Nebula Remnant 2: Location, Stats, & Best Mutators

Nebula is a highly powerful weapon in Remnant 2. However, knowing the right Weapon Mod, Mutator, and best build are crucial for a successful gameplay. In this guide, we discuss how to get Nebula, its stats, Mutators, and best build.

Nebula Remnant 2.
Here is our complete Nebula Remnant 2 guide.

Remnant 2 features 19 Hand Guns, of which Nebula is among the most potent and sought-after weapons. This short-range Hand Gun can rapidly fire at enemies and deal continuous Acid Damage. This guide gives an over of the Remnant 2 Nebula along with how to find it, its stats, Weapon Mods, and best build.

Key Takeaways

  • Nebula is a rapid-action Hand Gun with a higher firing rate but poor Critical Hit Chance and Weak Spot Damage Bonus.
  • You can find it after you choose not to die before the Tal’Ratha fight. After the fight, you’ll get the Spiced Bile, which (along with seven Lumenite Crystals and 650 Scrap) can be used to craft the Nebula at McCabe.
  • This weapon has a passive that deals Acid Damage and creates a cloud of Corrosive gas to deal continuous damage.
  • Nebula has a default Weapon Mod called “Nano Swarm” that deals with Acid Damage to multiple enemies in an area.
  • For the Mutator, we recommend Bandit for its Ammo replenishing abilities.
  • Nebula is best paired with Sagittarius and Iron Greatsword and should be used on the Challenger Archetype with the Energizing Neck Coil Amulet and the Acid Stone. You should keep the Medic as your Dual Archetype.

Nebula Overview And Stats

Nebula Remnant 2 stats.
Nebula sacrifices Critical Chance for a higher firing rate. (Image captured by us)

Nebula is a Special Hand Gun that can be acquired during the main storyline in N’erud. This is a relatively powerful handgun capable of incredible rapid-fire damage. Here’s an overview of Nebula’s stats:

Ideal Range8 meters
Fallout Range8 meters
Critical Hit ChanceN/A
Stagger Modifier-15%
Weak Spot Damage BonusN/A
Max Ammo220
  • Looking at the stats, it’s evident that this Hand Gun’s primary strength is its rapid-fire speed. Each bullet deals a low amount of damage with a relatively closer range than other guns. However, the Nebula has a great RPS (rounds per second) stat, which allows it to shoot enemies in a short period rapidly.
  • Given the Max Ammo and the Magazine size, you can reload the Nebula precisely four times before restocking on bullets. You’ll exhaust your Magazine in just 7 seconds during a continuous fire. And you’ll entirely run out of Ammo in just 28 seconds (minus the reloading time).
  • However, the Nebula has no Critical Hit Chance or Weak Spot Damage Bonus. The Nebula has a negative Stagger Modifier to add salt to the wound, which deals less stagger damage than usual.
  • And that’s all on top of the very low accuracy, requiring additional focus and readjusting your aim when firing.

How To Get Nebula

The Nebula Hand Gun is one of the trickier weapons to acquire since it’s pretty easy to miss it during the primary campaign.

To obtain the Nebula Hand Gun in Remnant 2:

  • Enter N’erud, one of the primary worlds, which may unlock randomly.
  • Find yourself in Seeker’s Rest or the Forgotten Prison. If in Seeker’s Rest, re-roll the game in Adventure Mode to start in the Forgotten Prison.
  • Progress through the “Tal’Ratha and the Shining Essence Echo” campaign.
  • After defeating Tal’Ratha, receive Spiced Bile as a reward.
  • Craft Nebula at McCabe’s workshop using Spiced Bile, 650 Scrap, and 7 Lumenite Crystals to acquire the Nebula Hand Gun.

Nebula Remnant 2 Passive

Nebula's passive.
Nebula’s passive shoots out a Corrosive stream of Acidic gas. (Image captured by us)

The Nebula Hand Gun stands out with its unique passive ability, setting it apart from regular Hand Guns, Weapon Mods, and Mutators. Here’s what makes it remarkable:

  • Corrosive Damage: The Nebula fires steaming hot acid gas rounds that deal 300 Corrosive Damage to enemies upon impact. This Corrosive Damage persists for 15 seconds, allowing you to continuously damage affected enemies.

  • Gas Cloud Effect: When a target afflicted with the Corroded status debuff is killed by the Nebula, a superhot gas cloud emerges. This cloud applies the same Corroded status debuff to enemies it hits, enabling you to swiftly clear hordes of enemies.

  • Duration and Reusability: The gas cloud remains active for 2 seconds, after which you can summon it again immediately. This grants you the ability to maintain continuous area damage.

The Corrosive Nebula passive ability transforms this already potent weapon into an unstoppable force. While it lacks Critical Hit Chance or Weak Spot Damage Bonus, its added Area of Effect (AoE) damage makes it a perfect choice for handling hordes of adversaries.

Nebula Weapon Mod: Nano Swarm

The Nebula Hand Gun comes with a pre-equipped Weapon Mod called “Nano Swarm,” and unlike typical Weapon Mods that can be customized, this one is fixed in place. Here’s how Nano Swarm works:

  • Nano Swarm Effect: Nano Swarm summons a swarm of Nanomachines that actively seek out and attack enemies within a 20-meter radius. Each Nanomachine inflicts 6 Acid Damage every time it hits an enemy.

  • Duration: The Nanomachines remain active for 15 seconds.

  • Mod Power Requirement: To use this Mod, you’ll need a Mod Power of 750.

Unfortunately, the Nano Swarm Weapon Mod cannot be removed from the Nebula Hand Gun. This means that you can neither use the Weapon Mod with any other weapon nor apply any other Weapon Mod on the Nebula.

Best Nebula Mutators

Nebula Remnant 2 gameplay.
The Nebula is a powerful weapon with the right Mutators. (Image captured by us)

Nebula does not come pre-equipped with a Mutator, similar to a Weapon Mod in that it applies special perks to your weapons. Here are some of the best Mutators to use with Nebula:


Bandit creates a 10% chance that your spent Ammo will return to the Magazine of Nebula whenever you strike a hit. Considering just how fast you’ll land hits with the Nebula (and how fast you’ll run out of Ammo), this Mutator is the best for this gun. You’ll find Bandit in the Forgotten Field in Yaesha.


Bulletweaver enhances your Fire Rate by 10% whenever you use a Mod. The effect lasts 7 seconds and is perfect with the Nebula Hand Gun since the weapon already has a higher firing rate. The only downside is that this means that you’ll run out of Ammo faster.


Extender is a Mutator that works wonders with any Ranged Weapon. It boosts your Magazine Capacity by 20%. This means that you spend less time reloading. Remember that your Max Ammo remains the same, meaning you can only use the same amount of bullets but will need to refill less often.

Failsafe and Harmonizer

The Failsafe and Harmonizer Mutators provide a 10% damage boost to your Weapon Mod, enhancing the effectiveness of Nano Swarm. While the increase might seem small initially, it accumulates significantly due to the multiple hits from the Nanomachines, making it a valuable enhancement for this Mod.

  • Failsafe Mutator: You can find Failsafe in the Dormant N’Erudian Facility, specifically in the room with the Biome-Control Glyph. To obtain it, you must use the control panel to purge the room of enemy mobs, which will replace the mobs with a mini-boss. After defeating the mini-boss, you’ll receive the Failsafe Mutator.

  • Harmonizer Mutator: To obtain the Harmonizer Mutator, you’ll first need to find Dwell. Then, you can purchase the Harmonizer Mutator using 500 Scrap and 75 Relic Dust. Both Failsafe and Harmonizer Mutators offer the same damage-boosting effect, so the choice between them is yours.


Lithely boosts your Reload Speed by 4% for every foe you take down between the reloads. Lithely is a blessing for a rapid-fire Hand Gun like the Nebula. It speeds up the reload animation, which you’ll often do with Nebula. The effect lasts 15 seconds and stacks five times for a max 20% Reload Speed reduction.


Refunder is an enhanced version of Bandit. It creates a 20% chance that each shot will return Ammo to your storage. However, instead of directly reloading it into your Magazine, it sends the shot to your reserves. You can find this Mutator in the Tower of the Unseen in N’Erud. E.D. Alpha drops this Mutator.


Finally, we have Timewave, which complements the Nano Swarm Weapon Mod well. This Mutator enhances your Weapon Mod. Whenever you use your Mod, a 7.5-meter radius is created that slows all enemies within its perimeter. The effect lasts 5 seconds and is an excellent addition to the Acid Damage of Nano Swarm.

Nebula Weapon Upgrades

The Nebula Hand Gun, like every other weapon, can be upgraded so that its raw damage is boosted. However, since this is a Special Hand Gun, it can be upgraded ten times. Each time, its damage increases by 2.4. You require a certain number of Lumneite Crystals, Scrap, and some form of iron to upgrade Nebula.

114.45 Iron, 450 Scrap, 2 Lumenite Crystals.
216.810 Iron, 525 Scrap, 2 Lumenite Crystals.
319.215 Iron, 600 Scrap, 2 Lumenite Crystals.
421.615 Forged Iron, 675 Scrap, 2 Lumenite Crystals.
52420 Forged Iron, 825 Scrap, 3 Lumenite Crystals.
626.415 Galvanized Iron, 825 Scrap, 3 Lumenite Crystals.
728.820 Galvanized Iron, 900 Scrap, 3 Lumenite Crystals.
831.215 Hardened Iron, 975 Scrap, 4 Lumenite Crystals.
933.620 Hardened Iron, 1,050 Scrap, 4 Lumenite Crystals.
10361 Simulacrum, 1,125 Scrap, 5 Lumenite Crystals.

Best Nebula Build

The recommended Nebula Remnant 2 build.
This is our recommended Nebula Remnant 2 build. (Image captured by us)

Here’s our recommended build using the Nebula Hand Gun:

WeaponSaggitariusNebulaIron Greatsword
TypeLong GunHand GunMelee Weapon
Ideal Range25 meters8 metersN/A
Falloff Range65 meters8 metersN/A
Max Ammo32220N/A
Weak Spot Damage Bonus115%N/A95%
Stagger Modifier5%-15%13%
Critical Hit Chance10%N/A5%
PassiveDeals extra damage to Weakspots. Charged Attacks deal even more damage, with a Perfect Release dealing the highest damage.Shoots Acid gas that Corrodes enemies and deals 300 Corrosive Damage over the course of 15 seconds.None
Weapon ModStarfall: A powerful arrow is launched that deals 30 damage while ripping open a portal that spans 7 meters. The portal rains down fragments of a dying star, with each piece dealing 50 damage to all enemies in a 4-meter radius. This effect lasts 6 seconds and requires 750 Mod Power.Nano Swarm: A swarm of Nanomachines appears and starts chasing enemies, dealing 6 Acid Damage for every hit on enemies within a 20-meter radius. This effect lasts 15 seconds and requires 750 Mod Power.Bore: A drill bores into foes and deals 80 daage. Once it's fully inside, it will create a new Weakspot that takes 50% extra Weakspot Damage. If it's already attached to another Weakspot, the Ranged Crit Chance boosts by 15% whenever you hit the drill. The efefect lasts 6 seconds and requires 500 Mod Power.
MutatorGhost Shell: After 3 successive Weakspot Hits, the next Weakspot Hit deals 20% extra damage.Bandit: Every hit has a 10% chance of returning your shot directly to your magazine. Transference: Hits with the Iron Greatsword generate 5% of your Ammo Reserves for the Long Gun as well as the Hand Gun. This effect has a Cooldown of 10 seconds.
Upgrade Level10 (294 damage)10 (36 damage)20 (315 damage)
How To AcquireIn Cathedral of Omen, Yaesha, rotate the symbols at the entrance so that the Death and Moon glyphs are outside the circles.Craft at McCabe's workshop for 1 Spiced Bile, 650 Scrap, and 7 Lumenite Crystals.Starting weapon for the Challenger Class. Can also be purchased in Ward 13 from Brabus.
  • Archetype: Challenger
  • Armor Set: High Noon Set
  • Amulet: Energized Neck Coil
  • Ring: Acid Stone
  • Skill: Rampage
  • Dual Archetype: Medic

We have decided to complement this Nebula with the Saggitarius and Iron Greatsword for this build. Saggitarius is an excellent Long Gun choice as it makes up for the shorter range of the Nebula and also features a built-in Weapon Mod. It also adds a lot of Weak Spot Damage Bonus, which the Nebula lacks.

The Iron Greatsword was chosen for a similar reason, with a higher Weak Spot Damage Bonus and Stagger Modifier. The Transference Mutator will also work great with the Nebula Hand Gun.

We decided to use the Challenger Archetype since this is still a relatively close-range build. Additionally, the Iron Greatsword is already included as your starting weapon.

As for the Amulet and Ring, we chose the Energized Neck Coil and Acid Stone. Both enhance your Acid Damage and also deal explosive damage. The Rampage Skill perfectly complements the Nebula by boosting the Fire Rate, Movement Speed, and Reload Speed.

Speaking of Movement Speed, the chosen Armor Set is the Medium Weight High Noon Set that allows for a Normal Dodge. Finally, we decided on the Medic for the Dual Archetype to complement the close range of the Challenger.

My Thoughts

The Nebula is a rapid-action close-range Hand Gun with one of the most prominent Magazines and Max Ammo capacities in Remnant 2. While it lacks in Critical Hit Chance and Weak Spot Damage Bonus, its Corrosive passive makes up for that.

And that’s not all. Nebula comes pre-equipped with the Nano Swarm Weapon Mod, which deals with continuous Acid Damage to enemies in a wide area. The best Mutator to apply to the Nebula is the Bandit Mutator, which returns some Ammo straight to your Magazine.

Check out our Remnant 2 Engineer Archetype guide for information on the Engineer Archetype.

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