How I Quickly Made Insane Money In NFS Unbound

Don't worry about upgrading or purchasing cars, with money making strategies on your side.

NFS Unbound
NFS Unbound Money Making Guide

Those who play NFS Unbound know the importance of money in this game, as it heavily depends on it. Even the most basic function of the game, racing, is carried out with money. You can buy cars, upgrade them, and change their cosmetic appearance to make them up to your liking.

Key Points

  • Money is a significant aspect of the game and can be earned through selling cars, racing them, or even performing stunts.
  • If done right, various game methods will help you earn more in less time.
  • Cash is subject to the difficulty of the situation or game mode, so plan wisely to save time and earn more.

There are several methods through which you can earn money, and I will cover them in detail below:

Try To Finish Up Higher In Races

As you all know, the most basic way of earning money in this game is racing, which also requires money, but it can have a much bigger return if you finish at higher places in the race.

In my experience, you can earn the most considerable sums by finishing in the top 3.

Online Races
Online Races

The amount is, however, different for every race. Some races will dish out more money if you place in the top 3, while others can pay you fairly even if you secure a place in the top 5. So, try your best to finish in the top ranks to earn high cash rewards regardless of the race you play.

  1. I would recommend checking out the Speedlist races, which are a great way to earn money in the game.
  2. The more participants in the race, the more money you can win.
  3. Get a fast car early on and participate in these races.
  4. You’ll still receive some payment even if you don’t win or place well.
  5. It can be frustrating when things don’t go your way during a race but don’t quit.
  6. Keep trying to catch up to your opponents, and even if you finish lower on the leaderboard, you’ll still make some money. It’s a win-win situation.

Focus On Levelling Up

  1. A straightforward method of earning cash is just by working on leveling up.
  2. You can earn well when your level gets up by specific numbers. This amount will keep increasing depending on your level.
  3. The more races, challenges, and missions you complete, the more XP you will gain, and eventually, you will level up faster.
  4. And yes, referring to the previous point, even if you finish at a lower position in a race, you will still earn XP, which is not true if you quit the race.

Sell Cars

The simple method to make money is by selling cars. In the game, you get many opportunities to unlock cars. I suggest focusing on unlocking those with better stats and specifications. Selling such autos will bring in a good profit.

Sell A Car
Sell A Car
  1. From all the cars you have unlocked/purchased, identify the ones you do not need and sell them instantly without a second thought.
  2. Keeping the car in better form can benefit you.
  3. For example, you can generate better revenue by selling the upgraded one.

Police Evasions

Police Evasion
Police Evasion
Police Evasion Cooldown
Police Evasion Cooldown
  1. First, increase your heat to the maximum level of 5 by completing races and events throughout the day and night.
  2. Now, all you have to do is initiate a cop chase and try to evade them.
  3. Once you are successful in evading them, you will receive the reward.
  4. This process takes just a few minutes, but the payout is good. The amazing fact is that you can do this on repeat.
  5. You can significantly increase the cash proportion by installing the upgrade part: Auxiliary mod.
  6. To do that, work towards upgrading your garage to ‘super upgrade.’
  7. This will unlock the gateway driver auxiliary part. Purchase it and equip it with your favorite car. It will be worth spending money if you opt for this strategy.

Complete Side Activities

In NFS Unbound, you have many side activities, which are easy to complete if you have a reasonably fast car. The activities include speed traps, drift zones, and jumps marked all over the map.

  1. Speed traps and Speed Runs: You must pass these points straightaway. The faster you pass through it, the higher the reward will be. Meanwhile, the speed runs demand that you run through the checkpoints swiftly.
  2. Drift zones: These comprise bendy roads, perfect for flexing a drift. Make your drift as long as possible to score higher for higher rewards.
  3. Jumps: There are places across the map where you can make high jumps and earn rewards. Go swiftly and leap the ramps, as Longer jumps offer you greater rewards.

To simplify these tasks, choose the fastest car and achieve as many 3 stars as possible in these challenges to receive bigger bonuses and more money.

Pick Collectables

  1. Collectibles are objects that are marked and scattered all over the map.
  2. Although each one gives out little money, they can still add up to a big amount and make a difference. Since it takes no effort to collect them, this is a convenient way to make money.
  3. Keep an eye on your map and collect them when passing by those places.

What Would I Recommend?

I recommend going with selling cars and getting into the side activities hustle. Since you will already be engaging with the street racing income stream, these two side practices will earn you extra income that you can utilize for vehicle customization. 

Although there are countless ways of earning money in the game, it is also better to focus on the ones that are much simpler and give higher returns than the time invested in doing them. 

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