NBA 2K23 Best Shooting Badges [Tier List]

Our NBA 2K23 Shooting Badges guide will inform you of all the excellent badges you can add to your arsenal to dominate the court.

NBA 2K23 Best Shooting Badges [TierList]
NBA 2K23 Best Shooting Badges [TierList]

NBA 2k23 is the newest sport game on the block that has taken the world by storm. The game’s intricate and mesmerizing design has been known for a long time. This is the reason why fans have been awaiting its arrival. Since its release, the game has garnered a lot of hype from fans looking for ways to become the best. We have compiled the best shooting badges in our NBA 2K23 Shooting Badges guide to aid you in that journey.

NBA 2k23 is the recent addition to the NBA 2k franchise. Competing with its predecessors, the game provides players with various avenues to explore. Among them are the different positions, shots, and badges, which we will discuss in a minute. Jump Shots are the most breathtaking shots in the game that allows you to disrespect your opponents. Check our NBA 2k23 Best Jumpshots guide if you want to do that.

Moreover, you can disrespect your opponents by showcasing your physical prowess in the form of rim hang time. The satisfaction of hanging on the rim after unleashing a deadly dunk is unparallel. This is a move that you will undoubtedly want to learn, so make sure you check out our NBA Rim Hang Time guide.

Returning to our topic, the NBA 2k23 Best Shooting badges carry a lot of weight. They add numerous explosiveness to your attacks and make you an unstoppable force. Thus make sure you stick around this NBA 2K23 Shooting Badges guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Shooting Badges are highly crucial due to their impact on your kit.
  • Some shooting badges are best for most characters, such as the limitless range and Amped.
  • You will need complete knowledge of the badges to find the ones that suit your playstyle the most.

NBA 2k23 Best Shooting Badges

The game allows you to choose from a plethora of Badges. Some badges are generally good, while some shine in certain situations. So, to help you differentiate, we have divided them into separate tiers.


S-Tier Badges are the most exceptional. They boost your shooting significantly, making the game much easier for you.

Limitless Range

NBA 2k23 Limitless Range Shooting Badge
Limitless Range

This is the simplest and easiest badge to get in NBA 2k23. It gives you a wide range that divides you and the defender when you are beyond the three-point line. The badge works well when you risk shooting from the deep. Moreover, it rewards you for this risk by making your shots more precise.

The limitless range badge is perfect for players with sharp shooting skills. You can score rapidly with the ability to fire shots from the deep. You can use the high scoring to catch up to the opponents’ score or just to extend your lead. However, this badge is not suited for all. As it forces you to shoot from the deep, it does not work well with players with low-accuracy shots. So keep that in mind when going for this badge.


To get the bronze medal for the Limitless Range, you will have to hit 74 three-pointers. For the silver medal, the minimum amount is 85 three-pointers. Likewise, the gold medal requires you to land 92 three-point shots. Lastly, the Hall of Fame medal demands 99 three-point shots, just one of the full century.

Catch & Shoot

You can use this badge when shooting for a hoop. It elevates your green window timer making it easier for you to land your shots in high-pressure situations. To effectively use Catch & Shoot, make sure you practice your jump shots and positioning. Learn to highlight the hot spots in the game and shoot from there for more accuracy.

Furthermore, Catch and Shoot work exceptionally well for three-point shots. The catch & Shoot badge is perfect for 3D archetype players looking to excel at shooting. Catch & Shoot favors those who have a high-paced playstyle. Players who like to shoot instantly after they get the ball should use this badge. Logically, you won’t have much time before the defenders close in on you, so you should take advantage of it. Moreover, when coupled with badges like Deadeye and Guard up, you can reach a high level of efficiency on the court. That will make it easier for you to be more impactful.


You get the bronze medal for this badge at 60 three-point shots. Meanwhile, you can get the silver medal for 72 three-point shots. Similarly, the Gold medal is up for grabs at 81 three-point shots, while the Hall of Fame medal requires 93 three-point shots.


Deadeye Badge in NBA 2k23
Deadeye Badge in NBA 2k23

With Deadeye, you must stand before a player to activate it. Once activated, it increases your shot meter, allowing you to hit shots easily. This badge provides a tremendous boost to land shots in front of defenders. Jumpshots aren’t always bound to happen; hence, this badge will come in handy. The Deadeye badge helps reduce the defender’s impact close to the player. This gives you more leeway when making shots.

Moreover, you also are more comfortable hitting ranged baskets. To make Deadeye genuinely shine, you will have to play efficiently. Thus, it works so well with strategic players who use unordinary methods to defeat their opponents.

Furthermore, It is a special badge for ballers looking to shoot straight off the dribble. You can quickly shoot after a drive-by a defender and get that crucial basket for your team. Moreover, Deadeye works in coherence with strategic players as it enables them to land those essential shots. It allows them to land shots even in the tightest situations.


You can acquire the bronze medal at 71 to 81 three-point shots. Next up, we have the silver medal, which you can get at 82 three-point shots. The gold medal hangs at 91 three-pointers. Lastly, You can acquire the hall of fame at 99 three-point shots.

Corner Specialist

Corner Specialist NBA 2k23 Badge
Corner Special Hall of Fame Medal

As the name suggests, The Corner Specialist works exceptionally well when taking a corner shot. It enhances your shot of getting a green release allowing you to get those points.


Next, in our NBA 2K23 Shooting Badges, we have the Claymore Badge. The Claymore badge grants you a massive boost shot at the cost of time. To activate it, you have to stand still for two seconds. This exemplary badge increases your ability to knockdown shots and makes a fool of your opponents. Activating this badge requires some effort from players on the court against defenders.

Furthermore, you can activate this badge by spotting up and standing stationary for at least 2 seconds. If you follow the instruction carefully, you will be able to perform it very well in-game to elevate your chances of getting that victory. The Claymore Badge appears on the upper left side of the screen if you complete all the things correctly and appropriately.

The chances of using this badge increase if you pay attention to catching the ball. Thus make sure you practice it as much as you can. Additionally, you can activate it by standing still for two seconds after making the shot and catching the pass. If you were successful, there should be an icon on the top left side of your screen. Claymore badge increases your chances of landing three-pointers exceptionally, making it desirable for many players. However, this badge isn’t easy to acquire.


You will have to land 55 three-point shots to get the bronze medal. Secondly, for the silver medal, you must hit 69 three-pointers. Similarly, you can obtain the Gold medal upon landing 76 three-point shots. Lastly, you can get the hall of fame medal if you hit 86 three-point shots.


These badges are excellent to use. They are easier to get than S-Tier badges and can even become more powerful in certain situations.

Green Machine

The use of this badge is very situational. If used properly, this badge can become more robust than S-Tier’s. Green Machine gives you an additional shot boost when consecutively hit shots on time. It is gratifying for players who make shoots in streaks without missing.

To activate it, consecutively land green timed shots at least 9 or 10 times. After that, it will make you absolutely unstoppable, especially when paired with other players’ lists. It is an excellent badge to show off your skills, allowing you to get in your opponent’s head. Green Machine will also enable you to keep up a high shot percentage.

However, remember that timing is the most critical factor for the Green Machine badge. The more you focus on timing, the more good this badge will be. It will enable you to ignore the defender in front of you and make that ballsy bucket to win the game.


You can get the bronze medal upon hitting 60 mid-range shots or 60 three-pointers. You must land at least 71 mid-range or 73 three-point shots for the silver medal. Afterward, we have the gold medal that unlocks at 80 mid-range shots or 82 three-point shots. Lastly, The most demanding medal, the Hall of Fame, is awarded at 90 mid-range shots or 91 three-point shots.

Space Creator

Moving on in our NBA 2K23 Best Shooting Badges guide, we have the Space Creator Badge. It is an exceptional badge for guards who like to land buckets. It allows defenders to create space and hit buckets in a counterattack. The Space creator badge is similar to the playmaking ankle breaker badge but favors you while shooting. With this badge, you can create small gaps between the opponent’s defense through which you can slip by. The distance between the defender and dribbler increases, making it easier for you to shoot.

Furthermore, you can use this badge to create space at the start of the game so that your team has a smooth sailing. Moreover, after that space has been gained, you have a high chance of landing those buckets, making it a win-win situation. Additionally, it works very well with other badges like Deadye and Guard Up, making it highly viable.


You can get the bronze medal for the Space Creator Badge upon landing 52 mid-range shots or 53 three-point shots. You can unlock the silver medal by landing 64 mid-range shots or 65 three-pointers. The penultimate medal, the Gold medal, can be unlocked once you land 73 mid-range shots or 74 three-pointers. Lastly, The Hall of Fame medal can be earned when you hit 80 mid-range shots or 83 three-point shots.

Difficult Shots

This mighty badge increases your chances of landing tense shots. It rewards you for making shots from behind the arc handsomely. Imagine a high-pressure situation where you are behind 2 points with only five seconds left on the clock. With the help of this badge, you will be able to take the only chance you have with confidence, a buzzer-beater.

Difficult shots make your buzzer beaters more successful and allow you to hit those ‘difficult shots.’ Note that you cannot use it if you cross the arc. Furthermore, the career of successful athletes has been built upon these pressure situations, so it will be an excellent card to have. Although to use it efficiently, you will have to master almost all the dribble moves, which can be time-consuming.


B-tier badges are known as situational badges. These badges are suitable for specific builds and allow you to go above and beyond.


NBA 2k23 Blinders Badge
Blinders Badge in NBA 2k23

Next up in our NBA 2K23 Best Shooting Badges guide, we have Blinders. It works the best when you have defenders closing in on you. In that situation, it allows you to fire off a shot before the defender can reach you, giving you that extra release time. Moreover, if you are permanently open wide in the court, you are going to find a defender position closing you down at some point. So the Blinders badge will help in most cases to land those shots and secure the win for your team.


You can get the bronze medal at 65 Mid-Range shots or at 70 three-point shots. The silver medal is up for grabs at 77 Mid-Range shots or 80 three-point shots. Moreover, you can get the gold medal at 84 Mid-range shots or 89 three-pointers. The ultimate medal, The Hall of Fame, can be unlocked at 94 mid-range shots or 97 three-pointers.

Agent 3

This unique badge allows you to outplay your opponents in certain situations. You can only activate this badge by making pull-ups or spin shots. Agent 3 increases the accuracy of your spin shots and pull-ups from the three-pointer range. It works best with players who like to move around their defenders with step-backs and spins.

Furthermore, you can call the Agent 3 badge a range extender. Even outside the paint, you have a higher chance of landing those spin shots which are hard to hit. It is of great help to players in difficult situations to pull up like Trae Young or Jamal Murray players. It increases the player’s efficiency and makes them more viable as shooters.


You can unlock the bronze medal at 68 three-point shots. Moreover, the silver method can be acquired upon landing 83 three-pointers. Furthermore, the Gold medal can be obtained once you hit 89 three-point shots. You will have to hit 96 three-point shots for the Hall of Fame medal.


A basketball game has four quarters making it a long and treachours journey to the end. During the trip, the players tend to fatigue due to low stamina, which hinders their game. Thus, we use the Amped badge to remove the adverse effects of fatigue to a certain extent.

Amped badge is used to reduce the penalty of fatigue in court. Many players considered amped badge as one of the best shooting badges in NBA 2k23. Activation of Amped badge is quite simple and easy when your stamina drops below 50%. When the player holds the ball in his hands, and his stamina drops below 50%, the amped badge is automatically activated. Rather than boosting players shooting prowess, it increases their stamina level to counteract the penalty.

With this badge, you are able to design proper strategies to overcome the defenders with the skilled techniques of your key players. It is a vital badge that will help you win time and time again.


You can unlock the bronze medal at 59 mid-range shots or 70 three-point shots. The Silver medal can also be yours if you land 70 mid-range shots or 75 three-point shots. You will have to hit 78 mid-range shots or 82 three-point shots for the gold medal. Lastly, the Hall of Game medal requires you to land 85 mid-range shots or three-pointers.

Volume Shooter

This badge is for those who love to go for the three-pointers. It enables you to hit buckets after buckets; however, you can reach its limit reasonably quickly. Thus we advise you to keep it below the gold medal.


C Tier badges are flawed badges that need major work to be useful. They aren’t impactful in most scenarios and thus can be a waste of points.

Middy Magician

This C-tier badge depends on the interest of the person. It increases your mid-range shooting capabilities slightly, making it almost non-impactful. If you are someone who takes mid-range shots a lot, it can be for you. However, we recommend you upgrade the higher-level badges for more value.

Clutch Shooter

The Clutch Shooter increases your shooting capabilities in the fourth quarter of the match. It can be a good badge to have to finish off a game, but there are better alternatives.

Comeback kid

As the name suggests, it works only when you are behind in points. It allows you to land buckets when you are trailing behind, making it a very situational badge.

Slippery Off-Ball

This badge is the least useful due to the high teamwork required to make it work. It is a semi-ok badge for Park but only if you are willing to put in the effort.

Guard Up

Upon its release, Guard up was considered a game changer. It allowed you to bypass the opponent’s defense with such skills that left the audience dazzled. However, with recent information, the badge’s usefulness has been reduced. That is because it only works when the defenders don’t have their hands up, which is very rare.

The Guard badge provides protection against defenders and works similarly to the blinders and deadeye badge, but this badge works when the defense is sloppy or inexperienced. The Guard-up badge helps you by increasing your chances of making a spot-up jumper shot when there is no shot contest. A combination of this badge with an ankle break badge is potent as it leaves the defenders on the floor, leaving the rim wide open.


The bronze medal can be unlocked at 55 mid-range shots or 60 three-point shots. Furthermore, the silver medal can be yours for landing 69 mid-range shots or 73 three-pointers. You can obtain the gold medal by hitting 77 mid-range shots or 83 three-pointers. Lastly, we have the hall of fame medal, which you can get for 86 mid-range shots or 90 three-pointers.

Key Takeaways

This concludes our NBA 2K23 Best Shooting Badges guide. Shooting Badges help you in multiple ways and are integral to your kit. Some badges might suit you better, while some may not. Thus make sure you find those that fit your play style and allow you to excel. If you have trouble deciding, then look at this guide again.

With that, we finish our NBA 2K23 Shooting Badges guide. Let us know down below which badge is your favorite!!

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