Warhammer 40K Darktide Monstrosities [Guide]

Your primary boss spawns are monstrosities. They can impede your gameplay at any time and have a lot of health. Here is how to defeat them!

monstrosities in Darktide
Beast of Nurgle and Plague Ogryn

Whether you like it because of its dark and thrilling locations or the stimulating synth-wave music oozing your combats! Warhammer 40K Darktide is a must-play for everyone. Seems like they mastered the aggressive grind needed for combats.

Key Takeaways

  • Monstrosities are one of the toughest enemy types in Darktide, and they represent the top-tier Bosses.
  • Beasts of Nurgle and Plague Ogryn are two of the worst monstrosities in the game.
  • All monstrosities require a team effort to get defeated.
  • The Beast of Nurgle is big enough to eat up your team, Ogryn.
  • Use the Skullbreaker and Slab Shield method to defeat all the monstrosities.
  • Scab Captain’s Shield must be broken to be able to defeat him.
  • Get far from the Captain when he is in the Enrage Phase.

What Are Monstrosities

Your primary boss spawns in Darktide are monstrosities. They can impede your gameplay at any time and have a lot of health. As one of the toughest enemy types in Darktide, Monstrosities represents the top tier of opponents.

The creatures that belong under the title ‘monstrosities’ are the following:

Beast of Nurgle with almost full health
Beast of Nurgle with almost full health
  • Beast of Nurgle
  • Plague Ogryn
  • Daemonhost
  • Scab Captain

If you’ve encountered either of these foes, you are aware of how terrifying they can be, especially on harder levels.

All monstrosities have the same HP (hitpoint) levels. Here they are listed below!

  • Armor Type: Unyielding
    • Other than Scab Captain’s Flak Armour Type
  • Sedition: 10400
  • Uprising: 12800
  • Malice: 16000
  • Heresy: 24000
  • Damnation: 32000

Where To Find Monstrosities

Playing high-threat level missions with a greater Malice Threat level is your greatest bet for finding monstrosities. Because of this, playing on Malice or higher threat level missions is your best hope for finding one to finish Penances and other milestones.

In other words, it doesn’t seem like monstrosities spawn on certain maps. Instead, it seems that the majority of monstrosities spawn randomly but more often on missions with greater threat levels.

Monstrosities And How To Defeat Them

Let me discuss each of these enemy types and how to defeat them here below!

Monstrosity: Beasts of Nurgle

Monstrosity: Beast of Nurgle
Monstrosity: Beast of Nurgle on the right

The huge bodies of Beasts of Nurgle are burdened with muscle and fat that has the consistency of slime. They resemble slug-like monsters. Despite their horrific appearance and the unimaginable stench that emanates from their bodies, their thoughts are incapable of hatred or spite.

When they wriggle into combat, they want to amuse their adversaries rather than annihilate them. Beasts of Nurgle are always in need of attention, and they eagerly seek out new playmates which they end up killing.

How To Defeat Beasts Of Nurgle

This enormous worm-like foe spreads a sluggish illness all across the battlefield and has the power to devour teammates to feed its depravity. However, the luminous pustule on its back does offer a chance to defeat them.

Fact: A beast of Nurgle is big enough to eat up your team, Ogryn!

If you are trying to beat Beasts of Nurgle, your best bet is to work with your teammates and focus all attacks on them. One good method we recommend is described below:

  • Acquire one Skullberaker in your squad with a Slab Shield.
  • Employ the slab shield’s special ability to block all damage while aggroing the boss.
  • Other team members must concentrate on firing and killing while the Skullbreaker is taking all damage.

Monstrosity: Plague Ogryn

Plague Ogryn one of the monstrosities in game
Plague Ogryn; one of the monstrosities in game

A Plague Ogryn looks like a bloated, rotten, and disease-bearing pest. They are Ogryns that have undergone significant mutation from the influence of the Chaos God Nurgle. They are frequently used by Chaos Space Marine warbands.

You probably already have an Ogryn on your team as well. But the Plague Ogryn is much taller and has a tremendously powerful blow. The only thing that comes to mind while thinking about a Plague Ogryn is that they look heavily distorted.

How to Defeat Plague Ogryn

These creatures are almost impossible to kill in battle, as even a slight touch can have a horrific death as a consequence. But all creatures have weaknesses, and their weakness is their head.

Here is the proper way to defeat a Plague Ogryn:

  • Use the Ogryn on your team as the lead.
  • Get a Battle Maul and Slab Shield.
  • Attack the boss with the lead and have the rest of the team dodge its attacks to keep it distracted.
  • Getting a Zealot is also handy, as they are good for dodging.

Monstrosity: Daemonhost

Daemonhost; one of the monstrosities in Darktide
Daemonhost coming out of the door

A Daemonhost is simply a daemon of chaos that is tied together with a mortal by means of dark magic and chaos. He is one of the most lethal bosses in the game. He has been referenced as a monstrosity in Darktide.

Make sure never to fight the Daemonhost when other enemies are already present. As he requires more attention for getting defeated.

How To Defeat Daemonhost

Interestingly, Daemonhost is again one of those monstrosities that are very fast at attacking and require a lot of dodging for defense. So it would be recommended to use a similar way to defeat him as we used for the Plague Ogryn.

Here’s how to do it anyway:

  • Use Ogryn as the lead. Make sure to equip him with a shield as well.
  • Deal the damage with the Ogryn, and the rest of the team should be dodging his attacks.
  • You will need to coordinate with your teammates so you can draw aggro from the boss.
  • Deal damage to its weak spots.
  • You will eventually be able to kill him with this tactic.

This method is only recommended when you are playing with your friends. Just like fighting the Daemonhost, using this method also requires to be done with ease, as a team of at least 3 players.

Monstrosity: Scab Captain

Scab Captain in his protective shield
Scab Captain in his protective shield

The metallic helmet-wearing buff man is better known as the Scab Captain in the game. He is covered with rounds on his chest. Even tho he is a man. He still has been referenced as a monstrosity in Darktide at some points.

He uses both melee attacks and far-ranged attacks to damage the player. Moreover, his shield has the ability to recharge in a few seconds so it will appear again.

The Scab Captain has a shield that is breakable. You need to break that spherical shield before you damage his health. He also carries a gun in his hand, better known as the Plasma Gun.

How to Defeat Scab Captain

Here is how to use his weaknesses against him and defeat the Scab Captain:

  • Keep him distracted at a close range so he can’t use his gun for damage. This will also buy you more time for further attacks.
  • Learn his attack patterns, as they are repetitive in the game.
  • Get away as soon as he uses his heavy attacks.
  • Keep hitting him with more damage while doing all of the above.

The Scab Captain has an Enrage Phase, which he enters once he has dealt a lot of damage and lost a lot of his health. Here, he stops using the gun and gets faster because he is mad. He starts raging out with his melee weapons.

Keep in mind that the Enrage phase does not give him any HP advantage or more damage whatsoever.  Just follow the dodge-attack technique and defeat him!

  • Dodge his attacks in the Enrage phase.
  • Get far away so his melee attacks don’t get you.
  • He is easier to defeat once in the enrage phase, as he can be killed with gun damage from a distance.


Congrats! You finally figured out what monstrosities in Darktide are and how to beat them. Give us a follow so you don’t miss out on any of our guides. Share us with your friends so that they can keep up as well. Until then, keep Gaming!

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