Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Prized Pelts Guide

Prized Pelt is a new type of crafting material introduced in the Master rank for the Sunbreak expansion, here's where and how to find it

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Yahya Jamshed – VeryAliGaming | MHRS: Prized Pelts Guide

In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you must hunt Kelbi or Anteka on Master Rank tasks to get Prized Pelt. Going on a Master Rank Expedition is the most effective method to do this. You’ll have more time to hunt this way and won’t have to fight any monsters unless you want to.

The drop rates for the two creatures you need to hunt are:

  • Kelbi (30% carve chance)
  • Anteka (18% carve chance)

Firstly, we’ll talk about hunting and killing the Kelbi.

Key Takeaways

To obtain Prized Pelts in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, follow these steps:

  1. Target Kelbi or Anteka: You can get Prized Pelts by hunting Kelbi or Anteka on Master Rank quests.
  2. Master Rank Expedition: The most effective method is to go on a Master Rank Expedition, giving you more time to hunt without facing other monsters.
  3. Kelbi Locations: Kelbi can be found in the Shrine Ruins, Sandy Plains, Flooded Forest, and Jungle.
  4. Anteka Locations: Anteka are found in the Frost Islands.
  5. Carve Chances: Kelbi has a 30% carve chance for Prized Pelt, while Anteka has an 18% carve chance.
  6. Other Drops: Both Kelbi and Anteka can drop additional items like horns, liver, and raw meat.
  7. Recommended Farming: For Kelbi, use ranged weapons or Kunai to kill them as they are quick to flee. In the Shrine Ruins (Master Rank), check Areas 11, 12, and 13.

It’s recommend to farm Kelbi due to their higher drop rate for Prized Pelts. Prized Pelts are essential for crafting late-game armor pieces and Buddy Equipment in Sunbreak, including items like Khezu Coil X, Leather Headgear X, Kadachi Greaves X, and more.

Farming Kelbi

Yahya Jamshed – VeryAliGaming | Kelbi Appearance in MHRS

To obtain Prized Pelt in Sunbreak, the most effective method is to hunt and carve small creatures known as Kelbi. Kelbi are docile, deer-like animals found in various locations, including the Shrine Ruins, Sandy Plains, Flooded Forest, and Jungle. They are relatively easy to defeat, typically requiring just a few strikes, but be cautious as the presence of a large monster can scare them away.

Here’s a quick guide to finding and hunting Kelbi for Prized Pelt:

  1. Start an expedition in Sunbreak on Master Rank difficulty.
  2. Kelbi can be easily distinguished by their smaller size and blue-colored fur, which is visible from a distance.
  3. Since Kelbi tend to flee quickly, it’s recommended to use ranged weapons or Kunai to eliminate them. Ranged weapons generally ensure a successful Kelbi kill.
  4. For efficient farming, head to the Shrine Ruins in Master Rank and explore Areas 11, 12, and 13. You should be able to find around 5-6 Kelbi to defeat in this region.

In addition to Prized Pelt, Kelbi have a chance to drop other valuable items, including:

  • Kelbi Horn (35% drop rate)
  • White Liver (15% drop rate)
  • High-Quality Pelt (10% drop rate)
  • Raw Meat (10% drop rate)

So, by targeting Kelbi in these locations, you can not only collect Prized Pelts but also potentially obtain other useful materials for your adventures in Sunbreak.

Yahya Jamshed – VeryAliGaming | Kelbi Locations

Farming Anteka

Yahya Jamshed – VeryAliGaming | Anteka Appearance in MHRS

Hunters looking for Prized Pelt in an alternative method can target another creature called Anteka. These animals have distinctive large horns resembling those of bulls and are generally peaceful, although they may become aggressive if they feel threatened.

Here’s how to go about obtaining Prized Pelt by hunting Anteka:

  1. Head to the Frost Islands, where Anteka can be commonly found.
  2. Initiate an expedition on Master Rank difficulty in the Frost Islands.
  3. Continuously hunt Anteka in the area to farm for Prized Pelts.

However, it’s essential to note that the drop rate of Prized Pelt from Anteka is nearly half the drop rate compared to Kelbi. Given this, it’s generally recommended to farm Kelbi for Prized Pelts since they provide a quicker and more efficient way to obtain this valuable resource.

Anteka_Location_MHRSYahya Jamshed – VeryAliGaming | Anteka Locations

Additionally, Anteka have a chance to drop other items alongside Prized Pelts, including:

  • Anteka Proud Antler (40% drop rate)
  • Raw Meat (32% drop rate)
  • Prized Pelt (18% drop rate)
  • White Liver (10% drop rate)

While Anteka can be an alternative source of Prized Pelt, farming Kelbi remains the preferred method due to their higher drop rate, making it more time-effective for hunters.

Prized Pelts Uses

Prized Pelts are used for crafting certain late-game armor pieces from Sunbreak, though by no means all of them. Still, it’s an essential component in certain powerful pieces of gear, and it’s worth having a few Prized Pelts in reserve just in case you ever want to build specialist equipment.

Prized Pelts can be used to make all the following armor and Buddy Equipment:

  • Khezu Coil X
  • Leather Headgear X
  • Kadachi Greaves X
  • Hunter’s Helm X
  • Bone Vampraces X
  • Volvidon Mail X
  • Leather Gloves X
  • Lagombi Helm X
  • Hunter’s Greaves X
  • Lagombi Coil X
  • Izuchi Coil X

Now that you know which small creatures you need to hunt to get Prized Pelts, it shouldn’t take long to get enough of them to make the best gear. Happy hunting.

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