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New Unique Games in 2021 to Get Excited About

So, I don’t know about you, but I’m more than ready to leave 2020 well behind. And with that year just behind us now, it’s time to look towards 2021. Whilst it won’t be perfect, let’s look at a handful of upcoming games that will make the New Year all the better. This list focuses on games you may not have heard were coming out, so don’t expect to see God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, or Hitman 3.

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Praey For The Gods

Not only does it have an awesome name, this game looks set to make 2021 really cool. Literally. You live on an island that is completely frozen and part of the survival element is to keep warm. Grapple and glide through a truly gorgeous icy world, searching for the gods who have wronged you. This game gives off real Shadow of the Colossus vibes with that same feeling of insignificance when you stand alongside the humongous creatures you must destroy. (Get the excellent Shadow of the Colossus Remake here)

I honestly cannot wait to play this game. It looks set to mix combat and environmental puzzles whilst also forming a non-linear narrative. You can choose which gods you take on first and get to reap the rewards in the way you want.

Early access is already available on Steam and the full game should be released sometime in early 2021. It will be available on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5. Watch the full trailer below.

Little Devil Inside

Next up is another survival-esque game from Neostream Interactive. First announced as a Kickstarter all the way back in 2015, the game was so well-backed that the devs decided to increase the scope of the game hugely. We are so glad they did because this game looks awesome. Quirky and fun, you play as Billy, a young man out to prove himself. Take on monsters, stay alive, and slowly uncover the mystery of the supernatural.

Again, all we know is that it will release sometime in 2021. You can play on Windows, PS4, and PS5 first, followed by Xbox One and Nintendo Switch at a later time. I personally can’t wait to be mauled by these adorable monsters!

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II

This one is kind of a well-known, big deal I’ll admit. I’m including it in this list because, somehow, I managed to miss every announcement about it and only found out this week that it was an actual thing. Yeah, I know, I need to come out of the Cyberpunk rabbit hole ASAP…

I was a huge fan of the first Hellblade, where you played as the recently bereaved Celt, Senua, who must go to the Norse underworld to save her beloved. Ninja Theory worked closely with neuroscientists and the Wellcome Trust to accurately portray a character suffering from psychosis. It really paid off as the game was a haunting depiction of grief, and overcoming your personal demons.(Get Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice for $10 here)

Hellblade 2
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This next game in the series looks set to be no less harrowing. But it does look like this will be a much larger game than its predecessor, with stunning graphics of a vast Icelandic landscape. We still don’t know much about the narrative for this game but it looks like Senua’s story is far from over.

Hopefully, the game will release in the next few months now that the Xbox Series X is out. It will be available on Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X and Series S. Check out the stunning reveal trailer below, with kickass music from Heilung.

Paradise Lost

Last, but not least, is an alternative history from All In! Games. Paradise Lost is set after WWII which lasted an extra 20 years and ended with the Nazis nuking most of Europe. You play as a young boy named Syzmon who stumbles across an old bunker that was central to the disaster many years before. But Syzmon is not alone, and only delving deeper will uncover the secrets of the past.

Paradise Lost
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I have been looking forward to a new walking simulator (or similar) for so long and this might just be it. The game promises a rich, haunting story of those who are gone, plus the fear factor of a place long abandoned.

This is a 2021 release I can’t wait to play. You’ll be able to get it on PC, plus Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

That’s all from me, what are you most looking forward to in 2021? Let us know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this article, why not check out our other work. How about CD Projekt Red to “Undertake Vigorous Action” Against Cyberpunk Lawsuit. Or Nintendo Reveals Best-Selling Indie Games on Switch for 2020. You can also get even more content on our YouTube channel. Thanks for reading VeryAli!

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