NBA 2K23 BEST Build For Each Position [2024]

I will talk about the bet builds for each position in your NBA 2K23 dream team.

NBA2K23 Best Build

The best build depends purely on your playstyle and preference of position. Below are my personal recommendations for the best build in each position of the all-new NBA 2K23.

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Shoaib Rashid is a big fan of the NBA series and is well-versed in the game. So, you can easily trust the information and the hands-on experience he provides for NBA 2k23!

Key Takeaways

  • Builds take your current abilities to a higher level.
  • The center is one of the team’s five positions in basketball. 
  • Small forwards frequently attempt three-pointers and execute close-range maneuvers.
  • A power forward typically positions himself on the low post and looks to score.
  • The shooting guard’s primary responsibility is to score points for the team.
  • In terms of assists and steals, point guards frequently lead their teams.

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NBA 2K23 Gameplay

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Best Build for Tall Players

Why did I Choose Center?

The center position is one of the five positions in a regulation basketball game. Centers are usually the tallest players on the team and often have great strength.

Close Shot: 76Mid-Range Shot: 76Pass Accuracy: 71Interior Defense: 81Speed: 82
Driving Layup: 84Three-Point Shot: 84Ball Handle: 39Perimeter Defense: 86Acceleration: 74
Driving Dunk: 85Free Throw: 71Speed with Ball: 32Steal: 85Strength: 89
Standing Dunk: 70--Block: 88Vertical: 75
Post Control: 29--Offensive Rebound: 87Stamina: 85
---Defensive Rebound: 99-

Center Build Table.

In basketball, the center (or center) is one of five positions on a team. The center is typically the tallest player on the team and has many responsibilities in offense and defense. To be effective in this position, a player must shoot well with either hand, possess significant ball-handling skills, and pass well enough to keep up with fast-paced play.

The center usually plays close to their opponent’s basket (within 10 feet), but some can also play as far as 12 feet from the hoop if they are very tall or skilled at shooting from that distance. These facts also apply to the Center position since the game is technically a simulator similar to FIFA.

6ft 8in236 lbs7ft 6inDefined

Center build stats table.

  • Ideal for tall players.
  • Fast-paced gameplay.

  • Limits the center position.
  • Not much diversity.

Small Forward

Best Small Forward Build.

Why did I Choose Small Forward?

A player who is a small forward typically has to have the ability to shoot well from the outside but also needs to be able to drive into the paint and finish around the basket. A small forward should also be able to play strong defense against other players playing small forward or power forward.

Small forward players typically shoot for three-point shots and make close-range moves to get into the paint. Players 6’6″ or shorter can often be power forwards, while players of any height may play as small forwards. The important thing with a small forward is their drive and athleticism.

With that in mind, my recommendation for your team’s Small Forward position is as follows:

6ft 9in220 lbs6ft 10inDefined

Small Forward stats table. 

Close Shot: 67Mid-Range Shot: 84Pass Accuracy: 66Interior Defense: 80Speed: 80
Driving Layup: 81Three-Point Shot: 92Ball Handle: 87Perimeter Defense: 90Acceleration: 76
Driving Dunk: 67Free Throw: 68Speed with Ball: 73Steal: 46Strength: 57
Standing Dunk: 54--Block: 75Vertical: 81
Post Control: ---Offensive Rebound: 43Stamina: 95
---Defensive Rebound: 81-

Small Forward build table. 

  • Best performance from Small Forward.
  • Small Height players.

  • Very limited player diversity.

Power Forward

Best Defensive Build.

Why did I Choose Power Forward?

A power forward is usually situated on the low post and attempts to score points through various acrobatic or physical moves. They can also use their size to defend against other players close to the basket, and they are usually taller than most other players on their team.

A power forward has a variety of scoring and defensive moves. They can use the backboard on offensive plays, post up on defense, or have quick feet to get around defenders for easy baskets. In height, power forwards usually range from 6’8″ to 7’0″ (2.03 to 2.13 m).

With this being the case, here are the stats of my best power forward build in NBA 2K23.

6ft 9in210 lbs7ft 2inCompact

Power Forward stats table. 

Close Shot: 59Mid-Range Shot: 76Pass Accuracy: 80Interior Defense: 70Speed: 81
Driving Layup: 79Three-Point Shot: 87Ball Handle: 87Perimeter Defense: 81Acceleration: 77
Driving Dunk: 85Free Throw: 87Speed with ball: 74Steal: 78Strength: 82
Standing Dunk: 85--Block: 80Vertical: 80
Post Control: ---Offensive Rebound: 33Stamina: 93
---Defensive Rebound: 73-

Power Forward build table. 

  • Ideal Defensive Performance.
  • Height helps in defense around basket.

  • Only a defensive playthrough.

Shooting Guard

Best Scoring Build.

Why did I Choose Shooting Guard?

A shooting guard is a player who typically plays as the off-guard on the team. The shooting guard’s main job is to score points for the team, but they also have to be able to defend and rebound.

The shooting guard is often considered one of the most challenging positions in basketball because you must be able to shoot well from outside the three-point line, handle and pass the ball, and run fast up and down the court. The shooting guards in the NBA typically range from 6’3″ to 6’7″.

6ft 6in180 lbs7ft 0inCompact

Shooting Guard stats table. 

Close Shot: 69Mid-Range Shot: 75Pass Accuracy: 71Interior Defense: 26Speed: 86
Driving Layup: 70Three-Point Shot: 90Ball Handle: 85Perimeter Defense: 86Acceleration: 86
Driving Dunk: 80Free Throw: 69Speed with ball: 85Steal: 86Strength: 44
Standing Dunk: ---Block: 26Vertical: 80
Post Control: ---Offensive Rebound: 29Stamina: 99
---Defensive Rebound: 74-

Shooting Guard build table. 

  • Ideal for maximizing scoring playthroughs.

  • Steep learning curve.

Point Guard

Best Offensive Build. 

Why did I Choose Point Guard?

A point guard directs the team’s offense by passing, dribbling, or shooting. Point guards typically lead their teams in assists and steals. The point guard is often the most minor player on the team.

They are usually not as tall as other players on the team, but they are quick and can play in various positions. Point guards are often called “the floor general” because they control what happens on the court during a game.

6ft 5in200 lbs6ft 7inDefined

Point Guard stats table. 

Close Shot: 55Mid-Range Shot: 81Pass Accuracy: 70Interior Defense: -Speed: 85
Driving Layup: 80Three-Point Shot: 92Ball Handle: 94Perimeter Defense: 55Acceleration: 80
Driving Dunk: 85Free Throw: 74Speed with ball: 86Steal: -Strength: 30
Standing Dunk: 38--Block: -Vertical: 75
Post Control: ---Offensive Rebound: -Stamina: 90
---Defensive Rebound: --

Point Guard build table.

  • All-rounder for passing, dribbling, and shooting.
  • Fast-paced gameplay.

  • Demands patience and practice.

What Would I Recommend?

I recommend going forward with Point Guard as the best offensive playthrough with dribbling and shooting abilities. While it is rather my own playthrough recommendation, you are free to pursue whatever you desire for the sake of an ideal experience.

One thing that I can recommend is to test all of these builds. It will significantly help you gauge performance and make an efficient choice promptly. 

Apart from that, for more queries and recommendations, do share them in the comments section, as I always try to answer them for fellow players. 

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