Monster Hunter Rise King Rhino – Ultimate Guide

Here you can find a detailed guide on how to obtain Submarine Slots, King Rhino, Bismuth Prisms, and Rock Roses to complete the Economic Simulation quest.

Monster Hunter Rise King Rhino

For the players struggling to find Monster Hunter Rise King Rhino, which is a gathering item and a piece to complete the Economic Simulation, we will list down the location and requirements necessary to unlock submarine slots!

These slots are crucial for players to carry items that are specific for quest completion. For instance, the Economic Simulation is a quest that requires one King Rhino item, three Rock Roses, and three Bismuth Prisms.

The more Submarine Slots you have, the easier it will be to complete such quests. Consequently, you can get the first slot quite easily. Players can unlock it by finishing the Village Hub Urgent quest, which is available after your 1-Star Key Quests.

Players can get their second Submarine Slot through the 3-Star Village Urgent Quest. It may seem like an easy task, but this is not the case. Players will have to work their way around completing these quests as they are interlinked with one another.

This means you have to finish one quest, which leads you to another, and only then can you unlock specific components of the game.

Key Takeaways

  • Economic Simulation is a quest in Monster Hunter Rise that needs to be completed to unlock a Submarine Slot. To complete the quest, players must obtain the Monster Hunter Rise King Rhino, three Bismuth Prisms, & three Rock Roses.
  • King Rhino can be found in the Flooded Forest area, & players can navigate to the particular items section of their map to find the exact location of the item.
  • Rock Roses can be found in the Sandy Plains area, & players can reduce the respawn time of gathering items by consuming the Raisin D’etre Dango item.
  • Bismuth Prisms are the hardest items to obtain, and players need to reach Hunter Rank six to unlock the Lava Caverns area, where they can find the prisms.
  • To complete the quest, players must collect the required items & then click on “Complete Quest” from the menu.

Let’s move on to the third slot and how to unlock it. There are different ranks that players can reach in Monster Hunter Rise. For example, once you complete the 3-Star Gathering Hub Key quest, you will achieve the High Rank, which is the Hunter Rank 4.

The above chain continues and unlocks the 4-Star Urgent Quest to finally reach the Economic Simulation Quest.

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Requirements For The Economic Simulation Quest

Economic Simulation Requirements
Above are the materials required by the Economic Simulation Quest!

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The Economic Simulation is one of the quests that need to be fulfilled to unlock a Submarine Slot. The Monster Hunter Rise King Rhino is an essential item for this quest. With that said, you also need three Bismuth Prisms and three Rock Roses.

Our guide will help you locate these items so that you can complete the quest!

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King Rhino: Location and Use

King Rhino Location
You can find it on the map by selecting “Shiny Rhino” from the Special Items section of the detailed map!

One of the most incredible features of the game allows the players to scroll the map and specifically look for the items they need.

You can do that by opening your map and navigating the list of special items.

Each map area has its own set of items ranked from common to highest. With that said, players can find King Rhino in the Flooded Forest.

Open the map and navigate toward the special items; you will find Shining Rhino in that section. Click on it, and it will show you the spots where it can be obtained from the map.

Please note that there are different methods to obtain this specific item; some players with enough luck can find it without effort. However, rare or ranked items can be tough to find.

It might even take more than a hundred tries before you can get them! Therefore, do not be disappointed if you can not find what you were looking for from this guide efficiently.

Other than that, after you look for specific spots on the map for the King Rhino, visit the locations and grab the item!

After obtaining the Monster Hunter Rise King Rhino, you need to head towards the Sandy Plains to look for three Rock Roses.

 You need Rock Roses to complete the Economic Stimulation quest and unlock a Submarine Slot.

Rock Roses: Where and How To Find Them

Rock Roses Location
You can pinpoint the exact location of Rock Roses on the map!

Players can find these Rocks across the Sandy Plains. Additionally, they are known as Gathering items. Per the game rules, every Gathering item is spawned after five minutes.

Suppose you find it hard to wait between each respawn time for gathering items. In that case, you can consume an item called Raisin D’etre Dango to reduce the respawn time by 40%, which means you’ll have to wait three minutes after collecting one Rock Rose.

Moreover, before starting the quest, you will need to procure the special item from the Tea Shop.

To locate the Rock Roses, open your maps and navigate the special items until you find the Desert Rose. You will again click on it, showing you a list of spots from where you can obtain the item.

Quest Counter
When you’re at the Quest Counter, you need to select the High Rank in order to locate the necessary items for the Economic Simulation quest!

The interactive map is a fun way for players to look for special items instantly. The next step you need to do is head over to any of those marked spots on the map and find the Red Roses.

Please note that the Monster Hunter Rise King Rhino, Rock Roses, and Bismuth Prisms can only be found on high-rank expedition tours.

Once you head over to the Sandy Plains, you will only need to check out four locations as these are the only spots to obtain the Rock Roses.

Menu To Complete Expedition Tours
Once you find and obtain the required items, you can open your menu and click “Complete Quest” to head back!

When you locate the Rock Roses, you will notice that they are in the shape of several rocks cluttered and mashed together to look like a big irregular rock. Pick each Rock Roses from any of the four locations mentioned on the map, and you’ll have completed 80% of the Economic Simulation quest.

Open your menu and click on “Complete the Quest” to finish your expedition tour.

Bismuth Prisms: Efficient Method to Farm

Bismuth Prisms Location
From the Special Items section of your detailed map, click on Iridescent Ores to find the location of Bismuth Prisms!

One could say that the Bismuth Prisms are the hardest items to obtain in Monster Hunter Rise. The reason is that you need to be Hunter Rank six to unlock the biome and to unlock the Lava Caverns.

Lava Caverns is a location marked on the map, and you will need to complete Hunter Rank six quests to unlock the location.

The next step you have to take is simply going on an expedition tour in the Lava Caverns and searching for the Bismuth Prisms.

Take a tour of the Caverns in the daytime, and open your maps again to pinpoint the exact locations of the items you need. Scroll toward the Special Items tab and click on the Iridescent Ores.

The map will show three spots from where you can get the Ores. You might find more of these in the caves if you’re lucky. 

On another note, you will not need to look for more Iridescent Ores. Because each of these Ores will provide you with the necessary Bismuth Prisms for the Economic Simulation quest.

Lastly, open your menu and click on “Complete the Quest” to finish your expedition tour.

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Final Step of The Economic Simulation Quest

Economic Simulation Quest Completion
At the Buddy Plaza, you can talk to the trader Rondine and complete the quest!

Now that you have one Monster Hunter Rise King Rhino, Three Rock Roses, and Three Bismuth Prisms, you can return to the village and head over to the Argosy to end the Simulation quest.

Wait, that’s not all! To completely end the quest, go to the Buddy Plaza and speak to Rondine, who is the trader.

Initiate the conversation with the trader. She’ll ask you to provide all the materials you have gathered for the quest.  The reward of completing the quest will grant you your third submarine!

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