Call of Duty MW3: Best SVA 545 Loadout [Expert Guide]

This build presents the attachments, equipment and perks for the for the SVA 545.

MW3 SVA 545 Loadout Cover
Call of Duty MW3: SVA 545 Loadout

Key Takeaways

  • SVA 545 is an assault rifle with a special two-round burst fire mode on the first shot.
  • Its fire rate is fast, with decent recoil and time to kill, for targets at any range.
  • My recommendation for the attachments is STV Precision Barrel, FTAC Ripper 56, SVA Factory Stock, Slate Reflector, and 45 Round Mag.
  • I chose these perks for the SVA 545 Loadout in MW3: Infantry Vest, Quick Grip Gloves, EOD Padding, and Lightweight Boots.
  • The Frag Grenade, Battle Rage, and Ammunitions Box are the best equipment for this class setup.

SVA 545 is a pretty bold assault rifle in MW3, with the ability to fire two-round burst shots at the first tap, and this loadout focuses on improving its recoil to make it even deadlier. It unlocks early in the game, making it a decent choice for beginners.

SVA - 545
SVA – 545 (Captured By Us)

How To Unlock SVA 545?

To unlock the SVA 545, you must reach Level 4. That will allow you to create custom classes and modify weapons according to your choice. Another way to get your hands on this gun is to buy the Vault Edition of MW3, which will grant access to the Crimson Fate and Carbon Fate blueprint, with all attachments available immediately.


TypeAssault Rifle
Reserve Ammo90
Max Level30
MW3 SVA 545 Stats

The SVA 545 is an early Assault Rifle with a base magazine size of 30 bullets and a unique burst mode of 2 rounds at first tap. It excels in recoil control with a good time to kill but lacks mobility. To unlock all attachments, upgrade it to Level 30.


BarrelSTV Precision Barrel
UnderbarrelFTAC Ripper 56
StockSVA Factory Stock
OpticSlate Reflector
Magazine45 Round
MW3 SVA 545 Loadout Attachments

Barrel – STV Precision Barrel

The first attachment to regulate the gun kick and recoil is the STV Precision Barrel. Additionally, it increases the Bullet Velocity and Aiming Idle Sway to enhance accuracy and allows better authority while holding angles. However, all this comes at a slight trade-off of mobility, ADS Speed, and Hip Fire Spread.

Underbarrel – FTAC Ripper 56

The FTAC Ripper 56 underbarrel greatly buffs the accuracy and recoil control, but the disadvantage lies in the form of movement speed nerf. It improves the Hip Fire Accuracy, Aiming Idle Sway, and Recoil Control and decreases ADS Speed.

Stock – SVA Factory Stock

The SVA Factory Stock is a pre-built mod for this weapon, and equipping it enhances the handling and accuracy through the Hip Fire Accuracy improvement and Sprint-to-Fire Speed at the cost of recoil control and movement speed.

Optic – Slate Reflector

A Slate Reflector is one of the standard optics with a dot sight. It provides a Precision Sight Picture with ample field of view to target enemies at any range. Alternatively, I recommend choosing the MK .3 Reflector as it’s practically the same with few aesthetic differences.

Magazine – 45 Round Mag

Although the fire rate of SVA 545 is satisfactory, using the exceptional burst ability might cause you to drain the magazine quickly. Therefore, in my experience, a bigger mag is better to cater to such situations. However, it decreases mobility considerably, so you can swap it with some Muzzle or Rear Grip attachment if you feel a little slow.


TacticalBattle Rage
LethalFrag Grenade
Field UpgradeAmmunitions Box
MW3 SVA 545 Loadout Equipment

Tactical – Battle Rage

One of my most common suggestions for fast-paced gameplay lovers is the Battle Rage increases Health Regeneration while refreshing Tactical Sprint. It helps in challenging situations recover from damage and return to fights quickly.

Lethal – Frag Grenade

The Frag Grenade is a standard choice for many as it’s easy to use and deals much damage in critical situations if used correctly. Alternatively, Semtex is also a decent option, as it does the same, but it can stick to any surface before blowing up.

Field Upgrade – Ammunitions Box

There is a high chance of running out of ammo during battles, and that’s where the ammunition box comes in. It provides ammo resupply to you and your teammates so they can keep fighting consistently without running out of resources.


VestInfantry Vest
GearEOD Padding
GlovesQuick Grip Gloves
BootsLightweight Boots
MW3 SVA 545 Loadout Perks

Vest – Infantry Vest

The Infantry Vest increases the Tactical Sprint duration and its refresh time, meaning you can sprint more often for longer times. It will compensate for most of the mobility disadvantage this gun brings with itself.

  • Equipment Slots – 3: Tactical, Lethal, and Field Upgrade
  • Gear Slots – 3: Gloves, Gear, and Boots

Gloves – Quick Grip Gloves

Quick Grip Gloves allow you to swap weapons quickly, which can be crucial when your primary weapon runs out of ammo.

Gear – EOD Padding

EOD Padding decreases the damage taken by non-killstreak explosives so that you can stay at a location with a greater chance of survivability against grenades and other lethal equipment.

Boots – Lightweight Boots

Another perk that improves mobility is lightweight boots that buff the overall movement and swim speed.

Pros And Cons


  • One of the characteristic aspects of the SVA 545 Special Fire Rate of 2-round burst shots.
  • The SVA 545 has a decent recoil control that makes it easy to control and handle.


  • Even though it is a heavy-hitting gun, you cannot move quickly due to bad movement handling.
  • It staggers a little in accuracy, and you must hit the first shot accurately to benefit from its burst mode.

Secondary Weapon – Renneti

Renetti Handgun
Renetti Handgun (Captured By Us)

Secondary weapons play an essential role in multiplayer battles when you get outnumbered and need to reload. I recommend the Renneti, the best pistol in MW3, for this build due to its heavy damage, fully automatic, and exceptional fire rate. It performs equally well as an SMG in close to medium-range combat.

My Thoughts On SVA 545

In my opinion, the SVA 545 is an excellent weapon for beginners in MW3 multiplayer due to the handling and recoil control, and this loadout helps to improve its disadvantages, like impaired mobility and accuracy. It performs well enough on any map, although clearing tight corners or sprinting while carrying this is a bit difficult task, and I suggest switching to the secondary Renneti for that.

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