Naraka Bladepoint Character Creation Tool Guide

The Naraka Bladepoint Character Creation Tool is quite amazing and in this guide we will show you how you can use it effectively.

Naraka Bladepoint Character Creation

Naraka Bladepoint is a battle royale game with anime-Esque aesthetics and a similar combat system. Looking at the game you could easily mistake it for one of those mobile games that advertise on YouTube videos but it’s much more than that. Surprisingly it is quite a nuanced game and shares most of its design elements with Apex Legends but just from a third-person perspective.

The main difference between Naraka Bladepoint and other battle royale games is not really a gimmick like building or crafting but rather it’s the entire style of combat. Most combat in this game is melee which encourages outplays and deception as a viable tactic toward victory.

Not only that but also it boasts some very interesting RPG-style mechanics as well where you must complete missions to earn a special currency that can unlock and empower different combat abilities. Sticking to the RPG theme Naraka Blapdepoint also includes classes that are unique and have different combat skills from one another. Any one class is not superior with each having its own pros and cons.

Key Takeaways

  • Classes in the Naraka Bladepoint are unique and have different combat skills from one another, with each having its pros and cons.
  • The game boasts a character creator that is by far the best character creator seen in a recent video game, with menus that allow players to change every aspect of their character.
  • Players can also use the “Smart Customization” feature to upload a picture and have the game try to assemble the character like the image provided.
  • The Naraka Bladepoint community is very active and thriving, with players designing and sharing their characters for others to use and modify.
  • Naraka Bladepoint changes how the entire genre is perceived by switching to melee combat instead of firearms and automatic weapons.

Along these lines of classes, we are also given a character creator for each class, this means we can create a certain character for each class and have them all be different.

However, the best part about Naraka Bladepoint is the character creation capabilities. It is by far the best character creator we have seen in a recent video game. In this guide, we will show you some ways you can also start creating some amazing characters and contribute to the subreddit of Naraka Bladepoint Character Creation.

How The Naraka Bladepoint Character Creation Works

To get access to the Naraka Bladepoint Character Creation menu you must first launch the game and navigate to the Heros tab.

Showing home screen | Courtesy: NastyNate888 on YouTube

Afterward, you must click on a class in which you wish to create a character. This can be any class and is completely up to your preference, the class in the image below is the Tarka Ji class.

naraka bladepoint character creation
Showing classes that can be used | Courtesy: NastyNate888 on YouTube

Finally, you will be taken to a plethora of menus that will allow you to change every single aspect of your character from the eye sockets to the gap between your teeth. This menu can get quite complex so you should take your time to figure out what can be changed here and what effect it has on the character model.

naraka bladepoint character creation
Showing menus and sliders for change | Courtesy: NastyNate888 on YouTube

Uploading Your Face

An interesting feature of the character creator is the ‘Smart Customization’ the game offers. This is basically a way for you to upload a picture and have the game try to assemble the character like the image provided.

Sometimes this is quite hilarious and other times it can be downright horrifying. (Try uploading the image of your pet into this and see what kind of monster the Naraka Bladepoint Character Creation process spits out).

naraka bladepoint character creation
Uploading an image in the character creator tool | Courtesy: PCGames

Naraka Bladepoint Character Creation Examples

These are two characters we can see created using the Naraka Bladepoint Character Creation Tool. They were created by Reddit user Rnk_Clan who deserves every ounce of praise they get for making the characters this complex and beautifully crafted. They are an active member of the Naraka Bladepoint community and spend hours not only playing the excellent game but also designing characters that take unimaginable amounts of time to get right.

They are not the only ones doing this either. The entire community is very active and thriving. It is truly a testament to the players who not only design characters but also upload them for others to be able to use. This system is like open-source software where they share their creations and allow people to make changes to them as well.

Final Thoughts

Naraka Bladepoint is a fantastic battle royale game, we here at VeryAli are suckers for twists on a conventional genre that changes how the entire genre is perceived. There is no doubt in our minds that there will be developers taking inspiration from Naraka Bladepoint and its switch to melee combat instead of firearms and automatic weapons.

It is currently our favorite battle royale game to sink hours upon hours of our time. And while we have you here why not check out more guides from our talented writers regarding other games such as Dark Souls, Fallout, Dislyte, Raft, and many many more.

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