Naraka Bladepoint Tier List: Best Characters

Naraka Bladepoint Best Character

Naraka Bladepoint is a battle royale game developed by 24 Entertainment. The game has garnered a lot of hype with its anime aesthetics and character designs. Naraka Bladepoint’s uniqueness in combat makes it different from another battle royale. Although it takes mechanics from games like Apex, it still adds hints of creativity to it. Its characters are one of them, and we will discuss them throughout this Naraka Bladepoint Best Character Guide.

Unlike other BRs, Naraka Bladepoint allows its players to get close and personal while fighting. Such melee range combat is a breath of fresh air, especially in BR. Moreover, the unique character designs and the builds you can do make it much more fun.

Of course, in a battle royale, no singular character can be called Naraka Bladepoint Best Character. However, they can increase your chance of survival with their unique skills. So, you would need to choose the character you find the most suited to your playstyle.

Moreover, if you are unaware of how to create your character. You can check out our guide.

As mentioned, some characters are due to stand out of the bunch in terms of their abilities; hence I’ll be providing you guys with a tier list. I will name these Naraka Bladepoint Best Characters. This will make it easier when choosing a character. Essentially, I’ll put the characters in four tiers. I will explain some of their best builds as well along the way.

S: Most Powerful Characters

A: Excellent Characters

B: Situationally Powerful Characters

C: Powerful Team Characters

Well then, let’s get this going with this Naraka Bladepoint Best Character tier list.

S Tier

The S-tier players have proven to be the most potent out of all the characters in the game. They have a high win rate and allow players to make more flashy plays. .


Matari Naraka Bladepoint Best Character

If you have ever played Naraka Bladepoint, you will have heard of Matari. Every other rank demon uses Matari due to her abilities. She can be considered Naraka Bladepoint Best Character. She provides players with very crucial mobility in every game.

However, in a close-range BR like Naraka, its importance increases tenfold. Her mobility will allow you to dodge other players’ attacks and counter-attacks swiftly. Moreover, she also has the skill Silent Flutter. This allows her to disappear from the battle for a couple of seconds.

Such an ability allows you to reset in a fight. Take a moment to recuperate and get back into the action while the other players are still fighting. Although this seems a little busted, you have yet to know of her ultimate skill. Matari’s Ultimate Skill, Unseen Wings, allows her to shroud herself. This makes it difficult for players to counter-attack them.

This allows the opportunity to make sneak plays and disengage from a fight. Her kit allows her to make certain high-level plays while enabling you to run away if need be. If I compare this character to Apex legends, she would be most similar to wraith in terms of abilities and maneuverability.

However, if you feel like these abilities are not for you or are looking for someone else, you can change Matari’s build.

Best Matari Build

As you play the game, you will unlock the ability to customize your character according to your need. This will include changes to the Glyphs, abilities, and ultimate. In the case of Matari, the best glyphs you can opt for are as mentioned down below. These Glyphs will allow you to move much more freely and decrease your dodge energy cost.

Glyphs Name
Origin 4 x Spirit
2 x Savagery
Solar 4 x Genius
2 x Flight
Omni 4 x Mind 2 x Rampage
Lunar 4 x Agility
2 x Tether

Matari can choose from several skills once you reach the Cultivation Stage rewards 1. This will allow you to choose from 3 abilities, Silent Flutter, Rapid Flash, and Retrace Flash. The ability best fight for Matari’s assassination kit is the Rapid Flash. This allows her to teleport in the direction you want. This can be used to close the gap between you and your enemies or to run away from a fight.

Lastly, we have her Ultimate. In the beginning, you will only have her Unseen Wings. However, as you reach Cultivation Stage Rewards 2, you will unlock Assassin and Group Stealth. Both of these are good, but it depends on your situation.

Group Stealth is best when you are in a team, while Assassin works best when playing solo. Her Group Stealth allows her to shroud her teammates from the opponents’ eyes so they can jump them or disengage. On the other hand, Assassin increases your damage while you are in individual states such as wall-running, e.t.c.

Yoto Hime

Next up, we have Yoto Hime. She is a powerful, aggressive champion and allows you to output a lot of DPS. She is one of the best characters in the game and a great kit to outplay her enemies.

Her ability is Spirit Slash which blocks melee attacks and even long-range projectiles. This can allow her to regenerate her health even during a battle. This can also be used to run at your enemies while taking no damage from their abilities. This will allow you to get close to them and unleash hell.

Furthermore, her ultimate is Ominous Blade. This allows her to deal a lot of damage to her opponents. Upon pressing the mouse button again, she is teleported to her blade. Her ult hits the enemies with three powerful slashes and can help you turn the tide of a battle.

Best Yoto Hime Build

The best yoyo Hime Glyphs are mentioned below. They will reduce her ability’s cooldown, increase her rage and dodge energy cost.

Glyphs Name
Origin 3 x Spirit 3 x Savagery
Solar 4 x Genius
2 x Flight
Omni 6 x Mind
Lunar 4 x Agility
2 x Enrage

For Yoto Hime’s ability, you can unlock Vortex and Crush. Her best ability that synergizes with her kit is Vortex. During this ability, Yoto Hime throws a blade. It moves slowly, and once at its max point, it spins for 5 seconds. The ability to block all incoming damage, be it melee or long-range.

Moreover, you can unlock her Ultimate Skill, Restore, and Combo. The most powerful one is Combo. Ominous Blade: Combo makes Yoto Himes summon a giant sword. The sword slashes three times, and you can teleport to it with every slash by pressing your mouse button. This will allow you to manage where the next incision will land.

A Tier

After S-Tier, we have the A tier. The characters in the A tier have potent abilities and can take on S-tier characters with a bit of skill. These characters have the potential to become Naraka Bladepoint Best Character.

Viper Ning

Viper Ning Naraka Bladepoint best character

Viper Ning has a very complete kit. She can showcase a lot of DPS while her opponents watch in horror, unable to escape due to her CC. Her abilities make her very powerful in team fights and can turn the tide of the battle in seconds.

Her ability is Yushan Enigma: Lockdown. This ability allows her to exhibit massive damage while pushing back any enemies close to her. If her ability hits an enemy, it resets their charging attacks, creating an opportunity for you to counter-attack.

For her Ultimate Skill, she has Twilight Crimson. She summons the eye of the God of Yin, which marks nearby players for 5 seconds. Anyone observed by the eye is unable to move for 5 seconds. Her ult allows her a chance to counteract or retreat.

Best build for Viper Ning

These Glyphs allow Viper Ning to cast her abilities without delay and increase her overall energy.

Glyphs Name
Origin 6 x Spirit
Solar 4 x Genius
2 x Flight
Omni 6 x Mind
Lunar 6 x Agility
Best Glyphs for Viper Ning

You can unlock her abilities Yushan Enigma: Lockdown and Enfeeble. However, her best skills are those already explained as the CC from it is too hard to pass off. Furthermore, Lockdown deals a bunch of damage, so it makes a good combination of offense and defense.  

Also, you can unlock her ult, Twilight Crimson, Seal, and Unchained. However, her most potent one is the Twilight Crimson as it provides you with tremendous perks.


Yueshan is a powerful fighter that exhibits both offensive and defensive prowess. He can change the outcome of fights with his high DPS and survivability, but there are some shortcomings.

His ability is Line breaker that deals colossal amounts of damage to opponents and allows his team time to counter-attack. This makes him a threat and can be pretty hard to deal with, especially with his ultimate.

Yueshan Ultimate is Heaven’s Descent. He transforms into an Almighty General and gains a new kit during this ult. Moreover, you gain armor in this form, making you take minor damage. In his new record, he can use two abilities: Leaping Slash and Dragon tail.

However, there is a drawback: the windup time for these abilities. So, you will have to judge when to use them depending on the fight.  

Best Build for Yueshan

These Glyphs allow Yueshan to exhibit his full potential, decreasing his ability’s cooldown and increasing his grappling distance.

Glyphs Name
Origin 6 x Spirit
Solar 4 x Genius
2 x Flight
Omni 6 x Mind
Lunar 6 x Agility
Best Glyphs for Yueshan

You can unlock his ability, Rush, and Ambition. Rush is the perfect ability for him as it provides both CC and DPS. With this ability, Yueshan rushes in a direction and strikes the first target he sees. He hits him with a frightening blow and makes him stunned for 1 second. However, remember you cannot activate this if you are under attack.

Lastly, his best ultimate attack is the one previously mentioned, as it has proved to be the most useful in fights. It allows you to exhibit much damage and become a one-man army.


Next up, we have Tianhai. He is regarded as the best defensive character in the whole game. Tianhai is a monk that can allow you to remain unharmed even when stunned. Divine Bell blocks incoming attacks so that you are instantly defeated, even while dazzled.

His ultimate is almost the opposite of his calm demeanor. His ultimate skill, Titan’s Call, transforms him into a goliath called Vajra, to lay waste to anyone who dares to approach him. During this form, he deals a lot of damage and takes reduced damage.

If you ever encounter his ultimate, your best bet is to wait till his ultimate duration is up. But that is if it allows you to. Let me give you a hint if you are foolish enough to take on him. The shiny parts on his body are his weak points, so aim for them.

Best Build for Tianhai

Glyphs Name
Origin 4 x Spirit
2 x Savagery
Solar 4 x Genius
2 x Miracle
Omni 6 x Mind
Lunar 4 x Agility
2 x Enrage
Best Glyph for Tianhai

His best ability is the Divine Bell: Blast, which allows him to block any incoming damage, as mentioned. For his Ultimate, titan’s Call: Heal is the most optimal. During this transformation, you can grab enemies and smack them to deal much damage. You also recover a portion of your health and can even smash into the ground to send shockwaves. However, remember this ult can only be used in open spaces.


Similar to Tianhai, Temulch is also a defensive character. He is the perfect counter to long-range attacks.

His ability is Zephyr Wisp: Tracking, in which he calls upon three wisps. These wisps can be aimed at enemies and cause them to hit into a whirlwind. Moreover, it can also block ranged projectiles.

For his Ultimate skill, he has Zephyr Prison: Summon. It encapsulates an area and slows the players trying to enter or leave, making it easier for you to land attacks. This ultimate is highly useful against characters with mobility as it hinders their entire kit.

Best build for Temulch

The best Glyphs for Temulch are as follows

Glyphs Name
Origin 4 x Spirit
2 x Savagery
Solar 3 x Genius
3 x Miracle
Omni 6 x Mind
Lunar 4 x Agility
2 x Tether
Best Glyphs for Temulch

His best ability is Tracking, as it allows you both DPS and blocking prowess. You can use them to hit enemies or block their projectiles. For his ult, Zephyr Prison: Summon is the most powerful because of how it can become the kryptonite of many characters in the game.

Tarka Ji

Tarka Ji is a hybrid character. He has good DPS and mobility stats making him viable as an aggressive character. Such a character is good to have on your team as it can provide an overall output.

His ability is Inner Fire: Giga flame. This enables him to create fireballs that can stomp the enemies and deal with a long-lasting burn. It can be used to finish off low-health enemies. This makes him a good character in long fights as the opponents will eventually die from all the burn damage.

Moreover, his ultimate skill is Blackout. During this, he shrouds himself in a fire. If he sprints past enemies, it will cause them to burn, thus dealing a chunk of damage. Furthermore, he is invincible to long-range attacks during this state.

Best Build for Tarka Ji

The Glyphs most suited for Tarka are mentioned below.

Glyphs Name
Origin 4 x Spirit
2 x Savagery
Solar 3 x Genius
3 x Miracle
Omni 6 x Mind
Lunar 3 x Agility
3 x Enrage
Best Glyphs for Tarka Ji

His most potent ability is Giga flame just because of its impact on the enemies and how easier it makes it to finish them off. His optimal ult is Blackout: Vulcan, as it behaves as mentioned above but doesn’t let the Inner Fire ability go into cooldown, allowing you to use it right after your ult.

B Tier

These characters have their own charisma but feel lacking compared to the character mentioned above. Therefore, only selected people choose these characters because they can play them skillfully. the characters can become Naraka Bladepoint Best Character but will require a lot of effort. Their abilities are more situationally oriented and can be quite potent if used at the right time.

Justina Gu

First, we have Justina Gu. This character uses persona to use different skills and abilities. She can emit an ice aura through her “Ice Core” ability. Activating this ability calls upon the icy forces and protects Justina by giving her armor. This allows her to remain unharmed from physical attacks.

Similarly, her ultimate skill allows her to enter the Arctic Wraith mode. Activating this causes the enemies to stumble back. Her attack changes into another ability, Shadow Swipe, which enables her to increase her damage output by 5% for 20 seconds.

Justina gets four charges of Shadow Swipe. Hitting enemies in this state makes them debuffed with the Freeze while she unleashes fury on them. However, this doesn’t work on enemies with their ultimate skills or activated charge-up attacks.

Next up, we have Valda Cui. Valda Cui is regarded as the “Queen of the Sea” due to her prowess in controlling water as she wills. Her ability, Haze: Teleport, allows her to capture her opponents and restrain them while increasing her melee damage output. It works well in a one-on-one duel and can be further enhanced by using weapons.

Valda Cui has a very unique ult. Nether Nightmare: Bind can allow her to counter enemies’ ultimate skills due to the amount of CC it outputs. If played with a team, her ult can enable you to set up potential plays for your team to take advantage of.

C Tier

This tier contains minor valid characters in Naraka Bladepoint. These characters neither have any unique abilities nor a high damage output, making them non-viable. These characters can’t function properly alone and need a team to shine properly. They are more utility-heavy. With a team, they can become Naraka Bladepoint Best Character.


Kurumi’s role in Naraka Bladepoint is that of a healer. She is mainly played as a supporting character, and that too rarely. Her ability, Blinding Prayer, allows her to heal her allies so that they can fight at their best. This ability gives the ability to transport to an ally which can be used creatively to make plays,

Her Ultimate Skill is Sacred Circle. As the name suggests, this ability creates are circle in which allies gain HP and freedom from debuffs. This makes Kurumi a solid team player but not that much of a threat in a solo game.


Wuchen is the supplies guy in Naraka Bladepoint. He constantly provides his teams with buffs and his enemies with debuffs. His kit allows him to fulfill the role of a healer if need be.

His ability is Spirit Blades, which martializes five blades to be used at will. If all the blades are fired at once, they deal more damage. He can also make a wall with his Spirit Blade Shield to protect himself and his team from incoming attacks.

Lastly, his ultimate skill Tai Chi Rift provides an excellent engagement and dis-engage tool. His ult allows him to teleport his team in any direction up to 120 meters. This would be a powerful ult if not for the debuff that comes after.

It considers the health of the players that took this rift and grants a debuff making your attacks deal less damage. It can be tricky to use him to his max potential.


All the characters in the Naraka Bladepoint have their uniqueness to them. There is no single Naraka Bladepoint Best Character; however, there are options. It is up to you to choose which one you want, depending on your play style.

Don’t hesitate to pick a player from the A or B tier if it fits your playstyle. This tier list is my opinion and research and is subject to criticism, so don’t take it by heart. Lastly, remember the characters in S-tier are definitely powerful but not invincible.

This concludes our Naraka Bladepoint Best Character Tier list. Let us know down below who you think is the Naraka bladepoint Best Character.

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