Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: Best Lockwood 680 Loadout

Everything to know about Lockwood 680, stats, attachments and class setup to build a deadly loadout.

MW3 Lockwood 680 Loadout Cover
COD MW3: Lockwood 680 Loadout

The Lockwood 680 is a 12-gauge pump action shotgun in MW3, and this loadout makes it possible to one-shot people at a close range. Its high damage, enhanced by a decent fire rate and other helping equipment, makes it a deadly choice for multiplayer battles.

Key Takeaways

  • Lockwood 680 is a powerful shotgun, ideal for close-range combats.
  • Primary aspects of this Lockwood 680 MW3 loadout include immense damage, high fire rate, and the ability to one-shot people at a close range.
  • It lacks performance at long ranges; therefore, you must have a decent secondary weapon like WSP-Stinger.
  • I suggest choosing an infantry vest, quick-grip gloves, EOD padding, and Lightweight boots for the perks.
  • My recommendation for equipment is Semtex, Battle Rage, and the Ammunitions Box.

How To Unlock Lockwood 680?

LockWood 680
LockWood 680 (Captured By Us)

The Lockwood 680 is one of the early unlockables; hence, it’s best suited for beginners who love shotguns. To unlock it, you must reach Level 4. Moreover, you will unlock the custom loadout option on this level in MW3 along with the Lockwood 680.


Max Level27

Looking into its stats, it’s a pretty standard shotgun with a decent ammo capacity of 6 bullets. However, the reserve ammo is not much, and I recommend compensating it with the Ammunitions Box. Moreover, you can fully upgrade it to level 27 to unlock all attachments.


BarrelBryson Hammerforged Long Barrel
UnderbarrelXRK Edge BW-4 Handstop
StockSawed Off Mod
BoltExpress Light Bolt
GuardMatuzek Xray Skeletonized Guard

Barrel – Bryson Hammerforged Long Barrel

The Barrel is the most crucial attachment of this loadout. It increases the effective damage by improving the bullet velocity and range of the weapon significantly, giving it the ability to one-shot enemies. Additionally, it boosts movement speed and ADS speed at the cost of aim stability and recoil control.

Underbarrel – XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop

It primarily buffs the mobility and weapon handling aspects like Aim Walking Speed, ADS Speed, and Movement Speed. However, this comes at the disadvantage of bullet spread.

Stock – Sawed Off Mod

The Sawed-Off Mod stock provides another huge boost to the movement aspect, the highest one among all other attachments. This will help to outmaneuver enemies to get close to them or run away in case you get in trouble.

Bolt – Express Light Bolt

The Express Light Bolt increases the rechambering speed to improve the rate of fire. This helps to land shots more quickly in a single magazine and amplifies your chances of killing more enemies.

Guard – Matuzek Xray Skeletonized Guard

It works similarly to the other attachments, focusing on movement and rechambering speed. However, it affects accuracy negatively while rechambering new rounds.


TacticalBattle Rage
Field EquipmentAmmunitions Box

Tactical – Battle Rage

Battle Rage allows players to increase their chances of survival in dire situations. Once active, it boosts health regeneration and speed. Considering the playstyle of this build, I highly suggest using this one.

Lethal – Semtex

The Semtex is a grenade that can stick to any surface. It works best if you are defending an objective, and there is a chance of bouncing it off the ground and missing the enemies. Another alternative to this is the Frag Grenade, but I prefer Semtex more.

Field Equipment – Ammunition Box

An ammunition box is necessary to compensate for the low reserve ammo of the weapon. It ensures we don’t run out of ammo mid-battle. Additionally, it helps other teammates to resupply as well.


VestInfantry Vest
GlovesQuick Grip Gloves
GearEOD Padding
BootsLightweight Boots

Vest – Infantry Vest

The Infantry Vest increases the Tac Sprint duration, allowing you to use Tactical Sprint for longer times. Moreover, it decreases the refresh time to use Tac Sprint again, which helps significantly amplify your overall mobility.

  • Equipment Slots – 3: Tactical, Lethal, and Field Upgrade
  • Gear Slots – 3: Gloves, Gear, and Boots

Gloves – Quick Grip Gloves

These gloves increase the weapon swap speed. Therefore, you can quickly switch to your secondary weapon if you have to reload in the middle of a fight.

Gear – EOD Padding

It reduces incoming damage from non-killstreaks explosives, and fire.

Boots – Lightweight Boots

They buff the mobility, allowing quicker movements to relocate and attack enemies.

Secondary Weapon – WSP Stinger

WSP Stinger
WSP Stinger (Captured By Us)

The Lockwood 680 is made for short-range combats, but if, in any scenario, you are bound to take mid or long-range fights, then the secondary weapon comes into play. I prefer the WSP Stinger, a mini Uzi with a moderate fire rate and high damage. It can take down multiple enemies at medium range with great accuracy.

Adding a few attachments can improve its effective range or even use it in Akimbo style to massacre groups of enemies rushing towards you. Considering its stats and playstyle, it pairs best with the Lockwood 680.

Pros And Cons


  • Best suited for close-quarter combat.
  • Adequate magazine size and fast fire rate allow you to kill multiple enemies without reloading.


  • Doesn’t work well in long-range combat.
  • The reload speed will cause problems if you miss your shots a lot.

My Thoughts On Lockwood 680

In my opinion, the Lockwood 680 is a powerful shotgun and can give anyone a tough time in multiplayer battles if used correctly with the right attachments and perks, especially in close-range and 1v1 situations. I recommend using this in small maps with corners or rooms to maximize its advantage. Additionally, you can use the WSP Stinger with it if you struggle to fight enemies over long-range in larger maps.

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