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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Long Sword Guide

Become a demon of the blade with the Longsword in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

At the beginning of the Monster Hunter Rise experience, you will immediately have to make a crucial choice, which is to understand which weapon you will want to use for the countless hours of gameplay. In all, there will be 14 different classes at your disposal, each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and peculiarities in general. In this particular Monster Hunter Long Sword Guide, we’re talking about the humble Longsword

The Longsword is an extremely enjoyable weapon to wield. It’s as enormous as it is menacing, yet it has more movement than its bulk suggests. The weapon’s moveset and primary gimmick promote more aggressive playstyles, but if you have the timing down, you may employ the Longsword as a tool of evasion and counterattacking. Rise’s silkbinds make the weapon’s playstyle even more airy and unpredictable.

This Monster Hunter Rise Long Sword Guide gives detail about the weapon’s attributes, skill bind attacks, and controls.

Spirit Gauge

You’ll notice that when you have a Longsword equipped, you have a new gauge available to the right of your sharpness meter. This is your Spirit Gauge.

As you connect with standard strikes, your Spirit Gauge will fill automatically, filling the white bar in the center of the sword-shaped meter. You may utilize this gauge to perform Spirit Blade strikes with ZR/RT.

The fourth stage of the Spirit Combo is a Spirit Roundslash, which is followed by sheathing your sword. When you successfully utilize this attack, you will receive a stacking attack bonus with visible signs on both the Spirit Gauge and your Longsword. Both will glow a different color based on how many times you use Spirit Roundslash successfully. First white, then yellow, and eventually red.

Longsword Controls

Like all other weapons, the Longsword also has a plethora of combos in its arsenal. Here are some basic controls/attacks.

Attack Name Switch Controls PC Controls
Overhead Slash X Left Click
Thrust A Right Click
Directional Fadeslash Left Stick + X + A               Directional Button + Left Click + Right Click
Fade Slash           X + A      Left Click + Right Click
Spirit Slash          ZR MB4
Foresight Slash  ZR + A   MB4 + Right Click
Special Sheathe ZR + B    MB4 + Space
Iai Slash                X while in Special Sheathe            Left Click while in Special Sheathe
Iai Spirit Slash    ZR while in Special Sheathe         MB4 while in Special Sheathe
Soaring Kick        ZL + X    Middle Click + Left Click
Helmbreaker/Falling Thrust         ZR after Soaring Kick       MB4 after Soaring Kick
Serene Pose ZL + A    Middle Click + Right Click

Now to look into these attacks in more detail.

Fade Slash and Foresight Slash

You have two maneuvers that are more effective for evasion than dealing damage.

  • Fade Slash is executed by simultaneously pressing X/Y + A/B. It attacks while drawing you back at the same time, proving to be a nice way to deal some damage while also providing dodging capabilities.
  • ZR/RT + A/B must be pressed simultaneously to activate the Foresight Slash. This move can be chained into a Spirit Roundslash if you successfully avoid an enemy’s attack at the right time.

Note that

  • Foresight Slash will consume your Spirit Gauge.
  • You can link the Foresight Slash into a Special Sheathe and use the Iai Slash to drive yourself forward without losing attack momentum if you discover that it dragged you farther away from your target than you had anticipated.



Basic Combo

Step Slash           Overhead Slash Thrust Rising Slash
X (Switch) X (Switch) X (Switch) X (Switch)
Left Click Left Click Left Click Left Click


  Spirit Blade Combo (Needs Spirit Gauge)  
Spirit Blade I Spirit Blade II Spirit Blade III Spirit Blade Roundslash
ZR (Switch) ZR (Switch) ZR (Switch) ZR (Switch)


  Fade Slash Combo (Needs Spirit Gauge)  
Fade Slash Spirit Jumping Slash Spirit Blade III    Spirit Roundslash
X + A (Switch) ZR (Switch) ZR (Switch) ZR (Switch)
Left Click + Right Click MB4 MB4 MB4


  Special Sheathe Combo 1  
Step Slash           Special Sheathe Iai Slash               Spirit Blade II
X (Switch) ZR + B (Switch) X (Switch) ZR (Switch)
Left Click MB4 + Space Left Click MB4


  Special Sheathe Combo 2  
Step Slash Foresight Slash Spirit Roundslash
X (Switch) ZR + A (Switch) ZR + B (Switch)
Left Click MB4 + Right Click MB4 + Space


  Foresight Slash Combo (When Successful)
Step Slash Foresight Slash Spirit Roundslash
X (Switch) ZR + A (Switch) ZR
Left Click MB4 + Right Click MB4


Big Damage Combo
Switch Controls PC Controls
zL + X -> zR -> zR + B -> X -> zR (x3) Middle Click + Left Click -> MB4 -> MB4 + Space -> Left Click -> MB4 (x3)

Big Damage Combo is used to maximize the damage output whenever there is an opening, like when the monster is down or trapped. The combo utilizes the Spirit Helm Breaker, Special Sheathe, and the Spirit Roundslash for maximum damage!

Iai Spirit Slash to Silkbind Sakura Slash
Switch Controls PC Controls
zR + B -> zR -> zL + X -> zR + B MB4 + Space -> MB4 -> Middle Click + Left Click -> MB4 + Space

This combination makes use of the smooth transition between the Switch Skill Silkbind Sakura Slash and the Iai Spirit Slash. This is a fantastic technique to raise your gauge level because using both the Silkbind Sakura Slash and the Iai Spirit Slash successfully raises your gauge level by one (1) each, for a total of two (2), As long as you have Wirebugs, you may use this combo because it has a high DPS as well.

Fast Spirit Gauge Up Combo
Switch Controls PC Controls
X + A -> zR (x3) Left Click + Right Click -> MB4 (x3)

This combo replaces the initial Spirit Slash I for a Fade Slash for maximum mobility. This combo replaces Spirit Blade II with a Spirit Jumping Slash and then goes straight to Spirit Blade III.

Instant Red Gauge Combo
Switch Controls PC Controls
A -> zR + A -> zR -> zR + B -> zR (x3) Right Click -> MB4 + Right Click -> MB4 -> MB4 + Space -> MB4 (x3)

This combo uses both the Foresight Slash and Iai Spirit Slash and their ability to finish with a Spirit Roundslash after performing a counterattack. This is the fastest way to raise your Spirit Level from colorless to red, but it requires precision for counterattacking two consecutive times.

Long Sword Silkbind Attacks

Soaring Kick

Switch Controls PC Controls
ZL + X Middle Mouse Button + Left Click

The Soaring Kick is a Silkbind Attack that lets you jump off a monster upward. By default, your hunter will execute a Plunging Thrust that turns your Spirit Gauge meter blue and gradually fills it.

Pressing zR while in the air will activate the Spirit Helm Breaker, while this deals a huge amount of damage, this move also lowers your Long Sword Spirit Level by one. Do this when your Spirit Gauge is red to maximize the damage.

Serene Pose

Switch Controls PC Controls
ZL + A Middle Mouse Button + Right Click

Get ready in a counter stance as you conjure a web of Wirebug silk in front of you. Players will automatically avoid damage and repel any attack that enters the web. You will get stuck within the animation for a long time, but this is an extremely effective defensive maneuver.

You can use this on anything that can damage the hunters, including barrel bombs. It can even be used as a wake-up move against monsters by utilizing barrel bomb explosions.

Silkbind Sakura Slash

Switch Controls PC Controls
ZL + X Middle Mouse Button + Left Click

 Silkbind Sakura Slash can be switched out with Soaring Kick and allows the hunter to spin around to dash and slice the foe.

Not only does the attack inflict multiple hits over time, causing additional damage, but it also grants 1 free Spirit Gauge on landing. This skill is great for elemental damage builds due to its multiple hits.

Harvest Moon

Switch Controls PC Controls
ZL + A Middle Mouse Button + Right Click

A move that casts out an Ironsilk ring that narrows your range of attack, but boosts spirit so you can go on the offensive.

Within the ring, your Spirit Gauge won’t deplete, and if you perform any counterattacks, it will add additional hits.

Sheathing the Long Sword will make the ring disappear. Additionally, walking toward the boundary of the ring with the weapon unsheathed will cause the player to get sent back into the ring. Doing it again will remove the ring completely.

This move costs two Wirebug charges and has a medium recovery speed.

Tempered Spirit Blade

Switch Controls PC Controls
ZL + X Middle Mouse Button + Left Click

A decisive Silkbind maneuver that parries any incoming monster attack with a Spirit Blade. Timing is key if you want to successfully parry an attack, but doing so will fill your Spirit Gauge and raise it one level.

Long Sword Switch Skills

With the help of Switch Skills, you can swap attacks of the original skill with switch skills. Complete the Feathered Frenzy village urgent quest to get your first Switch Skill.

Here are some switch skills:

Skill Slot Switchskills Options
1 Step Slash, Drawn Double Slash
2 Spirit Roundslash Combo, Spirit Reckoning Combo
3 Special Sheathe Combo, Sacred Sheathe Combo
4 Soaring Kick, Silkbind Sakura Slash, Tempered Spirit Blade
5 Serene Pose, Harvest Moon

Now, let’s talk about these Switch Skills in more detail.

Drawn Double Slash

Switched With Controls
Step Slash ·         For Switch: X

·         For PC: Left Click

NOTE: (Draw weapon while sheathed)

Drawn Double Slash is an attack that replaces Step Slash. It consists of an extraction attack that hits with a vertical and then a horizontal cut. It also allows you to absorb a blow during the attack. While it does more damage than a Step Slash, it can also combo into Spirit Slash II but not Fade Slash.

Spirit Reckoning Combo

Switched With Controls
Spirit Roundslash Combo ·         For Switch: ZR

·         For PC: MB4

NOTE: (After Spirit Blade II)

The Spirit Roundslash, which usually completes the Spirit combination, is replaced with this Switch Skill. Additionally, before performing the Reckoning combination, you can choose a direction and rush towards it. Like the Roundslash, this gives you a one-point boost to your Spirit Gauge.

Silkbind Sakura Slash

Switched With Controls
Soaring Kick ·         For Switch: ZL + X

·         For PC: Middle Mouse Button + Left Click


 Your hunter dashes forward while swinging your sword twice in a circle with this Silkbind Attack Switch Skill. Additionally, this adds 1 level to your Spirit Gauge right away.

The blades’ impact point will sustain lingering harm. Although, we wouldn’t recommend switching this skill with Soaring Kick, as Soaring Kick is needed to execute Spirit Helm Breaker, which is just way too punishing to pass on.

Sacred Sheathe Combo

Switched With Controls
Special Sheathe Combo ·         For Switch: Press and Hold ZR to execute the Special Sheathe Focus, then use Directional Analog (L) + B to reposition while focusing

·         For PC: Press and hold MB4, then use directional buttons + Space


 A variant of the special sheathe combo that uses immediate countering rather than waiting for the target to be attacked by a monster.

Even after completing the sheathing animation, the Hunter can enter the charging state and use all of the remaining spirit gauge charges to unleash a barrage of lethal blows.

Longsword Attacks and Moves

Spirit Helm Breaker

Switch Controls PC Controls
After Soaring Kick press ZR After Soaring Kick press MB4

In Monster Hunter Rise, the Spirit Helm Breaker is a returning move. This is typically regarded as the Long Sword’s most damaging attack. It is also advised since it is simple to use and can be executed just after a Soaring Kick. Keep in mind that doing so will lower your Spirit Level by 1 and that you cannot use it if your Spirit Gauge is colorless.

Foresight Slash

Switch Controls PC Controls
During Combo press ZR + A During Combo press MB4 + Right Click

 Your Spirit Gauge is totally depleted during this evasive move, but it is restored when the attack is successful. If you successfully land the final slash, you can then follow it up with a Spirit Roundslash to raise your current Spirit Level by 1.

The counter-slash must strike the monster in order for the final Spirit Roundslash to be done. Keep in mind that this move is performed between combos.

Special Sheathe

Switch Controls PC Controls
After an attack, ZR + B then press X to execute Iai Slash or ZR for Iai Spirit Slash After an attack, MB4 + Space then press Left click to execute Iai Slash or MB4 for Iai Spirit Slash

 Special Sheathe is a move that sheathes your weapon, as the name suggests, but only after performing an attack.

You can chain this up with X or Left-click to execute an Iai Slash. Press zR or MB4 instead to execute an Iai Spirit Slash.

Best Long Swords

Here are some of the best longswords in Monster Hunter Rise:

Tigrine Need

This might be a difficult weapon to handle, but with proper training and practice, its ability to deal maximum potential damage is off the charts.

With the use of proper skills and buffs, Tigrine Need is arguably one of the deadliest and most difficult weapons to use in the game.

Yahya Jamshed – VeryAliGaming | Tigrine Need

Deepest Night

A quick and mobile Longsword that provides a decent amount of raw damage and ridiculous absurdity. The sword comes with a Level 2 decoration slot and white sharpness enhancement.

Yahya Jamshed – VeryAliGaming | Deepest Night

Phantom Mirage

The Phantom Mirage is by far the greatest weapon in Monster Hunter Rise. The Phantom Mirage clearly outperforms the Tigrine Need given that it is just 10 attack stats below it and has a 15% affinity.

The Tigrine Need’s sharpness is the sole advantage it has over it. However, this is readily fixed by adding a few drops of either the master’s tough or protective polish. The Phantom Mirage has the most effective raw damage of any longsword thanks to protective polish, but what you gain in damage you lose in hassle.

The Phantom Mirage is always the right decision, regardless of the build you go for.

Yahya Jamshed – VeryAliGaming | Phantom Mirage

Longsword – Tips and Tricks

Take It to The Training Area

You can access the Training Area by interacting with the small boat in the Buddy Plaza. Practicing your combos here is a great way to get used to the intricacies of the Longsword. You’ll get a feel for how quickly the Spirit Gauge fills up and how best to weave Spirit Blades, Special Sheathes, and Foresight Slashes into your attack patterns.

The Training Area is the perfect place to practice since you can concentrate more on your actions because your combinations will be displayed on the screen and you won’t be bothered by distractions as in real combat situations.

Get a Quick Sheath Build

Quick Sheath works extremely well with the Special Sheath move of the Long Sword. An armor set with Quick Sheath LVL 3 almost doubles the animation speed of sheathing that it just becomes so fast, that it can be spammed for gaining easy Spirit Gauge levels.

Maintain a Red Spirit Gauge

To effectively use the Long Sword, always keep your Spirit Gauge on red. You can see this on the Spirit Gauge meter in the HUD or on the color of the blade. This maximizes the Long Sword’s firepower for a more efficient hunt.

Utilize Your Iai Slash to Fuel Combos

Whether you’re just starting a fight or spending far too much time chasing a monster that’s fled, you will inevitably run out of your attack buff eventually. Building it up again can be a frustrating chore, so it’s a good idea to learn how to weave an Iai Slash into your attack patterns flawlessly.

Aim for the Spirit Helm Breaker

Considered the greatest damage-dealing move of the Long Sword, it would be a shame for you to not use this. This move follows a Soaring Kick and deals tons of damage. Also, make sure to use this when with a Red Spirit Gauge Level to maximize the firepower.

Endless Combo

Even though your Overhead Slash (Y) is a fantastic opener, you should immediately discover that the Longsword possesses an effective infinite combo. Simply keep pressing the Thrust (A/B) attack once you’ve started a combo to enter an unending cycle of Thrusts and Rising Slashes.

This combination is most helpful for swiftly filling your Spirit Gauge, but it’s also fantastic for dealing with bothersome small monsters and doing a lot of damage during brief windows of opportunity while confronting large monsters.

That’s it for this Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Longsword Guide.

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