Monster Hunter Rise Paralysis Sac [Explained]

This Monster Hunter Rise Paralysis Sac will inform you all you need to know about the paralysis sac including its uses and benefits.

Monster Hunter Rise Paralysis Sac

What Is Paralysis Sac

The Paralysis Sac is a monster organ that holds paralysis toxins to utilize in your fights. It is a rarity 4 item of which you can hold up to 99 units simultaneously. The item is mainly used to craft and upgrade weapons. Before we dive into its uses, let me inform you where to find it.

Key Takeaways

  • Paralysis Sac is a rarity 4 item that holds paralysis toxins to utilize in fights, & is mainly used to craft & upgrade weapons.
  • Paralysis Sac is obtained by finishing off a volvidan, which can be found in the Sandy Plains  & lava Caverns.
  • The drop rate for the Paralysis Sac is only 16% if you kill the volvidians, but increases to 22% if you capture them alive.
  • The game has quests to hunt volvidians, which is an efficient way to farm for the Paralysis Sac.
  • The primary use for the Paralysis Sac is to craft & upgrade weapons & armor.

Locating the Paralysis Sac

The Paralysis Sac are items that you get when finishing off a volvidan. Volvidians are hostile threat level 4 mobs that gnaw at you if you are within their reach. Their attacks have a paralyzing effect, so be careful when fighting them. You can find these mobs in two locations.

Sandy Plains

Monster Hunter Rise Paralysis Sac Sandy Plains map
Sandy Plains Map

Firstly, we have the sandy plains. Here you can find the Volvidians waiting to get their hands on you. Slaying them will allow you to get your hands on the Paralysis Sac. The item only has a 16% drop rate, so you might have to keep at it for a while to get a full stack.

Lava Caverns

Location of Monster Hunter Rise Paralysis Sac
Lava Caverns Map

The second place where you find volvidians to decimate is the Lava Caverns. You will have to fight your way through the horde of volvidian mobs to get the Paralysis Sac. However, it will be more beneficial if you manage to capture them alive. The drop rate of the Paralysis Sac is only 16% if you kill the volvidians, as mentioned. However, if you manage to capture them alive, the drop rate of the Paralysis Sac increases to 22%.

Hence, if you have the opportunity to capture them, there is an incentive for you. Although it might be a tedious task with all the effort, you would have to go through to get there in the first place.

Farming the Paralysis Sac

Monster Hunter Rise Volvidian
Volvidian Monster

Now that you know where to find the mobs, you must be wondering if there is a more efficient way of farming volvidians for the Paralysis Sac. Luckily, the game has quests where you have to slay volvidians. This will allow you to farm for the Paralysis sac without going out of your way. There are three Volvidian hunting quests, so let’s go through them individually.

Reinventing the Wheel

This is an introductory level two quest in the sandy plains. You are required to hunt a volvidian within 50 minutes to complete this quest. Hunting them down is relatively easy; however, a tip for your hunt is to use water element attacks as they do the most damage. Upon completing this quest, you will receive the quest reward and the chance to get the Paralysis Sac as a drop for slaying the monster.

A Song of Red and Fire

This is a level four quest located in the Lava Caverns. The instructions for this quest are the same as for the last one. All you need to do is hunt a Volvidian within 50 minutes to get the quest rewards and the Paralysis Sac.

The Hottest Around

Lastly, we have a level 5 quest. This could prove to be a little troublesome so prepare accordingly. For this quest, you will need to hunt down a volvidian and a Tetranadon within 50 minutes. Completing this will reward you handsomely.

Farming through the quests will give you a better shot at getting the Paralysis Sac without running out of your way to find the volvidians. Now that we have learned about how to farm the Paralysis Sac let’s look at its uses.

Paralysis Sac Uses

The primary use for the Paralysis Sac is to craft and upgrade your weapons and armor.

Crafting Weapons

Corruption I (3 Paralysis Sac) Sky-High Glaive I (3 Paralysis Sac)
Arko Nulo Black I (4 Paralysis Sac) Grim Cat I (3 Paralysis Sac)

Upgrading Weapons

Chaos Bow II (4 Paralysis Sac) Shadow Slasher (4 Paralysis Sac)
Volvi Stroke II (4 Paralysis Sac) Catspaw II (3 Paralysis Sac)
Plegis Needle II (3 Paralysis Sac) Cuddly Cat II (3 Paralysis Sac)
Fiore Nulo Green II (3 Paralysis Sac) Rielle Nulo Green I (2 Paralysis Sac)
Devil Masher I (2 Paralysis Sac) Rough Roller I (2 Paralysis Sac)
Felyne Bow II (2 Paralysis Sac) Assault Axe II (2 Paralysis Sac)
Vicello Nulo Green I (2 Paralysis Sac) Binding Bludgeon I (2 Paralysis Sac)
Secta Nulo Green I (2 Paralysis Sac) Shattershot I (2 Paralysis Sac)
Binding Roller I (1 Paralysis Sac)

Crafting Armor

You can use the Paralysis Sac to craft Volvidian Greaves and Volvidian Helm. You will need two Paralysis sacs for each of these armor pieces. These two armor pieces allow you to utilize the paralyzing effect in your fight and exhibit the same threatening aura as if facing a volvidian.

Crafting and equipping the Volvidian Greaves will give you the skill Evade Extender (Lv.1) while the Helm will provide you with Paralysis Attack (Lv.1) . The pieces both give you 20 defense, respectively. However, this stat can be increased to 32. These set pieces protect you even from elemental attacks, especially fire. Although, be wary that they are unable to do much against water.

Overall, these set pieces will be a massive addition to your kit and will allow you to remain victorious. The skill you get from them is nothing to scoff at either. They will enable you to stand tall in front of any adversity you face.

This concludes our Monster Hunter Rise Paralysis Sac. Let us know below which item did you use the Paralysis Sac for.

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