Call of Duty MW3: Best BAS-B Loadout [Detailed]

This guide sums up the method to unlock Bas-B, the best loadout for this including attachments, perks and equipment.

MW3 Bas-B Loadout Cover
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: Bas-B Loadout

The BAS-B is a battle rifle in Call of Duty MW3, meaning it has immense damage over decent ranges, and this loadout makes it even more deadly by increasing its ammo size to suit its fast fire rate. Moreover, it has slow movement, but it’s easier to master for a player with any skill level.

Key Takeaways

  • BAS-B is a Battle Rifle perfect for any range fight if equipped with the right loadout.
  • It provides a fast fire rate, reasonable recoil control with high damage, and a quick 315ms Time to Kill.
  • I recommend these attachments: Bruen Venom Long Barrel, XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop, Bruen Laur 4 Light Precision Stock, STT88 Grip, 45 Round Magazine.
  • For the equipment, go for the Semtex, Battle Rage, and Ammunitions Box.
  • My choice of perks for this BAS-B loadout in MW3 is an Infantry Vest, EOD Padding, Quick Grip Gloves, and Lightweight Boots.

How To Unlock BAS-B?

The BAS-B unlocks at Level 7, but I don’t recommend it for beginners as it has a high recoil without any attachments added to it.


TypeBattle Rifle
Reserve Ammo90
Max Level29
MW3 BAS-B Stats

BAS-B provides a quick Time to Kill due to its high-damage rounds. However, the fast fire rate provides a drawback in the context of its low default magazine size of just 20 rounds. You can also upgrade it to Level 29 to unlock all its attachments.

BAS-B Attachments

BarrelBruen Venom Long Barrel
UnderbarrelXRK Edge BW-4 Handstop
StockBruen Laur 4 Light Precision Stock
Rear GripSTT88 Grip
Magazine45 Round
MW3 BAS-B Loadout Attachments

Barrel – Bruen Venom Long Barrel

The Bruen Venom Long Barrel primarily improves the recoil control and the bullet velocity, improving it at mid to long-range fights, but it also affects mobility.

Underbarrel – XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop

The XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop improves the gun’s handling, mobility, and ADS speed at the low cost of accuracy.

Stock – Bruen Laur4 Light Precision Stock

To improve the mobility of the BAS-B, I recommend the Bruen Laur4 Light Precision Stock. Moreover, it also increases Recoil Control and Gun Kick at the cost of slow ADS speed.

Rear Grip – STT88 Grip

STT88 Grip stables the aim and helps control the recoil and gun kick, and it’s one of the essential attachments, as the BAS-B base recoil is very hard to manage.

Magazine – 45 Round Mag

Considering its quick shooting speed, the 45-round mag is a big addition over its primary 20-round mag. It does affect the movement speed and ADS speed, so you can choose the other 30-Round Mag option if that fits you well.


TacticalBattle Rage
Field UpgradeAmmunitions Box
MW3 BAS-B Loadout Equipment

Tactical – Battle Rage

The Battle Rage increases Health Regeneration and refreshes Tactical Sprint quickly for a short time so you can relocate and heal fast when injured.

Lethal – Semtex

Semtex sticks to any surface and blows up, but choosing it is just a personal choice. Alternatively, you can go with the Frag Grenade, and it’s also a decent option.

Field Upgrade – Ammunitions Box

The 45-round mag and fast fire rate quickly drain the ammo; therefore, a reserve Field Upgrade Ammunitions Box is a good choice.


VestInfantry Vest
GearEOD Padding
GlovesQuick Grip Gloves
BootsLightweight Boots
MW3 BAS-B Loadout Perks

Vest – Infantry Vest

The Infantry Vest buffs the Tac Sprint duration and equips three different perks.

  • Equipment Slots – 3: Tactical, Lethal, and Field Upgrade
  • Gear Slots – 3: Gloves, Gear, and Boots

Gear – EOD Padding

EOD Padding helps you get less damage from the non-killstreak explosives and fire.

Gloves – Quick Grip Gloves

The Quick Grip Gloves allow you to quickly swap weapons. It helps when your primary weapon runs out of ammo during a fight.

Boots – Lightweight Boots

Lightweight Boots boost the movement speed significantly, allowing rapid mobility and maneuvering to confuse enemies.

Secondary Weapon – WSP Stinger

WSP Stinger
WSP Stinger (Captured By Us)

Even though it has decent mid and long-range effectiveness, the BAS-B is not meant for tight location fights. The WSP-Stinger comes into play as the secondary weapon as it has an adequate combination of damage and fire rate with controllable recoil. This makes it perfect for close-range and even mid-range combat, and it pairs up nicely with any battle rifle.

Pros And Cons


  • The control of BAS-B is effortless to master, and with the addressed attachments, it becomes a monster in multiplayer maps.
  • BAS-B uses high damage .277 rounds that give a fast time to kill at almost any range.


  • Its recoil is a little too much as it’s a battle rifle. However, you can easily compensate for it with the given attachments.
  • Although it’s a decent weapon, other options are available in the assault rifle category with better performance.

My Thoughts On BAS-B

In my opinion, the BAS-B is a decent choice due to its heavy damaging bullets, firing speed, and handling. However, the MW3 BAS-B doesn’t stand out well without the proper loadout because of its hard-to-control recoil. It is not good for maps with close corners but exceptionally well for large maps with open environments.

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