let’s delve deeper into this topic without getting sidetracked!

Key Takeaways

To obtain Large Herbivore Bones for crafting and upgrading armor pieces like Rhenoplos Greaves X and Rhenoplos Braces X, here’s what you need to know:

  • Monsters to Hunt: You can find Large Herbivore Bones by hunting Slagtoths in the Flooded Forest and Lava Caverns regions. Additionally, Gowngoats in regions 1 and 2 at the Citadel location also drop Large Herbivore Bones.
  • Drop Rate: When you defeat Slagtoths, you have a 20% chance that they will drop Large Herbivore Bones. For Gowngoats, there’s a 28% chance to obtain Large Herbivore Bones when you defeat and carve them.

Large Herbivore Bone Location

Flooded Forest - Slagtoth
These three regions are a hotspot for the chance of running into Slagtoths!

Your best bet to farm the above item is through killing the Slagtoths. You can find them in the Flooded Forest and the Lava Caverns. However, you have a 20% chance that these monsters will drop the Large Herbivore Bone.

We have a similar case with killing the Rhenoplos, and they can be found in the Lava Caverns and Sandy Plains.

For the exact spots to find Slagtoth, you should open a detailed version of your map when you enter the Flooded Forest.

Regions 1,2,4,5 are the hotspots where you’ll definitely run into these monsters. Once you carve them, they will have a 20% chance of dropping the Large Herbivore Bone.

Lava Caverns - Slagtoth
Your best bet of running into Slagtoth in the Lava Caverns is somewhere in the above regions!

To farm more of these, you should also check out the Lava Cavern 1 and 2 regions because you have a high chance of finding Slagtoths. Remember always to check your maps when you’re trying to farm materials.

Sandy Plains
Rhenoplos Location

For the Rhenoplos, once you’re in the Sandy Plains, open a detailed version of your map and navigate toward the “Materials 2” selection. Once you’re there, you should click on the ‘Mining Outcrop’ icon because that’s where you’ll find them.

Regions 6,8,10 are packed with a bunch of Rhenoplos for you to kill and carve for the material!

Lava Caverns - Rhenoplos
Specific regions in Lava Caverns that you should search for some Rhenoplos!

However, my best advice for you is to check out the Sandy Plains first, and if you’re not lucky enough, you should head out to the Lava Caverns 4 and 5 regions.

Carving Large Herbivore Bone From Gowngoat

A small monster that drops Large Herbivore bone!

Evidently, the Gowngoat in MHR Sunbreak can also have a 28% chance to drop Large Herbivore Bone if you kill and carve them. Moreover, they can be found in regions 1 and 2 at the new location called the Citadel. These creatures are harmless and are only hostile when you attack them.

Reminder; you need Master Rank expeditions for this to work!

If you happen to run into these creatures, you might be able to farm some Large Herbivore Bones off them!

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Final Thoughts

Do not panic if you’re unable to farm enough Large Herbivore Bone. You don’t always get anything you want on your first try! However, once you get enough of the material, you can finally upgrade crucial Armor pieces such as the Rhenoplos Greaves, Dobey Greaves, and such!

Before the expansion – of Sunbreak, the Low/High-Rank Items were a tough challenge for players to locate. For instance, the Economic Stimulation was one such quest requiring King Rhino, Bismuth Prisms, and Rock Roses.

I have a similar guide on how to farm these items efficiently, so you can hop onto MHR King Rhino to complete the Economic Stimulation quest!

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