Here Are My Tips & Tricks For Need For Speed Unbound

Incorporate some simple tips to make your overall gameplay more rewarding.

Need For Speed Unbound: Tips & Tricks [Top 19]
Need For Speed Unbound: Tips & Tricks [Top 19]

Although Need for Speed Unbound might seem like a simple racing game that you can enjoy. But for players seeking optimal performance gameplay, they must surely incorporate notable tips to make their overall experience more rewarding. 

Key Takeaways

  • The essential tips relate to your NOS usage and the type of cars you need.
  • These tips will be integral in your path to the king of the roads.

Utilizing NOS In Tight Turns

Mastering tight turns is crucial for racing success. Instead of solely relying on acceleration, utilize NOS (Nitrous Oxide System) for swift exits. Immediately activate NOS after a sharp turn to regain speed.

Pressing the NOS button can also halt drifting. When facing severe turns, consider using NOS to realign and maintain pace. This strategy is most effective with a filled yellow bonus bar.

Save Your Nos Until The Final Lap

This does not suggest you shouldn’t utilize it before a race’s final lap. However, it would be best if you didn’t think about how rapidly you can fill your NOS. That means you should strive to take in as much of the final lap as possible.

The AI rubber banding regularly takes advantage and typically begins in the last lap, just before the race ends. When you see your rivals closing in on you or possibly even passing you, you should burn up your NOS to finish the race.

Drifting & Boosting

Seriously, this one is very important. Drifting is integral to gameplay, but combining it with boosts is equally vital. Drifting into tight curves can lead to speed loss, so releasing a small boost upon exiting the drift is key to maintaining distance from pursuers.

Instead of solely aiming to outmaneuver opponents at sharp turns, focus on drafting behind them to gain an advantage in NOS.

By closely following your opponent’s car, you can narrow the gap faster and increase your NOS advantage. Even if you’re several yards away, positioning yourself directly behind your opponent maximizes your chances of receiving a boost during selection.

Perfect Launch

A strong start is crucial for overtaking rivals and staying competitive. Achieving the perfect launch is key to this. Each car has a rev bar indicating the optimal engine revving window. 

Revving within this window grants an early speed advantage. Master the timing for each vehicle as launch windows vary.

Your First Car

Need for Speed Unbound gives you three options when it asks you to choose your first vehicle early on. That would seem a significant choice in a racer, but happily, the game strives to keep things moving quickly, especially in the beginning.

The first three vehicles you can use in the game are on par with one another, but you’ll soon have access to more cars (and much better ones). You don’t need to spend too much time considering the first option because it doesn’t carry much weight.

Don’t Carry Too Much

You’ll eventually collect a large sum of money as you participate in more events and explore the free world. However, it also implies that you stand a greater chance of losing that cash.

While you’re gone during the day or night, the money you made during that session isn’t maintained immediately in your regular bank account.

To properly store them away so that you may use them to enter other races or just keep them secure, you’ll need to travel to the garage or a safe house. You won’t have to worry about giving the cops your money if you keep it hidden.

Betting Against Opponents

While it’s tempting to spend all your earnings on new cars and upgrades, remember to allocate some for betting against opponents. Wagering on races can yield lucrative rewards if you finish ahead.

Ensure your opponent’s car isn’t vastly superior to yours to mitigate risk. I will also advise you to opt for slightly less risky bets to avoid potential losses of both the race and your money.

Flow & Drafting

You should be familiar with drafting if you’ve played many racing games in the past. You can acquire a decent burst of speed that competent drivers can employ for overtaking if you follow closely in an opponent’s wake.

It’s much more crucial in the game because drafting near a rival can reward you nitro, which you can use to increase your overtaking capability.

Poking The Bear

It’s a terrific method to make money during the day to lure the police and profit from police pursuits, but be careful not to push your luck too far because those who live by the sword also die by the sword. Your ride’s heat may rise dramatically at night, and the cops may behave violently.

It’s time to flee with your hard-earned money if you have more than $8k in your possession. But I will say never refuse a ride when offered because doing so will allow you to access more shelters where you can store your prizes.


NFS Unbound is mainly focused on races and events, but it’s still an open-world game, so you’ll be losing out on a lot if you don’t take the time to explore everything.

Even if it isn’t as jam-packed as a game like Forza, there are still plenty of trinkets to be found that can be sold for some additional money.

Try Not To wreck, But If You Do, Don’t Worry

While driving recklessly, colliding with obstacles or other cars can damage your vehicle or attract law enforcement’s attention. While it’s not a big concern during regular driving, crashing during a race or police chase can be detrimental.

If you do wreck during a race, you can often recover without needing to restart. Just be mindful that if the crash happens late in the race, a restart might be necessary.


That also holds for the prologue of the game. The prologue in Need for Speed Unbound offers a few races and events, but that merely acts as an introduction to get you familiar with the game’s mechanics.

A time skip separates the central portion of the game from the prologue that came before it, and there is a fairly clear separation between the two.

This is one of those occasions where speeding through things to get to the experience’s core isn’t necessarily a terrible idea because things don’t pick up until the prologue is over.

Losing Your Heat Level

Lowering your Heat level is crucial to evade police attention. While traditional methods like defeating officers or outrunning them work, a more effective approach is finding a secluded spot, such as an alley or dirt road, and turning off your car’s engine.

  • Heat Level Police Alertness
  • One Police observe but won’t intervene unless provoked.
  • Two Prolonged visibility increases the likelihood of pursuit.
  • Three Immediate pursuit upon police sighting; additional units join.
  • Four Aggressive pursuits with reinforcements and police aircraft.
  • Five Intense pursuit with faster units, helicopters, and robust police trucks.

Control The Throttle When A Race Begins

When beginning a race, it’s essential to control the throttle for a smoother start. While it may seem tempting to hold down the throttle for a quick start, this can lead to wheel spin and poor acceleration, costing you time and positions.

Look for a white notch on the speedometer indicating the perfect throttle point; when the needle aligns with it, the notch turns green. This signifies the ideal position for optimal acceleration. Mastering this technique ensures a great start, allowing you to leave the line swiftly and efficiently.

Utilize The Quick Route Feature

Make the most of the Quick Route feature in Need For Speed Unbound. While it may seem overlooked, it offers significant benefits. Instead of manually selecting destinations, simply activate the Quick Route feature, indicated by a button on the HUD.

This feature swiftly presents two options: the closest safehouse or meeting location. It’s particularly handy during police pursuits or when navigating between races.

After completing a race, the Quick Route option to another race or safehouse automatically appears, streamlining your gameplay experience.

Be Cautious When Choosing Your Race Routes

When selecting race routes, exercise caution as some paths pose higher risks, such as jumps or tight turns. Always opt for the simpler path when leading a race to minimize potential mishaps. 

Identify Gas Stations On A Map

Gas stations are crucial for repairing your vehicle during a police chase or before delivering cars in missions. They’re easily recognizable by their illuminated, bright blue appearance.


Upgrading your current vehicle’s parts can elevate its class, allowing you to compete in higher-level races without the hefty cost of purchasing a new car.

This flexible approach lets you revert to the original class by reinstalling the original components, providing cost-effective performance improvements.

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