Mortal Kombat 1 Klues: Fatality & Gameplay

If you are stuck regarding solving the Klues in the Invasion mode in Mortal Kombat 1? then you have just came to the right place as we have got your covered with all the Klues and how you can solve them.

All Klues overview and solutions
Klues in Mortal Kombat 1

What Are Klues?

Within Mortal Kombat 1, players have the opportunity to uncover several hidden challenges known as Klues that can provide you with some exciting rewards upon their competition. These Klues can be scattered throughout the game, from menus and arenas. You can even find these Klues within the game matches themselves.

All Klues in Mortal Kombat 1
Beginning the journey to solve a Klue (Captured by Us)

Key Takeaways

  • There are hidden challenges known as Klues in Mortal Kombat 1.
  • Several of the Klues involve anagrams or reference particular moves or fatalities in Mortal Kombat 1.
  • To solve a Klue, you will have to complete all the tasks that it describes.
  • If you are stuck on a Klue, try asking other players in online communities dedicated to Mortal Kombat 1. Collaborating with fellow players will provide different strategies to help you solve these Klues.
  • Solving the clues can earn rewards such as new skins, weapons, and costumes in Mortal Kombat 1.

How To Solve Klues?

Sometimes, these Klues can be mysterious and require the players to complete some tasks that are given along the Klues. After completing a Klue, the players are rewarded with new skins, weapons, and costumes. Solving them can be a great way to gain experience. Every player should explore and solve them as it can help them to improve their overall gameplay skills. 

Two main types of Klue are found in Mortal Kombat 1. One is the Fatality Klues, and the other is the Gameplay Klues. Other than these, there are a few more Klues, but they require the players to win a match without using any particular move, so they do not fit under both headings.

Fatality Klues

Fatality Klue requires players to finish a match with a specific fatality.

Fatality Klues are intriguing puzzles in Mortal Kombat 1 that challenge players to finish a match with specific fatalities. Here are the details of some of these Klues:

  1. ERTECA AOSCH (Havik/Ashrah):
    • Perform Havik’s finishing move during Invasion mode or experiment with different characters like Ashrah.
    • Alternatively, try Ashrah’s second fatality move in Invasion mode.
      mk1 klues
      Havik’s finishing move to solve Erteca Aosch Klue (captured by Us)
  2. DEDAERHT (Threaded) (Ashrah):
    • Execute Ashrah’s second fatality, “Threaded,” in Invasion mode using the button combination: Down, Down, Back, Circle.
      mk1 klues
      Executing Ashrah’s Second fatality move to solve Dedaerht Klue (Captured by Us)
  3. ESDORYT TEH DWLOR (Kameo Cryax’s Armageddon):
    • Use Kameo Cryax’s Armageddon fatality, “Destroy the World,” in Invasion mode with the button combination: Up, Up, Forward, Triangle.
      Using the fatality to solve Esdoryt Teh Dwlor Klue (Captured by Us)
  4. TOASTY (Easter Egg):
    • Perform an uppercut move on the Tournament stage to trigger Dan Forden’s appearance and hear “Toasty.”
  5. ANOTHER TEST SUBJECT (Shang Tsung’s Second Fatality):
    • Execute Shang Tsung’s second fatality with the button combination: Forward, Down, Back, Back Punch.
      Mortal Kombat 1
      Reward upon solving the Another Test Subject Klue (Captured by Us)
  6. NOMED RENNI (Inner Demon) (Sareena):
    • Finish the opponent with Sareena’s finisher during a fight.
    • Use Rain’s fatality move during a fight.
      game klues
      Rain’s fatality move to solve Element that brings Life Klue (Captured by Us)

Gameplay Klues

The other primary type of Klues is known as the Gameplay Klues. You are required to complete some particular tasks during a match to solve them. Different types of Gameplay Klues are listed below.


In the classic video game Mortal Kombat 1, players can uncover a secret Klue known as “FLIPPING OUT.” To complete the “Flipping Out” Klue, players are required to execute a total of 30  stance flips. This can be accomplished by utilizing the designated buttons for different gaming consoles, such as

  • PC: Backspace
  • Xbox: LT
  • PlayStation: L2
Changing the player’s stances to solve Flipping Out Klue (Captured by Us)

Upon flipping 30 times, players will unlock a new reward for themselves. It can be a new costume or skin. This technique is instrumental in combat, allowing them to dodge all the incoming damage and reply with a counterattack. Players can use This effective defense to move strategically in a fight. Remember that you can flip anytime in a match, and one of the best times to flip is while you are blocking. With the help of this tip, you can flip your opponent while being safe from their attacks.


Players can find another Klue that goes by the name of QUACKX10. To solve this Klue, the players must taunt 10 times as Quackx10. The following buttons are to be used. These same buttons are designated for all gaming consoles.

  • Down
  • Down
  • Down
  • Down
Kluess in mortal kombat
Taunting to solve Quackx10 Klue (Captured by Us)

After taunting 10 times, players become able to claim a new reward. You are allowed to taunt anytime between a match. Even taunts can be performed by blocking your character, which is one of the best methods. The name of the Klue, “Quackx10,” alludes to the distinct quacking sound made by the players upon taunting their enemies. This is a fun challenge and can reward players with new items.

AMNISTLA4 (Talisman 4)

There exists another Klue called the “AMNISTLIA4.” The key to unlocking this hidden feature is utilizing a Talisman, which possesses 4 charges. Players must activate the Talisman during the gameplay to exploit its powerful effect.

mortal kombat klues
Using 4 charges of Talisman to solve Amnistla4 Klue (Captured by Us)

Talisman is a consumable item and can provide a wide range of benefits, including increased strength, speed, and defense. Notably, the most potent Talisman that can be obtained in the game has a total of four charges, making it a valuable asset for every player. Players will gain access to a helpful mystery reward upon using all four charges of Talisman. These rewards are sure to enhance the gameplay experience for gamers.

KCIRT TAH (Trick Hat)

That can be deciphered by using Kung Lao’s Hat fatality. To execute this maneuver, you must first emerge victorious over your enemies. Following your victory against them, you must press the specific sequence of buttons as mentioned below.

  • PC: Up, Up, Forward, T
  • Xbox: Up, Up, Forward, Y
  • PlayStation: Up, Up, Forward, Triangle
klues in mortal kombat 1
Slicing the head with Hat to solve Kcirt Tah Klue (Captured by Us)

After executing the move successfully, you will unlock another new reward, which can benefit you in the game. This Kung Lao’s Hat Fatality is one memorable move. Within this move, he throws his Hat toward the opponent’s head, slicing it before catching the Hat and putting it back on. It is important to note that this Klue can only be solved by defeating your opponent using King Lao; using any other character won’t benefit you in solving it.

Additional Tips To Solve The Klues

Always pay attention to your surroundings. As these Klues are hidden challenges, it is advisable to conduct a thorough search to uncover these challenges.

It is highly recommended to explore the game. Don’t limit yourself within certain boundaries and challenge your creativity to come up with a solution, as some Klues can be tricky to solve.

If you find yourself stuck at a point while solving a Klue, don’t hesitate and try asking different players from online forums, as they might have solved that challenge before you.

Overall, the Klues are a great, fun way to unlock the hidden features and areas of the game. They can also help gamers understand the game’s characters and mechanics. Almost all of these Klues require tasks that can be performed anytime during the match, even mid-combo. You can also perform them while blocking to avoid yourself open to any attack.

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