Monster Hunter World: Coral Crystal [Guide]

Here is an in-depth guide that explains the uses of Coral Crystals and their accurate locations in Monster Hunter World!

Monster Hunter World Coral Crystal

In today’s guide, we will uncover the location and the uses of the Monster Hunter World Coral Crystal. Before we get started, let us familiarize ourselves with some of the concepts of the game.

Monster Hunter World is a two-year-old game still making its course to this day. Developed by Capcom, MHW is a role-playing action game. The game includes numerous quests, features, monsters, and materials for players to explore, kill and use.

One such feature is the Crafting system in Monster Hunter World. The Crafting feature allows players to combine materials to upgrade weapons and armors or make essential items such as health potions.

Most players unfamiliar with the concepts of the game might find it hard to craft materials and items. To give them a brief idea of how to craft in Monster Hunter World, they need to realign their focus on the Crafting list.

Crafting List
The Crafting List is where you can craft materials!

The Crafting list provides all the necessary items and materials one needs in order to create something new. To obtain said materials, they can buy them from the Provisions Stockpile at the base or find them scattered in different locations around the map.

Once you have gathered the necessary items, you will need the means to craft them together. For that, you will have two options to craft.

Either craft them in your personal inventory or an Item Box. Players can find the Item Box lying around the base area.

Monster Hunter World Coral Crystal

Mining Outcrop
Here’s a visual representation of a Mining Outcrop that you should look out for!

The Coral Crystal is not the usual material you can quickly get your hands on; it is one of the rarest materials in the game. Also, it is an item that players can use to upgrade powerful weapons. You may find Coral Crystals similar to the Large Herbivore Bone from Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak due to their role in upgrading items.

Some of you may be wondering why the Coral Crystal in Monster Hunter World is useful and what type of uses it has in the game.

As I mentioned, materials are used for numerous game-related things. You can use them to upgrade some of the most powerful weapons and armors or craft them for essential items.

As such, players can use the Coral Crystal to upgrade some of the few weapon categories of the Great Sword, Long Sword, Sword and Shield, Dual Blades, Lance, Hammer, and such.

More importantly, players can also use this material to upgrade their armor, categorized for the Head, Chest, Arms, Waist pieces, and such.

For instance, if you’re using the Thunder Axe II of the Switch Axe, you will need 3 Coral Crystals to upgrade it along with the rest of the required materials.

On the other hand, if you’re using the Blacksteel Gunlance I of the Gunlance, you will need 10 Coral Crystals!

Well, that was the gist of the case, and there are definitely more uses of the Monster Hunter World Coral Crystal that you may want to uncover in your journey!

Easiest Method To Find Coral Crystals

Coral Highlands
You can find Coral Crystals in regions 11 and 10!

You have to take a tour of the Coral Highlands and look out for Mining Outcrops if you want to find Coral Crystals.

When you arrive at the Coral Highlands, you need to focus more on your observatory skills and the map if you don’t want to miss out on anything.

Aimlessly roaming the map will not boost your luck in finding the Crystals. Therefore, you must keep a sharp eye out for any corners.

This may be the easiest method for harvesting the Crystals. On another note, you can search the borders of regions 10 and 11 to find them, particularly in tight corners.

A respawn feature for items in Monster Hunter World lets you harvest the materials again after a few minutes have passed.

Hence, you’ll be able to farm more Coral Crystals if you visit the exact same spot after some time.

Moreover, locating the crystals will draw mining points on the map for you to come back and harvest again. 

While keeping your map and your surroundings on close watch, you will stumble upon not one but two Mining Outcrops in the same area. In that way, you’ll have a chance to get six Coral Crystals if you’re lucky.

I almost forgot! You always have to keep your guard up whenever you’re out in the open world of Monster Hunter World because there are great chances of running into monsters.

If you find monsters on your hunt for the Monster Hunter World Coral Crystal, you can avoid them by choosing an alternate route or killing them. It is up to you to decide what path you want to select.

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Coral Crystals Second Method

Quest Board
You can search the Quest Board for any finished or unfinished quests!

Here’s another method you can use to find the crystals. When you enter a quest from the Quest Board for Coral Highlands, you may use the locating feature to find what you’re looking for.

You can choose to embark on the “Gone in a Flash” quest to find the crystals.

To further explain what I mean, you can open your map and click on a “Mining Outcrop,” and the game will help you locate it on the map. There will be bits of green glowing particles in front of you, leading you to the nearest Mining Outcrops.

Coral Crystal
When you’re done harvesting the Mining Outcrops, you’ll have a chance of acquiring a Coral Crystal!

Once you reach them, you can harvest for Coral Crystals. Sometimes you’ll not acquire the crystals immediately, so keep searching for more Outcrops that you can mine for the material.

Because I already mentioned that these Crystals are rare materials and cannot be found that easily. Therefore, you need to broaden your search and expect to procure other materials.

Location of Coral Crystals
There is an alternate location for Coral Crystals near region 8!

There is a rare chance of Coral Crystals near the region 8 and region 5 Mining Outcrop. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to get three to four Coral Crystals.

Now that you have obtained the necessary amount of Crystals, you can upgrade any armor or weapon you wanted to upgrade, especially the ones specific to the material!

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