Need For Speed Unbound: Tips & Tricks [Top 19]

This Need For Speed Unbound Tips and Tricks guide will inform you of all the shortcuts you can use to take the throne of the streets.

Need For Speed Unbound: Tips & Tricks [Top 19]
Need For Speed Unbound: Tips & Tricks [Top 19]

Need for Speed Unbound is the latest racing-adventure game that immerses players in high-octane gameplay. The game breathes new life into the racing genre and expands upon the Need for Speed Franchise, including multiple new exploration areas, cars, and collectibles to add to your arsenal. However, it’s not always easy to be ruling the streets of Need for Speed. Therefore, to help you in your endeavors, we provide you with this Need For Speed Unbound Tips and Tricks guide.

Key Takeaways

  • This guide includes multiple tips and tricks to help you explore and navigate the map better.
  • The essential tips relate to your NOS usage and the type of cars you need.
  • These tips will be integral in your path to the king of the roads.

Need For Speed Unbound Best Tips and Tricks

Utilizing NOS in Tight Turns

The most important tip in this Need For Speed Unbound Tips and Tricks guide is knowing how to navigate fast turns and how to explode out of them as rapidly as possible are two critical elements in racing games, notably Need for Speed. For that, fortunately, Need for Speed Unbound has a fantastic approach.

Use the NOS instead of trying to accelerate out of tight turns as quickly as possible. You can instantly resume your regular pace if you use the NOS right after a steep turn. However, you can halt drifting by pressing the NOS button. If you think you will take a severe turn, it also helps to turn around and get back on track. This functions better when you have the yellow bonus bar.

Save your Nos Until the Final Lap

This does not suggest you shouldn’t utilize it before a race’s final lap. However, it would be best if you didn’t think about how rapidly you can fill your NOS. That means you should strive to take in as much of the final lap as possible. The AI rubber banding that Game of Speed Unbound regularly takes advantage of typically begins in the last lap, just before the race is ended. When you see your rivals closing in on you or possibly even passing you, you should burn up your NOS to finish the race.

Drifting & Boosting

Drifting plays a significant role in the gameplay of Need for Speed Unbound, as would be expected from an arcade racer like this. However, combining your drifts with boosts might frequently be just as crucial. You will lose a lot of speed when you drift into tight curves. Thus, the best course of action is frequently to release a small boost as soon as you escape the drift to increase the distance between you and those behind you. Instead of merely attempting to sneak up on your adversaries or cut them off at sharp turns, try to draught them as much as you can.

When drought, you follow your opponent’s car closely to reduce the gap more quickly and gain an advantage in NOS.

Even if you are several yards away, attempt to position yourself squarely behind your opponent to maximize your chances of receiving the boost during selection.

Perfect Launch

In Need for Speed Unbound, a solid start to your race is essential because, without one, you’ll frequently find it difficult to overtake your rivals at the very front. Getting the ideal launch is critical to accomplishing that. Every car has a small bar on the screen that shows a short window for revving your engine. If you rev it up too much or too little when the race starts, things won’t go well for you.

If you rev it up just enough to fall in that small bar, you’ll gain an early speed advantage. Regardless of the vehicle, you’re using, ensure you’ve got the timing down because every automobile has a different launch window.

Your First Car

Need for Speed Unbound gives you three options when it asks you to choose your first vehicle early on. That would seem a significant choice in a racer, but happily, the game strives to keep things moving quickly, especially in the beginning.

The first three vehicles you can use in the game are on par with one another, but you’ll soon have access to more cars (and much better ones). You don’t need to spend too much time considering the first option because it doesn’t carry much weight.

Don’t Carry Too Much

You’ll eventually collect a large sum of money as you participate in more events and explore the free world. However, it also implies that you stand a greater chance of losing that cash. While you’re gone during the day or night, the money you made during that session isn’t maintained immediately in your regular bank account.

To properly store them away so that you may use them to enter other races or just keep them secure, you’ll need to travel to the garage or a safe house. You won’t have to worry about giving the cops your money if you keep it hidden.

Betting Against Opponents

Most of the time, you’ll want to buy new cars and other upgrades with the money you’ve made, but be sure to set aside some of it for buy-ins as well. In Need for Speed Unbound, you can wager against one of your competitors for a race; if you finish ahead, you get the payoff. Make sure that anybody you choose to bet against has a car that isn’t significantly more advanced than your own.

Yes, it will be a much bigger wager, and that may seem alluring, but if there’s a good possibility you’ll lose both the race and the money, it’s wiser to choose a somewhat less risky alternative.

Flow and drafting

You should be familiar with drafting if you’ve played many racing games in the past. You can acquire a decent burst of speed that competent drivers can employ for overtaking if you follow closely in an opponent’s wake. It’s much more crucial in Need for Speed because remaining near a rival can reward you nitro, which you can use to increase your overtaking capability.

Poking the bear

It’s a terrific method to make money during the day to lure the police and profit from police pursuits, but be careful not to push your luck too far because those who live by the sword also die by the sword. Your body temperature may rise dramatically at night, and the cops may behave violently.

It’s time to flee with your hard-earned money if you have more than $8k in your possession. However, never refuse a ride when offered because doing so will allow you to access more shelters where you can store your prizes.


NFS Unbound is mainly focused on races and events, but it’s still an open-world game, so you’ll be losing out on a lot if you don’t take the time to explore everything. Even if it isn’t as jam-packed as a game like Forza, there are still plenty of trinkets to be found that can be sold for some additional money.

Turn on the engines

The first lap of a NASCAR race or the first few turns of a Formula 1 race is always the most thrilling part of the race, and this is also true of races held on city streets. There is a technique to get off the line quickly, offering you a significant edge as the race progresses.

You’ll notice a little bar above your speedometer that indicates how many revs you should apply before you move. If you pull away too quickly or too slowly, the remainder of the field will shortly overtake you. Each car has a unique sweet spot, so pay attention.

Try not to wreck, But If You Do, Don’t Worry

You will damage the automobile and risk being destroyed by other drivers and law enforcement if you crash into people or solid objects like walls or obstacles. It’s not a problem to wreck when you’re just driving about. However, getting into an accident while competing or even during a police chase can seriously hurt you.

One of the most crucial tips is that if you wreck during a race, you can still pull it back and avoid wasting a restart. You might need to restart if the wreck occurs very late in the race.


That also holds true for the prologue of the game. The prologue in Need for Speed Unbound offers a few races and events, but that merely acts as an introduction to get you familiar with the game’s mechanics. A time skip separates the central portion of the game from the prologue that came before it, and there is a fairly clear separation between the two.

This is one of those occasions where speeding through things to get to the experience’s core isn’t necessarily a terrible idea because things don’t pick up until the prologue is over.

Losing your Heat Level

One of the most crucial Needs For Speed Unbound Tips and Tricks is Knowing how to decrease your Heat level. This is because, despite your best efforts to avoid it, officers are present throughout Need for Speed Unbound and will unavoidably become interested in what you are doing. There are obvious ways to do it, such as killing police officers, fleeing, or simply outrunning them.

Still, a much more effective method is to locate a quiet area, preferably an out-of-the-way alleyway or dirt road, and then turn off your car’s engine by pressing the circle button on a PlayStation console or the B button on an Xbox. Although it’s not a failsafe approach, it frequently proves effective.

Heat Level Police Alertness
One Even though police will see you driving about, they won’t stop you unless you hit one of them.
Two If you are visible for a prolonged period, police are more likely to notice you and pursue you.
Three If you pass the police, you will be immediately spotted, and more cars, often level one and two officers, will join the pursuit. If you are pursued for an extended period, the situation may escalate to heat four.
Four The longer the chase continues, the police will get more aggressive and will call for reinforcements. The pursuit will also include police aircraft, which will direct officers to your position, which might reach level 5 of heat.
Five Units that are far faster and stronger will run after you in droves. Two helicopters will be in the air, and hard-to-destroy police trucks will try to ram you and wreck your automobile. You will be actively pursued if you manage to flee until the heat level drops. A bust is nearly a certainty at this heat level because it is tough to escape.

Control the throttle when a race begins

When you are moving from a motionless start in NFS, you need to control the throttle for a smoother start. Although it may seem obvious, holding down the throttle to gain a fast start can be pretty simple, and in some older games, it was a realistic choice.

A little white notch that indicates the perfect throttle point can be found on the speedometer to encourage better driving; when the needle is at the ideal position, the notch will turn green. If you do it perfectly, you should have a great start and leave immediately. Over-revving causes wheelspin and poor acceleration, costing you time and positions compared to your competitors.

Utilize the Quick Route feature

Another Need For Speed Unbound Tips and Tricks for you is that you regularly use the quick route feature. Many people pass it up as not helpful. However, it provides excellent value.

You must search for and choose a location on the map to reach specific areas, such as a race or a safehouse; this can take some time. It is particularly annoying when you are involved in a police pursuit and are trying to locate the closest safehouse. It may be simpler to select the rapid route option; you can see the button to press on the HUD in the top right corner of the screen.

Once activated, it will present you with two choices: one for the path to the closest safehouse and another for the nearest meeting location. The option to take a rapid course to another race or a safehouse will immediately appear after a race if another one is available.

Be cautious when choosing your race routes

There are several paths you can take during a race. There may be jumps or forks in the road in some of them. Even though they all lead to the same destination, some are riskier than others. If you make the jump incorrectly, you risk crashing, wrecking, or losing a position to a competitor.

If you choose a different fork in the road than the others, it might work out perfectly for you, but if the route is a little tighter to go around or there is a jump at the end, you could crash. Take the more straightforward path if you are in the lead of a race. But if you’re aiming for victory.

Identify Gas Stations on a Map

You can find petrol stations scattered across the neighborhood. The petrol stations are easy to spot because they are illuminated and brilliant blue; if you drive through them, they will fix your automobile. If your car is about to crash during a police chase, this is incredibly helpful.

They should also be utilized in missions requiring the delivery of cars under particular circumstances. Before turning in the vehicle, you can fix it and get the most money possible if you can get to a gas station.

If you can’t afford a new car, consider upgrading

To compete in various races, you must have a specified class of automobile, such as B class, A class, S class, or S+ class. Buying a new car is highly expensive, especially if you want a faster, higher-class vehicle; instead, you can upgrade your vehicle’s parts for better performance at a lower cost. You can raise the class of your present vehicle in this way.

You may improve a B-class vehicle to an A with enough parts switched out. This is a fantastic way to upgrade your vehicle to racing standards without going over budget. The wonderful thing is that you can go back. Upgrade to an A class, then revert to a B class by adding the original components.


These are all the Need For Speed Unbound Tips and Tricks we have for you as of now. They are helpful when starting the game and help you navigate better. Not only will you be able to outrun everyone, but you will also be able to do so in style.

We conclude our Need For Speed Unbound Tips and Tricks guide. Let us know down below which one you found the most helpful.

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