Mortal Kombat 1 Flipping Out Klue [Full Guide]

Flipping Out is one of the Klues in Invasion Mode. Find out how to solve Flipping Out and what benefits you can get by completing it in this guide.

Flipping Out Klue MK1
Flipping Out Klue MK1

Flipping Out Klue is a challenging and confusing Klue in Mortal Kombat 1. Most of the players get stuck at the point where they encounter Mortal Kombat 1 Flipping Out Klue. Don’t worry if you are confused about how to solve this riddle; here is a comprehensive guide on How To Solve Flipping Out Klue.

Key Takeaways

  • To solve this riddle, players must change their in-game stance at least 30 times before ending the battle.
  • For this reason, you must stay far from your opponent to change your chance before he can reach you.
  • Notably, you can encounter the Flipping Out Klue in the four-way node representing the title: Screech Against Vixen.
  • You can press the L2 and LT buttons to change your stance in the Play Station and Xbox battles.

Flipping Out Klue is one of the confusing klues in Invasion Mode, as you can’t progress without solving this Klue. I Recommend  You choose the Tarkatan Colony Mesa Map and go down the valley. Once you reach the four-way node in the map, you must see a title node representing Screech and Vixen. As per my experience It would be best to win the battle by changing your stance 30 times during the war.

KlueFlipping Out
AnswerChange Your Stance 30 Times
TacticsPress the L2 button for Play Station and LT (left trigger) for Xbox.
LocationTarkatan Colony Mesa Map
Node TitleScreech Against Vixen

How To Solve Flipping Out?

Solving the Flipping Out Klue is simple and requires some tactics and steps. You can complete this Klue by following these steps:

  1. First, choose the character with more flipping animation in MK1.
  2. Next, you must visit the Screech and Vixen node in the Tarkatan Colony.
  3. Enter the battle and change your stance 30 times during the war.
  4. It seems pretty straightforward, but be careful as your opponent will attack you, so you don’t have to finish it before changing your stance to the required number of times.
  5. Notably, the best way to solve this Klue is to maintain a distance from your opponent, as it will grant you enough time to change your stance.
  6. You must go for knocking tactics that will give you much time to change your stance before she can reach you.
  7. Players can change their stance by pressing Play Station and Xbox’s L2 and LT buttons, respectively.
  8. Once you beat your opponent by flipping your stance 30 times, you have completed the Klue.
  9. Notably, you can get the following rewards by completing this Klue:  Cosmetics, Fatalities, In-game Currency, and Kameo Characters Unlocked.
Flipping Out KlueChanging the player’s stances to solve Flipping Out Klue (Captured by Us)

My Thoughts 

As we all know finding these clues can get very overwhelming since one can not continue MK 1 ahead until these clues have been found thus following the steps mentioned above were the ones that helped me a lot and hope it helps you to be successful in this battle of mind too. This is all for MK1 Flipping Out Klue. I  have tried my best to help you most efficiently. However, feel free to comment below if you need clarification in solving the riddle. Moreover, you can see our other guides on MK1 as well:

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