Need For Speed Unbound: All Collectibles Locations

All collectibles' locations in the new NFS Unbound are described here with complete details.

NFS Unbound Collectibles
Need for Speed Unbound: All Collectible Locations

There are 260 collectible items, which offer different rewards when the player collects. Each collection of objects is randomly distributed around the Lakeshore City map. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Lakeshore City map contains 260 collectible items altogether.
  • There are 100 bears, which can be collected by driving through them.
  • Lakeshore City has 80 billboards as well, which require you to destroy them.
  • 80 Street Arts are located in NFS Unbound; gathered by getting close to them and pressing the mentioned key/button.

These items are present in various city districts, and collecting them is not arduous. The only tricky thing is driving around the map and checking every corner for a collectible item. My guide discusses the locations of collectibles along with the map containing the positions of every item in NFS Unbound.

Bear Champ

Bears or Bear Champs are statue-type figures at different locations on the map. Additionally, these are similar to the flamingos that were present in Need for Speed: Heat.

The total number of bears in Lakeshore City is 100, the most among all other collectibles. Consequently, you must destroy the bear to complete this side task.

Driving through the bear will destroy it. Once destroyed, you will receive the rewards, and the bear will be removed from the map, showing the player has collected it.

NFS Unbound Bear Champ Sign
Bear Champ Sign


Like in Need for Speed: Heat, NFS Unbound also features billboards with identical game physics. Altogether, there are 80 billboards around the map. 

Need for Speed Unbound Billboard Sign
Billboard Sign

Street Art

Street arts are unique pictures or graffiti painted on random walls in Need for Speed Unbound. Additionally, there are 80 locations where these are usually present. To collect these, players must visit the street art site and then press the button or key mentioned on the screen. Generally, this key is the action key. 

Need for Speed Unbound Street Art Sign
Street Art Sign


The following map describes the locations of each collectible item in the game.

  • A bear face symbol marks the bear champs.
  • A spray paint sign marks street art.
  • A billboard sign marks the billboard.
NFS Unbound All Collectible Items Map
All Collectible Items Map

Distribution Of Items

The Lakeshore City map can be divided into 22 regions where these collectibles are dispersed, but the number of collectibles in each region varies.

Region NameNo. of Each Item
Douglas Park Bear Champs = 6
Street Arts = 8
Billboards = 5
University CentralBear Champs = 7
Street Arts = 10
Billboards = 5
Underwood Gardens Bear Champs = 4
Street Arts = 6
Billboards = 1
Apolonia District Bear Champs = 3
Street Arts = 5
Billboards = 3
Palemore Bear Champs = 3
Street Arts = 8
Billboards = 3
West Brooks Bear Champs = 1
Street Arts = 4
Billboards = 2
Cyrill Heights Bear Champs = 1
Street Arts = 3
Billboards = 1
North OaksBear Champs = 4
Street Arts = 2
Billboards = 4
Griffith ParklandsBear Champs = 3
Street Arts = 1
Billboards = 2
Yams ParkBear Champs = 7
Street Arts = 4
Billboards =5
Duncan BayBear Champs = 4
Street Arts = 2
Billboards = 0
Kennedy DriveBear Champs = 6
Street Arts = 3
Billboards = 3
Belmont Lake Bear Champs = 2
Street Arts = 1
Billboards = 2
Dupoint View Bear Champs = 5
Street Arts = 2
Billboards = 6
Rosehill DriveBear Champs = 3
Street Arts = 3
Billboards = 1
Seba Ski Resort Bear Champs = 8
Street Arts = 4
Billboards = 9
Lakeshore Quarry Bear Champs = 6
Street Arts = 3
Billboards = 6
Jefferson HillsBear Champs = 6
Street Arts = 2
Billboards = 6
Lake Virgil Bear Champs = 5
Street Arts = 4
Billboards = 3
EdgewaterBear Champs = 10
Street Arts = 3
Billboards = 5
Southland DriveBear Champs = 2
Street Arts = 1
Billboards = 2
Table Showing Item Locations in each Region


I must say these side-tasks provide some unique rewards, and another important point is that each one is independent of the other. Hence, you can complete a challenge and receive its rewards. Finally, the major reward for collecting the whole set of each item is a high-tier car.

BMW M4 GTS (2016)

Finishing the Bear Champ Challenge awards you an A+ tier car, the BMW M4 GTS (2016). This car is also a beast for long distances, with good top speed and on-road grip characteristics. 

NFS Unbound Bear Champ Collection Reward

Ford Focus RS (2016)

After successfully destroying all the billboards, you will get a Ford Focus RS (2016) as the bumper prize. This is also an A+-tier car with excellent performance features, best for on-road races.

NFS Unbound Billboard Challenge Reward
Ford Focus RS

Ferrari 488 GTB (2015)

Collecting all street art awards you with a Ferrari 488 GTB (2015). This challenge is the only one that rewards an S-tier car, and I highly recommend picking this beauty piece.

NFS Unbound Street Art Collection Reward
Ferrari 488 GTB


Other than the cars, collecting a single item gives a $250 cash prize. There are 260 collectible items, so the total cash prize can be earned is $65,000.

Are These Worth The Trouble?

I will say YES. These missions are a nice deal if you want some cash for the upgrades, although they do not pay as much as other side tasks.

Collecting these items is fun while playing the game, but it should not interfere with your main game performance. However, these tasks should only be prioritized if you want to get those high-tier cars in the early games or after completing all other game missions. The best approach is to go for these collectibles when you are going for a free drive-in.

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