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New Dragon Age Concept Art Released

 New Dragon Age concept art released Friday evening in a tweet by Bioware’s executive producer Christian Dailey wishing fans a good weekend. The image contains a female mage with a stylish hat outside in the rain. No new trailer or details were released. What we know so far is that the next game will take place in Tevinter and that Solas will play a significant role in the plot.  

Dragon Age has had multiple restarts mid-development. Prominent veterans had left the studio last year. EA had recently removed the online mandate that requires all their games to have live service elements in their games. Bioware released multiple teasers providing sneak previews of the game.

Dragon Age 4 Speculation

Lead Writer Patrick Weekes said in the Gamescom behind the scenes trailer that the next game will diverge from Inquisition’s plot. Traditionally Dragon Age games have had similar plot lines. An unprecedented event happens creating opportunity for the inexperienced hero to rise in a position of power to save the world. Bioware has told many variations of this story across two series. It would be a welcome change of pace if the narrative were more of a personal story with emphasis on characters and branching paths.  

   Dragon Age 4 was originally supposed to be a live service game like Anthem. The live service elements were -thankfully- ditched and the game will now be a single player RPG. More information should be revealed about Dragon Age 4 at EA play in the upcoming months.

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