Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Bow Build [2023]

The guide details most of what you will require while still leaving you some room to explore and shift the build around to suit your playstyle.

mhr sunbreak bow build

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Bow Build ExplainedBows are very, very powerful in MHR. They were given some changes with the release of the Sunbreak DLC but all in all; they were mainly untouched with slight nerfs that can be augmented with the right build and playstyle.

Key Takeaways

  • Bows are underrated and powerful in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR).
  • The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Bow Build is effective because it allows for a high amount of damage output.
  • There are three types of bows in MHR: Rapid, Spread, & Pierce, each with its own strengths & weaknesses.
  • Rapid bows are the easiest to use but offer the least amount of damage, while spread bows are the hardest to use but output the most amount of damage.
  • The build requires two special effects: Dereliction & Blood Lust.
  • The Arc Helm provides the Bloodlust effect and can be crafted by defeating & farming S. Magala, the Master rank monster.
  • Archfiend Armor Baulo provides three main skills for the build: Weakness Exploit, Resentment, & Chain Crit.
  • Rakna Armguards are a good piece of gear and can be crafted by collecting Rakna-Kadaki materials.
  • Gore Coil is an armor piece in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) that can provide various skills & benefits to a player’s character.
  • Archfiend Armor Sceros is a leg armor piece in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) that can be useful for players who are building a Sunbreak Bow build focused on dealing high elemental damage.
  • Decorations are items in Monster Hunter Rise that can modify a player’s abilities, providing extra damage, attack speed, critical chance, & other benefits.

Here is a comparison table for Monster Hunter Rise Bow Build:

No.NameDefenseFire ResistanceWater ResistanceThunder ResistanceIce ResistanceDragon ResistanceRarity
1Arc Helm120-22-12-49
2Archfiend Armor Baulo12603-23-510
3Rakna Armguards664-2-1-316
4Gore Coil112-23-12-19
5Archfiend Armor Sceros12603-23-510

The main reason you should use the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Bow Build is because of two reasons. First, one is that bows are very underrated by the community, who are more into the melee style of combat with playstyles that get into the enemy’s face such as Greatsword users and Longsword players.

Secondly, they are very powerful and if executed correctly, then they can deal absurd amounts of damage even in comparison to melee fighter builds. In a game that encourages personalization, it’s better to set yourself apart from the grain and play something niche so that you can build yourself around it, in this case, that happens to be the Bow.

Gameplay Footage of Bows and Longswords


If you are new to Monster Hunter then you may think that a bow is just a bow but in this franchise, we have more than enough types of bows to satisfy anyone. The three types of bows we will talk about will have certain bows for each element that work for this build. However, this build will work with any bow as this acts as more of a template than anything else.

Out of all of these bows you have been provided with it is imperative to note that the Rapid bows are the easiest to use but offer the least amount of damage while spread bows are the hardest to properly use but output the most amount of damage. Pierce bows can be used accordingly but you will have to judge the context of the fight and go about it a certain way to make full use of them.

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  • Fire: Lohenbogen
  • Water: Mizu
  • Ice: Lunagaron
  • Dragon: Gore
  • Spread
  • Fire: Rathian
  • Water: Hermitaur
  • Thunder: Khezu
  • Dragon: Valstrax
  • Pierce
  • Fire: Rakna
  • Ice: Daora
  • Thunder: Zinogre
  • Raw: Pyre Rakna


For this Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Bow Build we will be needing two special effects. The first one is Dereliction. To talk about this in simple terms it basically amounts to a continuous health drain in order for bonus stats. This occurs from the moment the effect becomes active but this effect will never actually deplete your health below one.

The second effect is Blood Lust. Now, this effect initiates Frenzy which has some side effects of its own. When under Frenzy your health will slowly be drained similarly to Dereliction but it will also grant increased Evasion, Stamina Reduction, and bonus stats. The way to get rid of Frenzy is to keep on attacking the monster which cures you. When cured you gain increased Affinity, proc Coalescence, and heal all of your read bar health.

mhr sunbreak best bow build
Infographic regarding effects | Courtesy: Tidus69

Arc Helm

The Arc Helm is a very clean-looking piece of gear that provides us with the Bloodlust effect that we need for this Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Bow build. The helm can be constructed by defeating and farming S. Magala, the Master rank monster. The exact items required for the creation of the helm are as follows:

  • 20k Zenny
  • 2x S.Magala Hardhorn
  • 2x S.Magala Shard
  • 1x S.Magala Cortex
  • 1x Ultimas Crystal

The helm itself has several resistances and weaknesses which are inferred after facing the beast they were derived from. The stronger elements are against Water and Dragon. Meanwhile, the weaker elements are against Fire, Thunder, and Ice.

Archfiend Armor Baulo

mhr sunbreak best bow build

The Archfiend Armor Baulo is an aesthetic choice of armor that offers three main skills we need for this build. Those three are Weakness Exploit, Resentment, and Chain Crit. These are all very valuable on a build that’s designed to exploit absurd amounts of stat-boosting through the cost of one’s health pool. The materials required to craft the items are as follows:

  • 24k Zenny
  • 2x Abyssal Dragonscale
  • 3x Archdemon Backshell
  • 1x Archdemon Doomhorn
  • 2x Malzeno Fellwing

The armor piece is strong against Water and Ice while being weak towards Thunder and Dragon.

Rakna Armguards

Although more futuristic looking than most pieces of gear in  Monster Hunter it has the same sort of standing with being a good piece of gear while not being too outstanding unlike the other pieces in the set we are assembling. You can craft the Rakna Armguards by crafting them after collecting the following:

  • 10k Zenny
  • 4x Rakna-Kadaki Sharpclaw
  • 1x Rakna-Kadaki Carapace
  • 3x Rakna-Kadaki Silk
  • 2x Monster Broth

This piece of armor is derived from the High-rank Rakana-Kadaki monster who you will have to farm in order to unlock this set piece. The armor piece is strong against Fire but weak against Ice.

Gore Coil

mhr sunbreak bow build

The Gore Coil is quite a difficult piece to acquire due to how it is acquired. You must slay Gore Magala and do so repeatedly to acquire the resources necessary to craft this armor price. The resources are as follows:

  • 16k Zenny
  • 2x Gore Magala Eclipse
  • 2x Gore Magala Cortex
  • 1x Gore Magala Sensor
  • 1x Gore Magala Tail

Archfiend Armor Sceros

mhr sunbreak bow build

Archfiend Armor Sceros is the flipside of the coin when it comes to the suicide build we are going for. This piece of armor brings with it the Dereliction effect that gives us our damage. It doesn’t look half bad either which is a bonus for those looking to make an aesthetically pleasing character. The way to unlock this set of leg armor is the same as the previously mentioned archfiend armor set piece.

  • 24k Zenny
  • 2x Abyssal Dragonscale
  • 4x Archdemon Backshell
  • 2x Archdemon Piercetalon
  • 3x Consumption Parasite


These are, essentially speaking, ability modifiers that grant some extra damage, attack speed critical chance, etc. There exist many different Decoration jewels in MHR but the ones we have listed below are provided by keeping the armor set in mind for this Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Bow Build.

  • 3x Spread Jewel 3
  • 2x Physique Jewel 2
  • Refresh Jewel +4
  • Mighty Bow Jewel 4
  • 2x Tenderizer Jewel 2

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