Monster Hunter Rise Pricey Shoots Locations

Pricey Shoots in MHR
Monster Hunter Rise Pricey Shoots

Monster hunter rise is the latest release in the monster hunter franchise and is already a fan favorite. There are two separate divisions for the monster hunter team; one works on the console and PC games which are usually big in size and high budget, like Monster Hunter World, while the other works on handheld and mobile consoles.

However, the Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) is primarily under the second team that works on handheld consoles like the switch. Even though it has lesser funding and is not as bulky as pc games, it is still comparable to pc games because of the sheer effort put into the game.

This game was a particular title only for the Nintendo Switch, but it later also expanded to the PC on Steam, further enlarging the player base. It runs very smoothly on the PC, and along with the new platform, it also got a new Expansion pack as a DLC, the “Sunbreak” Expansion.

Key Takeaways

  • Pricey Shoots are special collectibles in Monster Hunter Rise that can give Kamura points & be used as objectives in quests.
  • Pricey Shoots can be found in both High Rank and Master Rank, but they are more common in Master Rank.
  • There are five gathering nodes in MHR Sunbreak where players can farm Pricey Shoots at shoot patches in the Shrine Ruins.
  • Location 1 is near the main camp & along the western side of the map.
  • Location 2 is close to the first location, & players can use a Wirebug to get on top of the second cliff.
  • Location 3 is also in the same vicinity, and players can find it by using a Wirebug to jump to another level & turn right.
  • Location 4 can be found by climbing up an ivy patch & turning right.
  • Location 5 can be found after dropping down from Location 4 & jumping over a wall.
  • Pricey Shoots can be used in the “A Token of Gratitude” quest to obtain the Cornpopper I Design blueprint or 200 Kamura Points.

Here is a summary table for Pricey Shoots Locations in Monster Hunter Rise:

No.Location No.Main Spot
1Location 1Go over the cliff and turn left right after you pass the tent
2Location 2Wirebug
3Location 3Use your wirebug to jump another level and turn right; from there, move straight until you see the Snowbeetle.
4Location 4When you reach the top, there will be the cute Felynes and Melynxes chilling.
5Location 5Jump over that as well, and you will see an Escuregot. From there, turn left, and You will find the last Shoot Patch.

As almost every RPG has farmable items to upgrade your equipment, so does this title. With things like the Twisted stiff BoneSupple Piel, or awegite, you can upgrade your armor and weapons, and they are easily farmable with the help of our guides linked to the words. With such materials, you can have a smoother gaming experience and easily destroy monsters.

Pricey Shoots is another item that you can farm throughout the game. Today we will discuss what this item is, what it does, its uses, and where to find it. It is an essential item for being strong throughout the game and is obtainable in the new Sunbreak Expansion. With the help of the Monster Hunter Rise pricey shoots guide you will locate all these shoots in no time.

Pricey Shoots in Monster Hunter Rise

Pricey shoots are Collectibles categorized as “Account Items,” meaning they are special or unique items. Its description is “A high-Class super shoot in impeccable Shape.” By collecting these Pricey shoots, you can get an abundant amount of Kamura points, and it’s also used in quests as the objective, such as the ‘A Token of Gratitude” quest. You can collect rare items like this one at gathering nodes, and This is mainly found in shoot patches on the gathering nodes.

Item Rarity and Rank

The pricey shoots have an Item rarity of 4. while being an account item, they can also be sold for around 200 Zenny. Also, there is no given Hold limit on the Pricey Shoots, so you can farm as many as you desire.

Pricey Shoots
Pricey Shoots in Game

The Shoots are obtainable in both the High Rank and Master Rank setting, even though players find it more commonly in the Master Rank, which is accessible only through the Sunbreak expansion.

Pricey Shoot Farm Locations

Pricey Shoot Farm Locations
The Location of all the Pricey Shoots (Red Circles)

They are farmable at a total of 5 gathering Nodes in MHR Sunbreak. You can harvest them at the shoot patch’s in the shrine ruins.

Location 1

The first Shoot Patch is near the main camp and along the western side of the map. From the main camp, go over the cliff and turn left right after you pass the tent; upon reaching the end, there will be a shoot patch where you can harvest the first Pricey Shoot.

Location 2

The second Shoot Patch is close to the first location. You go down from the main camp straight until you reach the cliff on the left side of the stone arch. There is a Wirebug present there, which will help you get on top of the second cliff. Once you get there, you will find the second Shoot patch and can harvest the Pricey shoot from there.

Location 3

The third Shoot Patch is also in the same vicinity. From the second patches location, use your wirebug to jump another level and turn right; from there, move straight until you see the Snowbeetle. There will be a rock behind it with the Sleeping Jargas, and the shoot patch will be right in front of the rock.

Location 4

After dropping from the cliff, there will be an ivy patch down the way, and you can climb it. When you reach the top, there will be the cute Felynes and Melynxes chilling. Go right ahead, ignoring them and turn right; you will see a small ledge on which you will drop and run to the cliff’s edge. That is where the fourth shoot patch will be located.

Location 5

After you get the fourth Shoot Patch, drop down from the cliff and jump over the wall in front of you. After jumping the wall, there will be a cliff right ahead; jump over that as well, and you will see an Escuregot. from there, turn left, and You will find the last Shoot Patch.

Pricey Shoots Use

Token of Gratitude
A Token of Gratitude Quest
  1. You can use the pricey shoots in the “A Token of Gratitude” quest along your playthrough. In this quest Different NPCs give you various assignments and in one of the assignments an NPC called Greengrocer starts the quest ”A Token of Gratitude” in which we get 2 Pricey shoots for her to get the Cornpopper I Design blueprint which we give to smithy to unlock the weapon.
  2. Or secondly you could just get 200 Kamura Points.

Overall Pricey Shoots in Monster Hunter Rise is a very crucial item for progression and is also farmable making it easy for the player to get higher level stats easily. In conclusion we have covered the locations, uses and the quests related to the Pricey Shoots. Good luck finding the shoots Hunters!

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