COD Modern Warfare 3: Best MCW 6.8 Loadout

This guide covers the best attachments, perks, equipment and secondary weapon for the MCW 6.8.

MW3 MCW 6.8 Loadout Cover
Call of Duty MW3: Best MCW 6.8 Loadout

MCW 6.8 is a heavy-hitting semi-automatic marksman rifle in MW3, and this loadout allows you to quickly eliminate targets in 3 shots. Its high fire rate and accuracy allow it to perform flawlessly in medium to long-range combat.

Key Takeaways

  • MCW 6.8 is a semi-automatic marksman rifle version of the ACR, ideally built for medium and long-range fights.
  • You can unlock it by reaching Level 25.
  • The essential attachment choice for this MCW 6.8 loadout in MW3 includes the Kimura Silentshot Integral, FTAC SP-10 Angled Grip, RB Rapidstrike Grip, 30 Round Mag, and MK.23 Reflector.
  • I recommend using Semtex, Stun Grenade, and Trophy System for the equipment.
  • Infantry Vest, Scavenger Gloves, Lightweight Boots, and EOD Padding are my choice of perks for this build.

How To Unlock MCW 6.8?

Call of Duty MW 3 - MCW 6.8 Loadout
Call of Duty MW 3 – MCW 6.8 Loadout (Captured By Us)

The MCW 6.8 unlocks a bit late in MW3 once you reach Level 25. It’s not suited for beginners as it requires skill to master its recoil control.


TypeMarksman Rifle
Reserve Ammo60
Max Level24

The MCW 6.8 is a marksman rifle with high damage and accuracy. Its base magazine size is 10, which can be extended to 30 or 60 using attachments. You can upgrade it max to Level 24 to unlock all its attachments.


OpticMK.23 Reflector
BarrelKimura Silentshot Integral
UnderbarrelFTAC SP-10 Angled Grip
Magazine30 Round Mag
Rear GripRB Rapidstrike Grip

Optic – MK.23 Reflector

Optic - MK.23 Reflector
Optic – MK.23 Reflector (Captured By Us)

MK.23 Reflector provides a clear precision sight with a dot when aiming down sight. It increases the accuracy and makes it easier to follow enemies at a distance. It is my favorite, but you can also go with the Slate Reflector as it gives the same benefits, only the aesthetics are different.

Barrel – Kimura Silentshot Integral

Barrel - Kimura Silentshot Integral
Barrel – Kimura Silentshot Integral (Captured By Us)

To buff up the damage and ensure a 3-shot kill, the Kimura Silentshot Integral barrel comes into play. It significantly enhances the Bullet Velocity and Range while suppressing the noise, making MCW 6.8 a deadly weapon at any distance.

Underbarrel – FTAC SP-10 Angled Grip

Underbarrel - FTAC SP-10 Angled Grip
Underbarrel – FTAC SP-10 Angled Grip (Captured By Us)

FTAC Sp-10 Angled Grip improves recoil control, especially the horizontal recoil, and absorbs the Gun Kick to ensure accurate shots at any range. It also refines Aim Walking Steadiness and Aiming Idle Sway so that you can hold angles in a better way.

Magazine – 30 Round Mag

Magazine - 30 Round Mag
Magazine – 30 Round Mag (Captured By Us)

The major drawback of this weapon is the low base magazine size, which can be enhanced with this 30-round mag attachment. It makes MCW 6.8 on par with any semi-automatic assault rifle while keeping the benefits of a marksman rifle at the cost of mobility.

Rear Grip – RB Rapidstrike Grip

Rear Grip - RB Rapidstrike Grip
Rear Grip – RB Rapidstrike Grip (Captured By Us)

The RB Rapidstrike Grip increases the accuracy but reduces movement speed a bit. It provides better Flinch Resistance to keep your aim sturdy when getting shot.


TacticalStun Grenade / Battle Rage
LethalSemtex / Frag Grenade
Field EquipmentAmmunition Box / Trophy System

Tactical – Stun Grenade

Stun Grenade works best in most situations to deal with one or more enemies by disorienting their senses. Alternatively, Battle Rage can boost health regeneration and refresh sprint.

Lethal – Semtex

Semtex is a good choice for the Lethal Equipment as it sticks to any surface and then blows away. Additionally, Frag Grenade can also be used in place of Semtex as it performs similarly.

Field Equipment – Trophy System

In my opinion, the Trophy System is a decent option as it destroys any projectiles or lethal and tactical equipment, and you can deploy it anywhere. Besides, you can go with the Ammunition Box if you are not using Scavenger Gloves to compensate for low reserve ammo.


VestInfantry Vest
GlovesScavenger Gloves / Quick-Grip Gloves
GearEOD Padding
BootsLightweight Boots

Vest – Infantry Vest

I recommend the Infantry Vest as it improves mobility by increasing the Tac Sprint duration and reducing the sprint’s refresh time. Moreover, you get access to all Equipment and Gear slots.

  • Equipment Slots – 3: Tactical, Lethal, and Field Upgrade
  • Gear Slots – 3: Gloves, Gear, and Boots

Gloves – Scavenger Gloves

If you went for the Trophy System, the Scavenger Gloves are a must for this loadout. It allows you to resupply ammo from dead enemies.

An alternate option is the Quick-Grip Gloves to quickly swap your secondary weapon if you have an Ammunition Box field upgrade counterbalance low ammo.

Gear – EOD Padding

The EOD Padding reduces the damage from non-explosive killstreaks and fire, improving survivability.

Boots – Lightweight Boots

The Lightweight Boots further increase the movement and swim speed to enhance maneuverability and change locations quickly.

Secondary Weapon – WSP Stinger

WSP Stinger
WSP Stinger (Captured By Us)

In my experience, the MCW 6.8 is absolutely stunning in long or mid-range; it might not be as effective in close ranges. Therefore, switching to your secondary is the best option, and I prefer the WSP Stinger.

It is a mini-Uzi with immense firepower and a decent fire rate. With the right attachments, it will work equally as well as your primary weapon, even though it’s just a pistol.

Pros And Cons


  • It performs excellently at long and medium distances and can kill anyone with three bullets.
  • The fire rate is adequate, considering it’s a semi-auto marksman rifle.


  • It doesn’t work well in close-range combat, especially using hip-fire.
  • Its recoil is very hard to control and requires practice to get used to it.

My Thoughts On MCW 6.8

In my opinion, the MCW 6.8 is a pretty decent rifle that is a bit hard to master, but it functions well with the right loadout and strategy in MW3. It dominates in large maps with open areas, and with enough practice, it might overwhelm any other assault rifle in combat thanks to its damage, accuracy, and firing speed.

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