Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Supple Piel: Definitive Guide

In this guide we go over every aspect of the crafting material called Supple Piel, this ranges from where to find it and how to use it.

monster hunter rise sunbreak supple piel

What is Supple Piel

monster hunter rise sunbreak supple piel
Zamite (Small Monster)

As stated before, we know that Monster Hunter as a game is designed to be a game that rewards players for grinding through the ability to craft a pseudo-personalized weapon with the materials they receive upon killing an enemy.

Key Takeaways

Supple Piel is a rare 8th-tier crafting material in the game, primarily obtained from Zamite in Frost Island zones 7, 8, 11, and 12 at Master Rank. It’s used for crafting various weapons and armor. Here are some examples of items that require Supple Piel as a crafting ingredient:

  1. Stealth Dango Supreme (dual blades):

    • Materials Required: 2 Supple Piel, 2 Torpor Sac, 2 Monster Essence, 12k Zenny.
  2. Razortooth Spear:

    • Materials Required: 4 Supple Piel, 2 Crushing Fang, 2 Frocium, 12k Zenny.
  3. Barioth Vambrances X (armor pieces):

    • Materials Required: 4 Barioth Cortex, 1 Barioth Thickfur, 2 Cryo Sac, 3 Supple Piel, 12k Zenny per piece.
  4. Edel Vizor X (armor piece):

    • Materials Required: 8k Zenny, 3 Jewel of the Fallen Star, 1 Flood Sac, 1 Supple Piel, 3 Flowfern.
  5. Edel Creeper X (part of Barioth X and Edel X Sets):

    • These armor pieces also require Supple Piel as a crafting material.

In this case, we are talking about Supple Piel.  A Rarity 8 material that can not be bought but can be sold for 610 Zenny. The in-game description for this particular resource is: “A flexible, elastic hide from a Leviathan. A useful material that requires effort to obtain.”

monster hunter rise sunbreak supple piel
Frost Islands Map | Courtesy: Fextralife

You can find the Sunbreak Supple Piel within the Frost Islands. Specifically within zone 7, 8, 11, and 12 as seen above in the map of the area.

  1. Hunt Zamite: In these designated zones, you will encounter a monster called Zamite. These creatures are relatively passive but can become aggressive when provoked or attacked.

  2. Master Rank: It’s important to note that to farm Supple Piel, you need to hunt Zamite at Master Rank. Any rank below Master Rank will not yield Supple Piel drops.

  3. Drop Chance: When fighting Zamite at Master Rank, there is a 35% chance of obtaining Supple Piel as a drop. Additionally, there’s a 25% chance of receiving Sharqskin Scale, a 25% chance for Crushing Fang, and a 15% chance for Monster Guts.

  4. Lower Ranks: If you attempt to farm Supple Piel at ranks lower than Master Rank, you may receive Meaty Hide instead.

Ensure that you engage with Zamite at the appropriate Master Rank level in the specified zones within the Frost Islands to maximize your chances of obtaining Supple Piel. Happy hunting!

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Equipment That Can Be Crafted


As stated before the game allows for a plethora of options when it comes to having unique weapons and since this is a Sunbreak Supple Piel guide we will be listing the weapons which use this crafting material as a part of their recipe or required items.

Stealth Dango Supreme

monster hunter rise sunbreak supple piel
Stealth Dango Supreme

A silly-looking weapon indeed and dual blades to boot. The Stealth Dango Supreme is an interesting weapon to use because it deals primarily with sleep damage. You can obtain this by upgrading the Perfected Dango. However, it is only possible if you complete the Chealier’s Sleepy Solution side-quest. You will require the following materials to craft this item:

  • 12k Zenny
  • 2x Supple Piel
  • 2x Torpor Sac
  • 2x Monster Essence

Razertooth Spear+

Razortooth Spear

The spear weapon is definitely not something many people might like to use initially but they soon warm up to the idea given how it may suit their character and vice-versa. As the name implies you upgrade the spare from the Razortooth Spear and deal ice damage primarily. The resources required to craft this weapon are as follows:

  • 12k Zenny
  • 4x Supple Piel
  • 2x Crushing Fang
  • 2x Frocium

Armor Sets

Barioth X Set

monster hunter rise sunbreak supple piel
Barioth Vambrances X

There is only one piece of armor that belongs to the Barioth Set and requires Sunbreak Supple Piel, and that is the Barioth Vambrances X. These arm armor pieces are a new edition with the Sunbreak DLC and are definitely quite good to use. This is mainly due to their skills which include Quick Sheathe, Maximum Might, and Critical Eye. The materials required to craft these arm guards are as follows:

  • 12k Zenny
  • 4x Barioth Cortex
  • 1x Barioth Thickfur
  • 2x Cryo Sac
  • 3x Supple Piel

Edel X Set

The Edel X Set has three parts that require the use of Supple Piel in its crafting and each of these is unique but somewhat lacking when it comes to being the armor for someone who wants to craft an identity or character around it.

monster hunter rise sunbreak supple piel
Edel Vizor X

Firstly we have the Edel Vizor X debuting in the new Sunbreak DLC. This helm is actually quite ordinary and only useful for the water resistance it provides or the special skills which include Poison Resistance and Speed Eating. To craft this part of the armor  simply have access to the materials listed below:

  • 8k Zenny
  • 3x Jewel of the Fallen Star
  • 1x Flood Sac 
  • 1x Supple Piel
  • 3x Flowfern
Edel Creeper X

Next up we have the Edel Creeper X which are the arm guards of the Edel X Set. As we can see the entire Edel X Set follows a certain flowery motif which is fine for those who enjoy it but in this game of armor choices it would seem foolish to go with this set unless you want any certain skill that only this armor could offer. The items required to craft this particular piece are:

  • 8k Zenny
  • 2x Jewel of the Fallen Star
  • 2x Flood Sac
  • 1x Supple Piel
  • 3x Flowerfern
Edel Roots X

Finally, we have the Edel Roots X from the Edel X Set. This leg armor imitates the waist armor as well but only visually. There are two skills that you get when equipping this item, they are Poison Resistance and Speed Eating. Once again it has all the same identifiers as the rest of the Edel X Set with increased water resistance and having a rarity level of 8. The items required to craft this piece are as follows:

  • 8k Zenny
  • 1x Jewel of the Fallen Star
  • 2x Flow Sac
  • 3x Flowfern
  • 2x Supple Piel

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Makluva X Set

From the Makluva X Set, there are only two pieces of armor that require Supple Piel to craft. We discuss more on each piece below.

monster hunter rise sunbreak supple piel
Makulva Hood X

To start off we have the Makulva Hood X. This hood can be best described as a plague doctor mask but a more wholesome beach version of it. Almost like it is a beach variant of the original gothic style. The hood itself is actually quite weak to thunder and has a few special skills which include Sleep Resistance, Speed Eating, and Stamina Surge. To craft this hood you must obtain the following items:

  • 12k Zenny
  • 2x Sun Springnight Carp
  • 1x Speartuna
  • 2x Supple Piel
  • 2x Eltalite Ore
monster hunter rise sunbreak supple piel
Makulva Pants X

To end it we come across the Makulva Pants X. These look like something straight out of Arabian Nights with the whole baggy look. This piece also follows the same resistances and affinities toward elements as the previously mentioned piece. The skills however are different with them being Bubbly Dance, Speed Eating, and Resuscitate. To craft this piece you must have the following resources:

  • 12k Zenny
  • 1x Sun Springnight Carp
  • 2x Sushifish
  • 1x Supple Piel
  • 2x Eltalite Ore
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