NBA 2K23: How To Hang On The Rim [Easy Method]

Rub extra salt in your opponent’s open wound with the addition of a new ring-hanging mechanic


Every year developers announce new features and improved gameplay coming to the annual basketball video game franchise that either disappoints or pleases fans. Developers are hoping for the latter with a bevy of detailed information that hints at them focusing on offense, mainly attacking the basket, hanging on the rim, curbing over dribbling, and more.

This guide will specifically, I will talk about How to Hang on The Rim in NBA 2K23.

Key Takeaways

  • NBA 2K23 has added a new ring-hanging mechanic, allowing players to hang on the rim after a dunk.
  • To dunk in NBA 2K23, players need to press R2 on PlayStation or RT on Xbox while controlling the player with the ball near the basket.
  • Flick down on the right trigger twice to perform a rim hang after a dunk and keep it there.
  • Hanging on the rim for too long will result in a technical foul, sending the other team to the free-throw line.
  • The new commands for next-gen NBA 2K23 players include UP for a two-hand dunk, RIGHT for a strong-hand dunk, LEFT for a weak-hand dunk, and DOWN for a rim hang.

In addition to hanging on the rim, players can perform various other moves while dunking. This includes doing a flashy dunk, a one-handed dunk, and a weak-hand dunk, among others. However, players have gravitated towards the hanging on the rim mechanic, as that’s one of the best ways to add emphasis to a dunk.

Hanging On The Rim After A Dunk

NBA 2k23

Now you can rub extra salt in your opponent’s open wound with the addition of a new ring-hanging mechanic. The new feature will join the returning metered skill dunks from NBA 2K22 that allowed you “to force difficult dunks in traffic with a timed shot meter.”

  1. To start this process, players need to know how to dunk in the first place.
  2. To dunk in NBA 2K23, players need to press R2 on PlayStation or RT on Xbox while controlling the player with the ball near the basket.
  3. Once the button is held, move the right trigger up and hold it there.
  4. This will perform a simple two-handed dunk that most players in 2K23 will be able to perform.
  5. To add some flare and hang on the rim after completing a slam dunk, flick down on the right trigger and then keep it there instead of letting it go up.
  6. Essentially, you must slide the right trigger down twice. This will cause your controlled player to continue to do the dunk, but instead of finishing the slam and racing back up the court, they will stay hanging on the rim.
  7. Once your player has started to hang on the rim, it’s up to you how long they stay there.
  8. Be careful. Hang on the rim for too long, and you will get a technical foul, sending the other team to the free throw line for free shots and possession of the ball.
  9. If done for the appropriate period, your player will not be called for a technical foul and will instead get pumped up.
  10. You should practice the button technique to hang on the rim before attempting it in a competitive setting.
  11. To make it simpler, here are the new commands only available to next-gen players that will allow you to execute those jams with some flair.
  • UP – Two-Hand
  • RIGHT – Strong Hand
  • LEFT – Weak Hand
  • DOWN – Rim Hang
  • UP-UP – Flashy Two-Hand
  • DOWN-UP – Flashy One Hand
  • UP-DOWN – Normal Skill Dunk with meter
  • DOWN-DOWN – Rim Hang Skill Dunk with meter

You’ll notice with this new map; you now have control over rim hangs. For New Gen, 2K has taken that control to an all-new level with physics-based simulated rim hangs! This is an incredibly entertaining and wonderfully complex piece of tech that’s been in development for a couple of years now. It allows the player to control when and how you hang on the rim after a dunk.

That’s it for this NBA 2K23 How To Hang On The Rim guide, we hope this helped in making those dunks even more satisfying to execute.

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