Need for Speed Unbound Game Length Explained

All the details that tell you how much hours you are required to spend on Need for Speed Unbound

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A Guide that tells you how much hours you need to spend on NFS Unbound

The most frequently asked question after a game comes out is about its length; how many hours will it take you to finish it? Need for Speed Unbound is a fan-favorite game due to its cartoonist animations and car races.

Are you curious how long it will take to end NFS Unbound? Just for you, we will be discussing all the factors regarding the game length in this article.

Key Takeaways:

  • Need for Speed Unbound is about 19 to 20 hours long if focused only on the main story.
  • Game Length extends to almost 23 hours if you want to complete side missions.
  • To be a completionist, you must spend about 28 hours on average completing everything in the game.
  • Players looking to speed-run the game can rush the story missions and end them in 15 to 16 hours.

Unbound consists of the Main Story missions and some side ones, which are optional. Further, you can also play Multiplayer mode, where you can race with up to 16 players available online in Lakeshore.

Your main goal is to compete in multiple races over four weeks. Winning these races will give you the money to enter the qualifier races. Further winning those will provide you with the big bucks.

How Long Is Unbound

Someone who knows the Need for Speed games from the past will think this game short. On average, if you only focus on the main story, you can finish Need for Speed Unbound in under 19 to 20 hours.

If you want to participate in the side activities along with the main story, your completion time will extend by some hours, totaling 22 to 23 hours. However, a veteran NFS player must be a completionist which demands around 27 to 29 hours.

story mission cutscene
During a mission cutscene

An open-world game like Need for Speed Unbound is a player-dependent game, which means it is totally up to the user which path they choose to play the game. You can finish the game in less than 19 hours if you rush too much and ignore side activities.

These side activities are related to gathering all the collectibles and participating in the activities around you. 260 Collectibles and 160 Activities will keep you busy in Unbound. If you want to know the location of all these collectibles, visit here.

Being a completionist requires you to complete all the story missions, finish all the side activities, and collect all the trophies and achievements, which means you have finally conquered the game. That is why this demands extra hours to be spent in the game.

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How To Reduce Completion Hours

If you are looking to speed-run the game, you can skip all the optional races around you, which is a viable option during a speed run. You can also ignore many collectible items that are not on your way, so you won’t travel extra miles for them.

driving during a story mission
Story Gameplay – Completing an Objective

By looking at all the reduction in activities, you can finish the game in 15 to 16 hours. Note again that it depends on how you approach the story missions in NFS Unbound.

It also helps if you have already played the previous Need for Speed games, just like the NFS Heat, which resembles Unbound a lot. Due to it, experienced players complete the game much earlier than all the new racers.

Is It Worth Being A Completionist?

Aiming for all the collectibles and trophies and winning every race will require much more effort, but it’s worth it. Any racing game enthusiast will tell you to take every chance to reach a 100% completion rate.

escaping cops during car chase
Cop Chase Gameplay

Final Remarks

Summing it up, NFS Unbound is loved by the racing games community due to its animations and game mechanics. Roughly, it will take 19 to 20 hours for an average player to complete the game. More experience from previous NFS game cuts down the completion time to 17-18 hours.

Being a completionist requires you to finish all story missions, compete in all side activities, and collect all collectibles, which will take 27 to 29 hours. Moreover, anyone looking to speed-run by ignoring any side missions can reach the end in around 16 to 17 hours.

This is it for this article! Take your time and decide which approach you want to take. If you enjoyed the guide, visit VeryAliGaming for more exciting guides regarding NFS Unbound and other trending games like Callisto Protocol and Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Need for Speed Unbound is available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Download it and participate in the most intense street races of all time.

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