Interview: Necrophosis Is Designed With Idea Of Making Every Location Unique

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Necrophosis - via Dragonis Games

If there is one title that perfectly implements the Lovecraftian puzzle adventure, then it seems to be the upcoming Necrophosis. Set in a post-apocalyptic world battered with decay, Necrophosis is the ultimate take on the walking simulator with a touch of mystical horror. Plus, the haunting visuals and sound design push the narrative experience even further. 

Not only that but Necrophosis is meticulously designed with attention to detail that caters to the narrative it tells. To discuss further on these aspects, we interviewed Ares Dragonis of Dragonis Games, over an email. 

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Necrophosis – via CryptikMedia

Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your role on Necrophosis.

Ares: My name is Ares Dragonis, and I am the CEO of Dragonis Games. I direct the game from all possible angles. For Necrophosis, all visuals are my own solo work.

I handle 3D modeling for all in-game assets, character modeling, level design, effects, lighting, animations, blocking, concepts, sound editing, sound editing on bought sounds, the story, and the writing for the narrations, determining how the game unfolds.

The initial looks of Necrophosis are amazing and fit perfectly for a Mystery experience. We knew that the inspiration was coming from the Scorn game, especially considering the themes set by Zdzislaw Beksinski. Can you shed more light on how this idea originated to go into this nightmarish direction for a first-person adventure game?

Ares: The main idea started when I was curious about what would happen if I created a game where each event is unique to the point that each location and each event is like a painting coming to life. That’s when Beksinski inspired me with his art. I wanted to create the weirdest game with a solid background story for the creepy things I would create.

I was mainly inspired by Beksinski and some other artists out there who use the same art style, Necro art, where everything looks dead and skinny with bones. There was a small portion of inspiration that came from Scorn since it was also inspired by Giger and Beksinski. What’s special about Necrophosis is that as you progress, you won’t expect what’s gonna happen next since I am creating unique mechanics and unique assets for each area.

I am not using the same assets from previous areas that you have progressed from. Each location will feel like you are playing something new, and each location will try to deliver a different feeling while maintaining the creepiness and the weirdness that will amaze you every time.

Necrophosis - via Ayghan
Necrophosis – via Ayghan

Necrophosis is described as a “mystical puzzle adventure.” Could you elaborate on how puzzles are integrated into the gameplay experience and how they contribute to the overall narrative?

Ares: The world of Necrophosis is a realm where everything decays eternally until it turns to dust, but also stays alive while doing so. As you progress, you will come across beings, entities, gods, and humans that exist in this realm. Each time you progress, you will encounter unique mechanics, and it will feel like each location and event is like a painting coming to life, requesting you to do something that you haven’t experienced in the previous locations.

Each event will host something weird and creepy, along with narrations and poems. As you progress, the game gets weirder and weirder, to a point where the player will accept anything that appears forth.

Apart from the design inspiration, what other techniques were utilized to truly deliver a 'mystical puzzle adventure' to the players?

Ares: The main concept behind this is that we keep each location unique without using existing assets from the previous locations, making each event unique in every possible way.

Necrophosis - via innoshades
Necrophosis – via innoshades

Decay is a central theme in Necrophosis, inflicting everything it touches. How does this theme manifest in the gameplay mechanics and the design of the game world?

Ares: The curse of Necrophosis is inflicted upon anyone who enters that realm. Some entities suffer and may ask for assistance; some may even plead for mercy, and others have lost their minds. To some, it is a prison.

Your main task is to find answers for what’s happening, who you are, and where you are. While doing so, you will experience macabre events, as almost everything is suffering in this world, and you will be the hand that nudges causality.

What challenges did your team face in creating a game that balances horror, puzzle-solving, and narrative depth? How did you overcome these challenges during development?

Ares: To be honest, we haven’t faced any challenges. To me, the ideas that we implement for each location and event come naturally, almost instantly, without too much trouble. The whole game is like my imagination coming to life; it’s pure art.

World of Necrophosis
Necrophosis – via KenKenVega1

Necrophosis promises a journey of discovery and introspection. Can you provide examples of moments in the game where players are encouraged to reflect on the themes and mysteries presented to them?

Ares: Each event holds a secret meaning behind it; it will reflect on the player’s feelings based on the real-life experiences they have endured. Some may not understand an event or feel its meaning because they haven’t gone through similar experiences in real life. The game throws hints in almost a supernatural way.

How important is player agency in Necrophosis, especially in terms of decision-making and exploration? Are there multiple paths or endings based on player choices?

Ares: From the very first area, you have a choice, but it’s not super pointed out because the mechanic works only for the subconscious part of the player. They will realize that they had a choice when the achievement questions their actions.

This is a new way of discovering one’s subconscious self. And as you progress deeper into the game, you will have to make bigger choices.

Necrophosis - via Undead0117
Necrophosis – via Undead0117

Could you share with us how long Necrophosis has been in development and how many developers are actively working on it?

Ares: Necrophosis has been in development for 4 months now. I was doing some level design 2 years ago in my spare time, as for me, creating the world is like creating art. But the official development started around 3-4 months ago. In the development team, it’s just me and the Programmer Adonis. On the marketing team, we collaborate with Indiepump.

Is there any additional insight or information about Necrophosis that you believe would be valuable for our readers to know, whether it's about the game's themes, development process, or plans?

Ares: I can only promise this: it will be a fun ride with very, very weird stuff.

Necrophosis is an upcoming Lovecraftian horror Puzzle game, under development by Dragonis Studios. The game is planned to be released on PC very soon. 

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