Call of Duty MW3: Best Quickscope Class [Longbow Build]

After playing MW3 for 100+ Hours, here is my best Longbow Build!

MW3 Quickscope Loadout Cover
Call of Duty MW3: Best Quickscope Loadout

Key Takeaways

  • Longbow is the best Quickscope Sniper Rifle in MW3 due to its exceptional Handling and Damage.
  • To make it effective, add these attachments: FSS OLE-V Laser, 10 Round Mag, No Stock, High Grain Ammo, and Nought-Z3 Grip.
  • The perks for this class include the Infantry Vest, EOD Padding, Stalker Boots, and Marksman Gloves.
  • Semtex, Stim, and Ammunitions box are my choice of equipment for this loadout.

There are several options in MW3 for sniper rifles, but the best Quickscope rifle is the Longbow, and this class setup maximizes its ADS Speed, Mobility, and Damage to make it deadly at close or mid-range. You can even do multi-kills with good practice using this beast, although it suffers at long-range shots.

Longbow (Captured By Us)

Primary Weapon – Longbow

The primary weapon for this Quickscope Class in MW3 is the Longbow. Without any doubt, it has the most insane ADS Speed, combined with Damage and Mobility, if you put the correct attachments on it. Using this, you can dominate any close or mid-range fight, but it won’t do well in long-range, slow, and accurate snipers.

How To Unlock Longbow?

You must reach Level 28 to unlock the Longbow sniper rifle. Once there, you can use it as a regular sniper to level it up and unlock attachments to convert it into a quick-scope rifle.


TypeSniper Rifle
Reserve Ammo90
Max Level31
MW3 Longbow Quickscope Class Stats

Even though it is a sniper rifle, the Longbow has a default magazine size of 30 rounds, which is unnecessary and hinders mobility. Still, it has decent damage and accuracy over a distance. Moreover, it is upgradable to Level 31 to unlock all its attachments.


LaserFSS OLE-V Laser
Ammunition7.62x39mm High Grain Ammo
StockNo Stock
Rear GripNought-Z3 Grip
Magazine10 Round Mag
MW3 Longbow Quickscope Loadout Attachments

Laser – FSS OLE-V

Many people are against using lasers on weapons as it gives away their location. However, for a quick-scope sniper, it doesn’t give any disadvantage as it is only visible when the scope opens.

It significantly increases the ADS Speed, Aiming Stability, and Sprint-to-Fire Speed, which is necessary for this loadout.

Ammunition – 7.62x39mm High Grain Ammo

To buff the damage and make it one shot at any close-medium distance, I suggest getting the 7.62x39mm High Grain Ammo to boost the Damage and Bullet Velocity at the cost of recoil control.

Stock – No Stock

The primary method to improve the ADS is to remove the stock. Therefore, I recommend the No Stock option that increases its Handling and Mobility in every possible aspect, like Aim Walking Speed, Sprint-to-Fire Speed, Aiming Idle Sway, and Movement Speed.

On the contrary, it greatly increases Gun Kick and makes it difficult to control recoil.

Rear Grip – Nought-Z3 Grip

The rear grip also works, in the same way, to complement other attachments in reducing the ADS Speed and Sprint-to-Fire Speed while negatively affecting the Recoil and Gun Kick.

Magazine – 10 Round Mag

The default magazine size on the Longbow is 30, which is of no use for a sniper, and it reduces mobility and handling as well. Hence, I advise replacing it with the 10-round option, which also gives a faster reload speed.


Field UpgradeAmmunitions Box
MW3 Longbow Quickscope Loadout Equipment

Tactical – Stim

Stim gives a quick health regeneration and tactical sprint boost to swiftly recover any damage taken and get back into the fight.

Lethal – Semtex

Semtex is a throwable explosive, much like a Frag Grenade, which sticks to any surface. It works best in objective-based game modes, like stopping enemies from taking hard points.

Field Upgrade – Ammunitions Box

Ammunitions Box allows replenishing ammo for you and your teammate. You must use this for prolonged fights if you don’t use scavenger gloves to restock your ammo supply.


VestInfantry Vest
GearEOD Padding
GlovesMarksman Gloves
BootsStalker Boots
MW3 Longbow Quickscope Loadout Perks

Vest – Infantry Vest

Infantry Vest improves mobility by increasing tactical sprint duration and reducing refresh time. It will help you relocate quickly and take shots while running around the map. It gives the following slots for equipment and gear:

  • Equipment Slots – 3: Tactical, Lethal, and Field Upgrade
  • Gear Slots – 3: Gloves, Gear, and Boots

Gear – EOD Padding

EOD Padding increases survivability by reducing the damage taken by any type of non-killstreak explosives and fire.

Gloves – Marksman Gloves

The Marksman Gloves increase the accuracy by reducing the ADS sway and flinch. This helps in taking clear shots when getting hit by the enemy’s bullets.

Boots – Stalker Boots

The Stalker Boots increase the Strafe and ADS movement speed, which will be advantageous in taking mid-range shots that might require holding angles.

Secondary Weapon

Renetti Handgun
Renetti Handgun (Captured By Us)

The weapon of choice for the secondary slot is the MW3 best pistol – Renneti. This semi-automatic pistol has an exceptional fire rate, damage, and recoil, making it on par with SMGs at close and medium distances. Renneti will help eliminate those extra enemies if you miss your shots using your primary weapon.

Longbow Pros And Cons


  • The outstanding rate of fire combined with ADS Speed makes MW3 Longbow perfect for close and medium-range combat.
  • Although it’s a sniper, with the given class setup, you can quickly scope enemies without affecting your movement speed and mobility.


  • The recoil control of the Longbow is on the downside and requires practice to control it.
  • Converting it into a quick-scope sniper, this weapon’s long-range accuracy and damage capability die down. It can’t one-shot enemies at longer distances.

My Thoughts On Best Quickscope Class

In my opinion, the Longbow is definitely the best Quickscope Sniper Rifle in MW3, thanks to its Fire Rate, ADS Speed, and Damage. Quickscope is a skill that’s hard to master and requires a lot of experience, and my tip to do it correctly is to adjust your crosshair placement so you always hit the body shots quickly without moving your ADS.

Moreover, Longbow’s default scope time is pretty high without the attachments, so I recommend upgrading it first to make it a proper Quickscope Class in MW3.

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