Monster Hunter Rise Rhenoplos Egg Location Guide

Take on a massive side quest to claim Monster Hunter Rise Rhenoplos egg with this complete guide.

Monster Hunter Rise Rhenoplos Egg Guide
Monster Hunter Rise Rhenoplos Egg Guide

With such expansion into the community, players are digging deeper into Monster Hunter Rise to explore every corner and unbridled detail of the game. Among the plethora of details and aspects in the game, one of the side quests that is gaining a lot of attention is Monster Hunter Rise Rhenoplos egg

Key Takeaways

  • Rhenoplos egg is needed for a side quest called Bunny Dango-With Eggs in Monster Hunter Rise.
  • The egg is an Account Delivery item that players must find & deliver to the camp without any damage. The Rhenoplos egg can be found in the Rhenoplos Den in Area 11 of the Sandy Plains, which is a known passing ground of monsters.
  • Before going to the location of the egg, players must progress in the storyline until they receive a Request from in-game NPCs.
  • Players must be low rank before going on the dangerous journey to obtain the Rhenoplos egg, as a higher rank will spawn higher-level monsters in the location.
  • To safely deliver the egg, players should avoid returning to camps they have made themselves & use the Wirebug combo to gain an instant boost in speed while running.
  • After picking up the egg, players must return it to the chef at the main camp to complete the side quest.

The game pushes the experience not just to hunt the monsters but also to utilize their materials to craft recipes and mass killing weapons to stand out in the gameplay. However, certain side quests like Rhenoplos egg in Monster Hunter Rise confuse players with where and how to look. 

If you are also one of those players that want to get their hands on the Rhenoplos egg, then you are in the right place. This guide entails all the details, from location to walk-through, to assist players in obtaining Monster Hunter Rise Rhenoplos egg. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

How To Find Rhenoplos Egg In Monster Hunter Rise

Avid Monster Hunter players might already know that the game is filled with side quests with valuable rewards in the storyline. Rhenoplos egg is one such item that is required in the side quest Bunny Dango-With Eggs!. Your objective is to collect Rhenoplos egg for the canteen. 

Monster Hunter Rise Rhenoplos Egg
Monster Hunter Rise Rhenoplos Egg

Meanwhile, obtaining the egg is the crux of the matter as it is an Account Delivery item. You will have to find the item and deliver it to the camp without a scratch to ensure receiving the rewards and completing the objective.

Bunny Dango-With Eggs
Bunny Dango-With Eggs

 The journey to hunt the Rhenoplos egg is not going to be an easy feat. However, following the steps can ease the dilemma and assist players in getting their eggs and completing the side quest. With that said, let’s discuss how you can find the location for Rhenoplos Egg in Monster Hunter Rise. 

Rhenoplos Egg Location in Monster Hunter Rise

Before going to the location, it is vital to progress in the storyline until you receive a Request from in-game NPCs. A Request is the form of side quests that can be completed to receive numerous rewards. Especially, with the mechanics of eating to boost the HP of your character, you will be able to receive the quest from Yomogi to search and get the Rhenoplos egg for the delicious recipe. 

Another essential thing to note is that players must be low rank before going on the dangerous journey to obtain a tasty-looking egg. The main reason is that the game mechanics will spawn enemies in the location based on your character’s rank. The higher the rank, the greater the chance of encountering a higher-level monster that will challenge your abilities and patience.

Once these requirements are met, you must start the journey toward Sandy Plains. For that, you will go into Area 11 Underground to search for Rhenoplos nest. If you begin at Area 2, taking the straight path will get you towards Area 11. 

Rhenoplos Egg Location
Rhenoplos Egg Location

Follow the path as shown on the map and reach Area 11. You might also want to ensure that your character has enough Stamina because you will be going for a lot of climbing and running. Grab some food before you leave for the mighty venture of Rhenoplos eggs. 

Next, you will need to go into the underground area of the Sandy Plains in Area 11. Once you have reached the underground location, search for the Rhenoplos Den to find the eggs. Beware of the monsters lurking in the shadows as this location is known to be passing grounds of monsters. 

If you consider this approach at a higher level, you may even encounter Rhenoplos. In this case, tackling the situation might become difficult. But in the end, it is worth the grind. 

Rhenoplos Den Location
Rhenoplos Den Location

Once you find the Rhenoplos egg, you will be able to see a prompt saying Herbivor egg. Although it is the Rhenoplos’s egg, you may still pick it up to complete the quest. Early-rank players will only see this prompt. After picking up the egg, you might want to return the egg to the chef and complete the side quest. 

How To Deliver Rhenoplos Egg In Monster Hunter Rise?

Now that you have obtained your Rhenoplos Herbivore egg, you might want to return to the main camp to deliver the Rhenoplos egg to the Yomgi chef. Just like how you came to the location, you will have to return to the base where you initially spawned along with the egg. However, the world of Monster Hunter Rise is dangerous with all kinds of enemies and landscapes. 

Herbivore Egg Acquired
Herbivore Egg Acquired

You will have to navigate carefully to avoid losing all the performance during your trip return from the Rhenoplos Den. One of the best routes to take is at the back side of the nest that goes straight to your camp or initial spawn point for the quest. This path has the least maneuvers and enemy encounters, thus ensuring the safety of your character. 

Also, running with the egg is going to be painfully slow. All you need to do is utilize the Wirebug combo to gain an instant boost in speed without spending hours running. For those who do not know, the latest combat mechanic in the game involves utilizing your wirebug in the air. 

Although, it is a combat mechanic. But that does not mean you can not use it for other purposes. Using the mechanic will allow your character to dash forward in the air by swinging into the Wirebug. It covers considerable ground and is safe compared to combat with monsters. 

Once you reach the camp, you can put the Rhenoplos egg into the Supply Box, and the quest will be completed. It is highly advised to never return to the camps you have made yourself. It is because there is no Supply Box in these camps, and neither will Deliver the egg to Yomogi. 

Delivering the Egg
Delivering the Egg

Bunny Dango-With Eggs Quest Rewards

After delivering the Herbivore egg, players are eligible to receive the rewards the Yomogi chef promised them. With the Rhenoplos egg, Yomogi can continue her new Bunny Dango recipe.

Meanwhile, your character will receive Dizzybloom charged with Dango powers of Dango Slagger. It is delicious and a monster stunner making your character a mass monster killer. 

Final Words

Completing side quests like Bunny Dango-With Eggs are always fun in Monster Hunter Rise. Meanwhile, it is also tricky with the huge rocks and monsters hiding in the shadows. But pursuing the quest the right way can make things much easier. 

That is about it for Monster Hunter Rise Rhenoplos egg. Do you find this guide helpful in obtaining your egg for the Bunny Dango-With Eggs side quest? What is your approach to finding the egg in the trickiest routes of Area 11? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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