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A complete NBA 2k23 quests guide - including rewards, objectives, and related information.

Quests Guide
NBA 2K23 Quests Guide

Quests will yield you amazing rewards for doing the given objectives. My guide will assist you throughout your quest journey. So, stick through it as I have compelling and beneficial reading for you.

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Shoaib Rashid is a big fan of the NBA series and is well-versed in the game. So, you can easily trust the information and the hands-on experience he provides for NBA 2k23!

Key Takeaways

  • This guide will discuss the best quests that will assist you in your game statistics.
  • The NBA 2K23 gaming strategies related to all these quests across the next, current, and previous gens will be clarified accordingly.
  • All rewards, objectives, and locations of the concerned best quests will be explained in this article.

Updated March 15th, by Shoaib Rashid:

Developers usually do not tamper with the quests in NBA 2k23 after a new season is released. However, the awards received at the quest completion stage are subject to change. In my list of best quests, I judge them by the awards received and what the quest leads you to. Keeping this in mind, my list of best quests has remained the same since the initial publish date, and I do not see it changing in the future.  

Below I will cover all the best quests you can find; I have filtered out these quests for you so you can get the most rewards out of them in the very least amount of time and effort.

So let’s get started!

Ronnie 2k- The Rebirth Quest

Best Quest By Level

Why did I Choose Ronnie 2k – The Rebirth Quest?

This quest’s biggest benefit is the Rebirth Feature which will allow you to build a new profile for the MyCareer if you want a new start.

Ronnie 2k is back and has brought the best quest that features him. You can access it in MY Career Journey, which may be convenient in the future. Interacting and conversing with Ronnie will open the quest.

This quest allows you to develop the new character without losing progress. It contains a set of goals and rewards that you may earn by finishing it. I will now go into greater depth about this.

The unlocking process for Ronnie 2k is different for both the previous and current generation consoles. This is because the game versions are different for both generations. Well, quickly get your hands on the rebirth best quest on whatever platform you are playing.

The starting place where you will meet him:

Ronnie 2K First Location
First Location And 65 Rating (image credits: Cassar)
  1. To meet Ronnie for the first time, you must have 65 ratings.
  2. One can find him near the subway station in the city’s northeastern area, next to the dumpster.
  3. It will be your first location; he will be waiting for you there.
  4. Walk towards him and then communicate.
  5. Once the action is performed, you will attain Ronnie 2K and Sophie T-shirt in the reward.

In the second location, you’ll have:

Ronnie 2K  Second Location
Second Location And 75 Rating
  1. Increase your rating to 75 to meet him for the second time.
  2. When done, you can make your way to the Southwest part, as he will be available there.
  3. Look for him near the subway station just before it.
  4. Then the spawn location ability will be given to you.

The third location goes like this:

Ronnie 2K Third Location
Third Location And 88 Rating
  1. For the third time, your OVR must be 88, and then you can play shirtless.
  2. This will be your 3rd Location, and Ronnie will be Night’s territory on the North Side.

The fourth location includes:

Ronnie 2K Fourth Location
Fourth Location And 90 Rating
  1. The last requirement for quest completion is to reach the 90-rating level.
  2. Move to the South City Vipers after achieving a high rating score.
  3. As usual, Ronnie can be seen there on the outside; speak with him for the last time, and the quest will be ended.

  • Multiple quest locations, so multiple prizes
  • Significant Quest Completion Rewards
  • Rebirth feature

  • Requires high overall ratings
  • Time-consuming
  • Limited Use

Mamba Mentality Quest

Best Quest By Reward

Why did I Choose Mamba Mentality Quest?

The Mamba Mentality quest will grant you the ability to switch your equipped Takeovers as you please. This flexibility can significantly enhance gameplay.

Mamba mindset is regarded as one of the best quests. Yet, neither generation uses a similar approach to the game. Therefore, I will inform you how to unlock it without further ado.

You have to accomplish certain goals to complete this quest.

Mamba Mnetality Current gen
Walkthrough And Unlock Mamba Mentality: Current Gen (image credits: Aurzyn)

1. Visit the Deck’s Promenade.

2. Interact with a woman in green-colored clothes; her name is Pippa. You may see her standing close by the balance store. She will give you an objective: you must visit the bridge, and the reward is 100 VC.

3. Do what she told you and then go back to her, and the next goal will be given, i.e., it includes passing through the REC lounge and visiting its entrance. The reward is the same as the previous one.

In this quest, you are supposed to stroll around and go to particular places.

4. Run back to the lady and receive another task; you must visit MyTeam Theater this time. The reward is 100 VC. Get in there and sit there for the pose process.

5. Go back to Pippa once you finish it, and she will ask you to communicate with Samuel near Deuces.

6. Complete Samuel’s objective by working out in the Gatorade training facility. The prize for this will be a Gatorade boost.

7. Talk again with Samuel, and now he will ask you to speak with Tomas about nearby trips. Use the elevator to reach at desired location quickly.

8. Then you have to get victory over Pippa in a 1v1 match that will take place in court. This will be the last thing; after winning, you will obtain Mamba Mentality.

Mamba Mentality Next gen
Walkthrough And Unlock Mamba Mentality : Next-Gen (image credits: R1_MBK)

The method of unlocking the Mamba mentality for next-gen is discussed as:

Finishing the NBA summer league will grant Next Gen players access to the Mamba Mentality Quest and additional perks. Players must earn stars on seven normal and hard drills to attain these quests. All these drills will be different. Afterward, you will gain the Mamba Mentality.

You are allowed to do only two Brickley drills per day, which means this quest can take time, so be patient.

  • Tribute to Kobe Bryant
  • Gameplay Enhancement through Mamba Mentality Perk
  • Substantial Reward Package for quest completion

  • Time-Consuming
  • Limited Availability
  • Potential Overpowering

My Points Accelerator Quest- Coach Drills

Best Quest By Difficulty

Why did I Choose My Points Accelerator Quest?

This quest will allow you to earn points at an accelerated rate, which can be used to get various rewards and enhancements for your team.

The very first step in this quest is to figure out the coach’s location and let us guide you here. Head to the training facility, which is located close to the arena. On interacting with the door, you will be able to move inside.

Now take a glance and find out the coach. It won’t be hard because you can identify him by a mark above his head. Select drills and begin your training after speaking to him. It is compulsory to earn a three-star rating on all the drills, and only then will your quest be finished.

Sometimes the arrow does not appear over the head. There can be two reasons, maybe you have to play through the game more, or it can be possible that you have already completed the training.

 Accelerator Quest- Coach Drills
Accelerator Quest- Coach Drills

Dime Magazine Cover Quest

Best Quest For XP

Why did I Choose Dime Magazine Cover Quest?

The quest is not just about completion but also about engaging with the game’s environment and community in a creative way which is why I consider it as one of the best quests.

The Dime Magazine quest is fun to do. Speaking of the quests, I have another: the Dime magazine cover quest. Players are confused about the aim despite it being clearly stated.

To complete this quest, open the map and search for the yellow camera symbols.

Take pictures and selfies there to achieve your goal. It should be noted that these icons occur at random, so be sure to keep checking. Even when players follow the instructions exactly, some bugs in the game prevent them from finishing their objective.

You can either contact 2K or restart the game to fix this.

Dime Magazine Cover Best Quest Guide
Dime Magazine Cover Quest

  • Fast Progression
  • Allows early access
  • Consistent Availability

  • Requires attention to gameplay
  • Limited to three sets
  • Potential for missing indicators

Courting Calloway Quest Guide

Best Quest By Position
Best Quest Guide for Calloway
Courting Calloway Quest Guide (imagecredits: MacKicksGaming)

Why did I Choose Courting Calloway Quest?

The quest involves participating in unique and fun activities, such as the fashion walk on the City runway and skating continuously around the City, which adds an entertaining aspect to the gameplay.

Courting Calloway is the essential and best quest.

Players must progress through this if they look forward to triumphing in the fashion district. It’s pretty easy but challenging as well.

Have a meet-up with Yolanda and Sabine, and your fashion quiz will begin. You have to answer three questions, and these are:

1. Who makes the Birkin bag


2. Which shoe company was the first to introduce a microchip into its sneakers?


3. What did the Nike logo originally intend to convey with its look and style?


Give the answers accurately and win the trivia. You will gain Air Jordan VIII Rui or Air Jordan III OG as a reward.

Moving forward, you must engage in a free throw challenge before moving to free throw golf. The opponent may not make the time, so you may better try to conquer.

Here players have to win the horse game against Keon; if you are not very aware of the high-level and pro shots, then this can be arduous for you. Your gameplay and skills determine the victory, so don’t give up, as Keon also makes weak shots.

The final objective is simple; you must wear the earned clothes and meet other people.

  • The rewards of this mission have significant in-game benefits
  • Engaging storyline
  • Fashion trivia

  • Early challenges
  • Bugs
  • Fashion trivia difficulty

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Why Others Were Not Chosen?

  1. Introducing, the Theater!: The quest is rather time-consuming and complex, and it involves random objectives to complete that can be misleading. Additionally, the quest-ending awards are not appealing and do not have significant benefits.
  2. Gym Rat: This quest involves a lot of commitment as you have to complete the gym routine once a week. It additionally has limited availability, so I do not keep it in my Best Quests list.
  3. Extra Badge Loadout: This quest will only focus on getting the badge loadouts, while other enhancements or upgrades are neglected, so this quest does not have significant value.

Personal Opinion On The Best Quests

I hope that my guide has been helpful to you. My purpose has always been to make the game and its related things, such as missions, gameplay, and quests, easy for you. Note that there are a lot of quests in NBA 2k23 and choosing the best out of them is related to the benefits you receive from completing them. If you liked my work, then share it with your friends.

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