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New Age of Empires 2 Lords of the West DLC

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Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition: Lords of the West will launch both on Steam and the Microsoft store on January 26th. The undying RTS’s new DLC will include two new civilizations which will take you to Western Europe and the Mediterranean that include new technologies and units. Furthermore, the DLC will contain three new fully voiced campaigns. (Get Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition here)

New Civilizations

  • Burgundians – A western European civilization with advanced military technology. The Burgundians have a unique cavalry unit called the Coustillier.
  • Sicilians – A Mediterranean civilization that will feature a unique infantry unit named the Serjeant, that can construct a Donjon a type of keep.

New Age of Empires 2 Campaigns

Follow Edward Longshanks as he vows to reclaim his birthright and lead a shattered England to unprecedented heights, prestige and fortitude. You will play as the Britons and battle your way through England, Wales, Scotland, and Crusade.

The Burgundians campaign named The Grand Dukes of the West. Transports the player to a war-torn France. Where the Dukes have been battling the mad French king. However, having enough of the bloodshed they turn their attention north to form a new kingdom of their own.

In the final campaign, players will follow the humble beginnings of Robert de Hauteville as he leaves Normandy with a small band of men. As their family members become dukes in Italy. You will join these adventurers as they fuse three cultures together.(Get Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition here)

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