Monster Hunter Rise Monksnail – Ultimate Guide

Guide entails all the details to take on the journey to find Monster Hunter Rise Monksnail and take photographs of the monster.

Monster Hunter Rise Monksnail
Monster Hunter Rise Monksnail

With the release of the much-awaited expansion for RPG’s favorite Monster Hunter Rise, players are not having enough but to storm the internet to explore the game and storyline outcomes. Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak DLC was released with a bang on 14 June 2022 and instantly took the gaming community by storm. Players are returning to their favorite hunting game to explore the content the new expansion has to offer, and one of them is Monster Hunter Rise Monksnail

Developers have added new monsters to enjoy the cinematic action-adventure gameplay, among a myriad of storyline aspects connecting to characters and tiny attention to detail. Monster Hunter Rise Monksnail is also one of the monster addition in Sunbreak DLC that is focused on pushing the gameplay experience of players. 

Key Takeaways

  • Monksnail is a rare Endemic Life in Monster Hunter Rise. Monksnail can only be sighted during the darkest hour of the night on Frost Island.
  • To start the Monksnail quest, players need to unlock the Elgado Outpost, achieve Master Rank, & progress to the “Tetranadon Blockade” quest.
  • To start the quest, you must speak with Flur the Sailor at Elgado Market & fulfill the required objectives.
  • Players must take a picture of Monksnail to complete the quest & receive the Monksnail Hat layered armor piece as a reward.
  • Interacting with Monksnail can be done through in-game gestures such as Nod &Wave.
  • Monksnail may not appear on the first try,& players may need to wait or spawn back on another night to see it.


Monksnail is more terrifying than other monsters and sheds light on the darkest aspects of the game. While playing the expansion, players will receive a quest to find the creature and take some photographs of the sightings. Unfortunately, it is not simple as it sounds because Monksnail is located around one of the most dangerous and darkest locations on the map. 

On top of that, the creature mostly lives in the shadows; thus, spotting it is even more difficult for traditional players. If you are also one of those players that are ready to take on the sight hunt for Monksnail in Monster Hunter Rise, then you are in the right place. This guide entails all the details you need about Monksnail and how to complete the quest for Sunbreak DLC. 

Monster Hunter Rise Monksail

Monster Hunter Rise lore details Monksail is rare Endemic Life. It shows the rarity of sighting the monster to complete the quest for Sunbreak expansion.

There are a total of five Endemic Lives that you can sight in the Monster Hunter Rise. Meanwhile, Monksnail is the latest one in Sunbreak DLC that is gaining a lot of heat because of the storyline quest. 

As called the “Giant of the Frost,” Monksnail is a native of Frost Island on the east side of the ocean. The monster lurks in the shadows as it hates the light. It means players cannot discover the monster during the day. 

Monster Hunter Rise Monksnail

All you need to do is wait until the darkest hour of the night to make the Monksail come out of the ocean. At a glance, players will be overwhelmed with the outlook. It looks like a giant squid-on-a-snail creature with an attractive pattern on the outer skin. 

On the other side, the creature has giant eyeballs that glow to show its dominance in the ocean. Although, you can not go near the creature as it goes back into the ocean. You have to follow the quest objectives to earn the rewards and complete the quest. 

How To Start And Complete Monksnail Quest?

Now that you know what Monksnail is and what to expect, you might want to initiate the quests quickly as possible to get a chance to glance at the magnificent creature. However, before that, you might want to meet some hefty requirements to experience the sight of the monster. 

First of all, players must have unlocked the Elgado Outpost and also achieved Master Rank. Moreover, players will have to progress the storyline of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak until “Tetranadon Blockade.” Complete this quest to be able to speak with the Flur the sailer. You can find the NPC at Elgado Market.

Upon speaking, players will receive the quest of “Giant in the Frost Island?” As for the objectives, Flur the Sailor explains that he experienced something strange, but no one believed. He wants players to pay a visit to the site and take a picture of anything unusual other than small squids and other monsters.

All you need to do is to head to Frost Island and visit the northeast portion of the map. Here you can find a wrecked ship. Climb on the ship and wait for the Monksnail to show up.

Monster Hunter Rise Monknsail Location
Monster Hunter Rise Monknsail Location

If you face the ocean, you will be able to see Monksnail coming out of the ocean. Before the monster’s reveal, you may also hear a loud roar of the monster, showing the massive size of the Monksnail. After that, you can pull out your camera to take the best pictures for quest completion. 

Monksnail will not remain idle but will also sail to the southern mountains and dive back into the ocean. However, there is plenty of time to take pictures and also enjoy the mesmerizing sight of the giant monster as its ghostly eyes look into your character’s soul. Make sure to bring enough pictures of the monster so you can show them to Flur the Sailor and fix the dilemma of mythology. 

Now you may return to Flur the Sailor and quite the expedition quest. The completion of the quest will reward players with a cute little Monksnail Hat layered armor piece in Monster Hunter Rise. 

How To Interact With Monksnail In Monster Hunter Rise?

Although, you can not do much to Monksnail in Monster Hunter Rise instead of taking pictures. But you can engage with the monster through in-game gestures. Open your Gesture Menu and select Nod, and you will be able to see a prime response from Monksnail. 

Next, you can also try interacting with the monster by Wave gesture, and you will be able to hear the roar response. It is a small secret that can make your quest more engaging and enjoyable. 

Final Words

It is worth noting that you may not encounter the Monksnail on the first try. You may have to wait or even spawn back on another night to make the monster come out of the ocean. Eventually, you will be able to see the monster and also complete the expedition quest. 

That is about it for finding Monster Hunter Rise Monksnail. Do you find this guide helpful for completing the quest from Flur, the Sailor? What is your approach to capturing the pictures of Monksnail during the expedition quest? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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