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New Guilty Gear Strive Gameplay Videos Released

Over the past few days Arc System Works have released a smattering of new gameplay videos for Guilty Gear Strive. Of the five videos, three are gameplay of specific matchups, and two are starter guides to characters. Each of these videos gives us a look at new and returning characters’ looks in Guilty Gear Strive.

Guilty Gear Strive
Oof owie ouch, my 4th wall. Image Source

Sol Badguy vs Nagoriyuki

A lot of Sol’s special moves seem to be returning in this one. He’ll be dashing around while on fire much like he has been the previous games. The main difference is that it looks like his Dragon Install is no longer a form swapping super. In previous games he would light ablaze, doing increased damage and getting access to other powerful moves. In this one, it looks like that form is used in a super he uses to grab Nagoriyuki and finish off the final round.

Speaking of Nagoriyuki, the range his katana brings to the table looks impressive. He also has a unique blood meter that can be drawn on to empower katana attacks. When buffed in this way, Nagoriyki’s katana glows red and has extra range and damage. The downside, though, is that his health drains rapidly. This seems like a fair trade, as he ends up doing a good chunk of damage, regardless of the opponent blocking the whole time.

Ky Kiske vs Giovanna

Ky looks to be up to his old tricks again. He shoots his usual lightning and has an areal move (this time it’s a kick instead of rainbow sword). The new hotness with Ky is that he’s got a Dragon Install in Guilty Gear Strive. It’s not the full transformation we’ve seen in Sol, but it serves the same purpose. When using this super, Ky gets better, faster, and stronger.

Giovanna doesn’t get a real chance to shine and show what makes her unique. She does get off a few cool combos and cancels throughout the match. From what we can see, her game plan seems to be close range pressure, and really getting up in the opponent’s face.

Guilty Gear Strive
Actual footage of Ky stealing Sol’s Dragon Install. Image Source

Axl Low vs Ramlethal Valentine

Let’s start with the big thing. Axl can now stop time. The time travelling Brit has finally learned to use this to his advantage in the fight. Other than mastering the power of Za Warudo, Axl is up to his old tricks. He’s got range, he’s got juggles, and can be played insanely safe is that’s your cup of tea.

Ramlethal, like Giovanna, gets the short end of the stick here. We see some of her stuff, but nothing of the same magnitude as others. Rumor has it she’s our next character guide, though, so I’m sure we’ll learn more about her in Strive then! As of now, it looks like she’s got her combos still, but throws her swords instead of teleporting them around the battlefield.

Millia and Zato Starter Guides

I’ll do the same here as with the matchups. We’ll note what looks similar or different!

Millia looks true to her previous games. She’s speedy and jumps around a lot. Her areal mobility is unparalleled, and her hair is deadly. one of her supers involves sprouting angel wings and knocking her opponent in the air then to the ground. The other fires what’s basically a hair buzz saw. Overall, her gameplay doesn’t seem too altered, and if you liked Millia in previous installments, you’re sure to like her in Strive.

Zato’s still got his pal Eddie to help him out. His gameplay is centered around setting up combos and mix-ups with his shadow. Making sure he keeps the pressure on with normals and specials to throw off the opponent will be Zato’s strength. Again, they’ve stayed true to previous iterations of Zato, just bumped up the visual style and personality.

For some more Guilty Gear Strive gameplay check out this video! Strive is set to release April 6th of this year. You can pre-order the game right now here.

Got a character you’re excited to play? One you wanted to make the cut? Let us know! If you enjoyed this article, check out some of our others: SNK Announces First Full Team for KoF XV or Last of Us HBO Cast Reveal.

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