Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Frocium Guide

Here you will find the exact use of the Frocium Ore and its location along with the Ingot Set that requires this material for crafting!

Monster Hunter Rise Frocium

Sunbreak is the latest expansion to Monster Hunter Rise, and it was released on June 14, 2022. In this guide, I’ll discuss some of the best methods to farm the Monster Hunter Rise Frocium Ore in the new release.

Key Takeaways

  • Frocium in Monster Hunter Rise is a type of ore utilized in crafting, and the Ingot X set is the most prevalent set that employs it.
  • Master Rank is newly added in the Sunbreak DLC and players need to hit the Master Rank to look for the Frocium Ore.
  • To craft items, players can use the Crafting List found in the menu using the Frocium ore for high-ranked sets.
  • Before going on a Master Rank Expedition, players can select the Dango Set 01 from the Canteen to help them gather materials more efficiently.
  • Frost Islands is the best place to look for Frocium, & players can find the Mining Outcrop by opening the detailed map & navigating toward the ‘Materials 2‘ section.
  • The best places to check for Mining Outcrops in the Frost Islands are numbers 10, 7, 12, and 9, and players can get either four or eight pieces of Frocium from each Outcrop.
  • Frocium can also be found at marked places near the regions, but the spawn area may not be accurate.
  • Players can unlock the Ingot Set in MHR Sunbreak by finding one Purecrystal, & this set gives a total defense of 470 & offers buffs to the player’s character.

Monster Hunter Rise Frocium

Dango Set 01
Before going on a Master Rank Expedition, you can select the Dango Set 01 from the Canteen to help you gather materials more efficiently!

The game’s main goal is not only to provide various weapons for monster killing but also to push the players to explore and find items necessary for certain upgrades.

As such, the Monster Hunter Rise Frocium is an ore used for crafting, and the most common of those is the entire Ingot X set.

However, before looking for the Frocium Ore, players must hit the Master Rank. The Master Rank is newly added in the Sunbreak DLC.

MHR Sunbreak allows you to craft items, and the easiest method to craft is through the Crafting List.

You can find this list in the menu where you can use the Frocium ore for the high-ranked sets!

Before you start your expedition, you can get your hands on some Dango Gatherers from the Canteen. It will also add a decent amount of Health and Stamina to your character, along with the Dango Collector, Dango Defender, and the Dango Gatherer.

The skill will help you gather a high number of materials from the mining crops by giving you an extra number of hands.

Basically, activate the Dango Skills before you depart on your journey to get Monster Hunter Rise Frocium ores in Sunbreak.

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Frocium Location and Dango Set

Mining Outcrop Location
By opening the detailed map, you can pinpoint the exact location of the Mining Outcrop to farm Frocium!

Frocium is a rare material in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, and you can find it in the Frost Islands. As it is a Rare ore, the chances of you harvesting it will be pretty low.

Not only can you use it for the Ingot X Set, but also the Baggi Set and the Utsushi V set. By doing so, you’ll be adding high defense value and resistances to your armor sets. Therefore, your best bet is to farm as many Frocium ores as possible.

Obtaining Frocium
The Mining Outcrop will sometimes drop eight, four, or three Frocium!

Open a detailed view of the map and navigate toward the ‘Materials 2’ section. From there, you should scroll down and click on ‘Mining Outcrop.’ The map will pinpoint the location of the place, and the rest will be up to you.

The prominent places you could look for on Frost Islands are the edges of cliffs. Once you pick up the Mining Outcrop, you’ll be awarded either four or eight pieces of Frocium.

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Secret Places For Frocium

Frocium Exact Location
The Frocium can be found at the marked places near the Regions. However, the spawn area may not be accurate.

It is always best to check out the map whenever you’re harvesting or mining materials in Monster Hunter Rise. Not only will you be able to find what you’re looking for, but you’ll also reduce your time!

The best place to check for the Mining Outcrops is through the numbers allotted on the map in Frost Islands. Remember when you opened your map to select “Mining Outcrop,” and the map highlighted the possible locations?

You can search the numbers 10, 7, 12, and 9 as there will be a few Mining Outcrops in these places.

While searching for Frocium, you’ll walk past different areas with materials scattered around. You won’t need to pick them up as your Gatherers will be doing most of the job for you.

Once you’re done harvesting, you’ll have gathered the maximum materials. For example, you’ll be able to get your hands on Gracium, Eltalite Ore, and such!

On the other hand, going on high-rank expedition tours will not help you find any Frocium ores. Therefore, you need to unlock the Master Rank so you can head out on a Master Rank Expedition.

By doing so, you’ll eliminate the time limits and mine as many Outcrops as you can find!

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Ingot Set in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Ingot Set
Here is the detailed description of the Ingot Set! Frocium is used to upgrade some of its Pieces.

To unlock the Ingot Set in MHR Sunbreak, you will have to find one Purecrystal. This will automatically unlock the set to be crafted at the Smithy.

The Ingot Set includes the Ingot Helm X, Ingot Mail X, Ingot Vambraces X, Ingot Coil X, and Ingot Greaves X. All of these Armor pieces give a total defense of 470 and offer buffs to your character!

Of course, it can be tough to enter any area and face off uninvited monsters without equipping yourselves with Armor. With that said, the Ingot Armor Set is one of the best armors to equip in the game.

Now when we talk about forging the Armor with different materials. The main material you will need is the Monster Hunter Rise Frocium Ore in Sunbreak.

We have already discussed the location of the material, so now all you need to know is where to use Frocium.

In the Ingot Set, the Helm and the Coil will require the use of Frocium. Both these armor pieces increase the attack power of your character. Moreover, the Ingot Coil X provides another skill called the Power Prolonger.

Players familiar with the weapons Charge Blade, Dual Blades, and Switch Axe will find it quite helpful. The Power Prolonger will affect the overall duration time of these weapons as they are powered up.

With that said, I end my guide on Monster Hunter Rise Frocium, and I hope that it helped you know everything about this rare ore. Feel free to share your feedback in the comment section and check out our similar guides at VeryAliGaming!

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