Monster Hunter Rise Suspicious Fang: Full Guide

Here is everything you need to know about Suspicious Fang and how to utilize it for your weapons and armor in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Suspicious Fang
Monster Hunter Rise Suspicious Fang

Monster Hunter Rise is claiming the top position after a PC release earlier this year. The RPG’s colorful and unbridled attention gives players an in-depth experience with various activities. One includes hunting and breaking down monsters to harvest new materials, such as Monster Hunter Rise suspicious fang. 

Apart from playing a crucial role in the storyline, you will have to incorporate detailed crafting to push the boundaries of experience and pave the way for ideal gameplay. For that instance, many players pursue harvesting monsters to craft new weapons and upgrade to gain leverage in the battle. 

Key Takeaways

  • Suspicious Fang is a rare material obtained by breaking the monster Khezu in Monster Hunter Rise.
  • Khezu is a hostile Flying Wyvern class monster found in various locations, including Frost Island and Lava Caverns.
  • Players can also pursue quests like Faceless Foe, BZZZZZ or ZZZZzzzz, & A Pale Shadow to defeat Khezu.
  • Players must break Khezu’s head or neck to increase their chance of obtaining the rare material, suspicious fangs.
  • Breaking Khezu’s corpse to obtain suspicious fangs is possible through the hey Cortanacapture but is not recommended.
  • Khezu is resistant to Thunder, Water, Ice, and dragons,& targeting those elements will result in losing progress & rewards.
  • Players should kill Khezu on the first try, as rewards from the same monster decrease every time players lose. Players should bring the best weapons & strategy when battling Khezu.

Suspicious fang is also one of the most sought-after items in the game. Players can use this material for various weapons and armor to enhance the gameplay experience even further. However, the crux of the matter is how to obtain or farm suspicious fangs to use them in the equipment. 

If you are also one of those players struggling to get their suspicious fang in the game, then you are at the right place. This guide entails all the details you need to know about suspicious fang in Monster Hunter Rise and how to use them for your character. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

Monster Hunter Rise Suspicious Fang

Suspicious fang is a unique material that is harvested from a specific monster. Players need to complete a hunt like every monster and then break the monsters to gather materials. Suspicious fang is one of the rare materials sold on the black market and is known to be cursed. 

Despite the rarity, players can still obtain the material by hunting down the monster known as “Khezu.” As for the rarity, Monster Hunter Rise suspicious fang stats shows Rarity 4 under the Khezu Material. Players will only have to go after the Khezu monster to get their hands on the dangerous yet powerful material of suspicious fangs. 

Monster Hunter Rise Khezu
Monster Hunter Rise Suspicious Fang

On the other side, hunting down the Khezu monster is no easy feat. Khezu is an hostile small monster that may attack at close range. It is a Flying Wyvern class monster, making it immensely powerful. It can even attack other monsters, showing the ecological intensity of your enemy. 

However, bringing the right weapons and strategy can significantly assist players in taking down Khezu and farming the monster to collect as many suspicious fangs as they want. 

How To Find And Defeat Khezu For Suspicious Fangs

Players can find the long-neck monster of Khezu in different locations. Some of these locations may be exclusive on the map, while some involve pursuing specific quests in the storyline. As for the locations on the map, one of the best locations to find Khezu is at Frost Island. 

As the name implies, Frost Island is chilled with the lost souls of heroes that gave up trying to slay the faceless beast. As soon as you enter the location, you will be welcomed with a disturbing intro of the long-necked beast that would attack anything. 

As for the location, Frost Island is perfect for putting down the beast because of low maneuvers and elements of protection like rocks and a stretching lake. All you need to do is to target the Khezu early to drain the HP and finish the job early. 

Moreover, players can also consider Lava Caverns to farm on the Khezu to receive suspicious fangs. Unlike Frost Island, Lava Cavern is hot with lava and more dangerous. You can also defeat Khezu to get another suspicious fang material to craft weapons or armor. 

Or you can pursue quests like Faceless Foe, BZZZZZ or ZZZZzzzz, and A Pale Shadow to defeat the mighty and scary beast. Another essential aspect you need to know is that there are three variants of Khezu. Depending on your character rank, you can encounter a low-rank Khezu, a master rank, or a high-rank Khezu beast. 

Players will be able to receive suspicious fangs from low or high-rank Khezu. So it is highly advised to pursue the Khezu at the low rank to ensure a higher chance of it dropping the rare material. Once you have defeated the Khezu, players must break the monster. During the breaking process, players will start receiving all the rewards along with suspicious fangs. 

It is worth noting that you must kill Khezu on the first try. Like every other giant monster hunt, the rewards from that specific monster are decreased every time you lose the battle. Especially in the case of Khezu, you might want to finish him in the first two tries. Otherwise, chances of obtaining suspicious fang from Khezu are vastly low. 

Considering it as Khezu-specific material, there is no other choice to obtain the rare, suspicious fangs. So bring your best weapons and buddies to the battle with Khezu to kill the beast on the first try. 

Breaking Khezu Corpse to Obtain Suspicious Fang
Breaking Khezu Corpse to Obtain Suspicious Fang

Surprisingly you can also get suspicious fangs with capture rather than killing the beast. Although, this process is not advised for a beast with hostile nature. But if you manage to capture the beast, you will be able to receive a suspicious fang with each capture in your playthrough.

Tips And Tricks To Defeat Khezu

Khezu does not have any prominent attack sets. However, what Khezu lacks in attack sets, it makes up for the range and intensity of attacks during the battle.

Moreover, it is essential to note that the Khezu is resistant to Thunder, Water, Ice, and dragons. So make sure to avoid these aspects in your battle with Khezue to avoid losing the progress and rewards during the farm. 

As said earlier, breaking down Khezu will enable players to receive the rare, suspicious fang in Monster Hunter Rise. Even more important is to target the specific area of the monster where these fangs are located. For that instance, players must attack the head or neck of the Khezu to break the part of the monster to ensure a high chance of receiving suspicious fangs. 

Attacking Khezu on Head
Attacking Khezu on Head

The head and neck of Khezu are also weak spots of the monsters that may assist players in draining all their health early during the battle. But it comes with a catch. This is because all of the primary attacks of Khezu also come from the head and neck. 

Make sure to attack the monster at the right place and time to drain HP and keep a safe side from potential deadly strikes on your character. Another vital tip to incorporate into your battle is always using ranged weapons for Khezu. 

Players who have already encountered the monster might be aware that it has extremely low mobility. This factor is a plus point to register better damages, but it also increases the risk for melee weapon characters to take the worst strikes of the monster. However, using the ranged weapons can be a great advantage to keep the distance and defeat the Khezu to receive the suspicious fang. 

How To Use Suspicious Fangs In Monster Hunter Rise?

Now that you have received suspicious fang after hours of farming on the Khezu monster, you might also want to know what weapons and equipment you can craft with the rare material. After breaking the material from the beast’s corpse, you may return to your camp to craft weapons like Bag ‘o’ Horrors with x5, Khezu Horn I with x3, Khezu Syring I with x4, and Secta Nulo Yellow I with x3 suspicious fangs. Not just fangs, but you may also need other crafting items to build a complete mass-murdering weapon. 

Besides crafting new weapons, a suspicious fang is also a prime material to upgrade weapons like Hyper Bone Gun, Khezu Axe, and Longhorn Spear I. All you need to do is to return to your camp to see what available items can be crafted or upgraded using the suspicious fangs. 

Final Words

Players with extra suspicious fangs can also sell them for 370 Zenny currency each. You can farm for the rare material on Khezu and make money while upgrading all the weapons and equipment for your character. 

That is about it for obtaining suspicious fangs early in your playthrough. Do you find this guide helpful for getting Monster Hunter Rise suspicious fang? What is your best strategy to farm for suspicious fangs in the game? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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