NFS Unbound: How To Upgrade Cars [Customization Guide]

The Guide covers in detail about how you can upgrade cars in Need For Speed Unbound and get the most performance and efficiency out of them.

Upgrade Cars NFS Unbound
Upgrade Cars

Customizations have always been a tradition in Need For Speed Games, and Unbound is no exception. Today we’ll be covering how you can upgrade cars in the new NFS Unbound and roll the streets in style.

Let’s get right into it!

Key Highlights

  • Upgrading a car is thrilling and fun; however, there is a wide range of upgrades which you can make.
  • We will give you a clear idea of prominent upgrades that can give your car a perfect look and enhance its performance.
  • The guide also explains the effect of modifications on specific settings.

How To Upgrade Cars

The process of advancing the garage is simple, but having guidance has always been a good use, right? This primary purpose is to make the car’s performance super amazing. So first, get to the performance tab through the rides menu,

and there will be more options: engine, parts, handling, and upgrade garage.

Engine Upgrade

Engine Upgrade
Engine Upgrade (Image Credits: GrubMagnet Gaming)

This area holds great significance in upgrading, but it is also quite expensive, so you will have to spend too much money to get access. This seems impossible for beginners, but later, when you have earned enough, purchase from here to boost the whole car.

Each item’s price tag varies, so you must think critically before buying anything to upgrade cars in the game.

Engine Parts

Engine Parts

Furthermore, you can upgrade the engine parts, drive train and chassis, but the limiting factor is that most of them are costly. However, you can go through the free and unlocked ones till you become eligible to buy others.

Another aspect which should be considered is that these upgrades can bring major changes in the whole riding experience, so pick up only those parts that can go well with your playing style or else you can make improvements in your gameplay.


Handling Alterations

Your racing is majorly dependent on proper handling. If you master it, then the race is all yours. And you can give it a boost by getting an upgrade. In this section, you can make alterations in many options like downforce and sensitivity.

The advancements you make in your vehicle influence these settings. Again here, all of these must align with your style of racing. You can increase the top speed through lower value, and with traction control, you can enhance your stability.

Upgrade Garage

Garage Upgradation
Upgrade Garage

As you enter this section, you get the three upgradation sets: Sport, pro, super, and elite to upgrade cars in the game. By opting any of these will give you access to more parts. These are expensive enough, and the prices keep increasing as you move from the first pack to the last.

Elevate the garage potential by equipping these parts but only invest when you are done upgrading the rest of the stuff and if you find it essential to buy.

More Customizations

Let’s get to the more exciting part, which is customization. There are tons of choices to design the car exquisitely. We will expire you in detail, so tighten your seat belts and let’s go.

Body Modifications

This section comes with three more subcategories. It allows you to set up and change the appearance of the car. The options are vast and fun to explore and will help you upgrade cars in unique way.

  • Body kits: As the name indicates, it includes many body kits, and you can quickly equip the fashion from your car. It saves your time.
  • Edit body parts: This one is for detailed customization. Those who desire to modify it in their way can check this out. You can select the brake discs available in different types, callipers, Rims, tyres, back and front parts, colour selection and many more.
  • It can take time, but you can give your vehicle a distinctive look.
  • Ride stance: If you are looking for height modifications, this section is the right one. You can also make changes to the wheels.

Paint And Wrap/Community

paint and wrap in NFS Unbound to upgrade cars.
Paint And Wrap/Community (Image Credits: More MOTOGamesTV)

This feature allows you to use custom colours to create new wraps for your car. Repaint your car to enhance its physical appearance and give it the finest look. There are also decals of various types for you to try out. You can apply them through the wrap editor.

One can unlock the decals by gathering the Street Art Locations. Another interesting aspect is the “community.” You can flex your creativity here among all the other players. They can download your designs and vice versa.

You get a chance to get your hands on a wide range of attractive and creative wraps.

Driver Effects- Tags And Samples

Driver Effects
Driver Effects- Tags And Samples

The NFS unbound has introduced the feature for visual upgrading, named the driving effects. It includes samples and tags. Through samples, you can alter the car’s sound. Whereas tags provide you with wonderful trail light and smoking effects while drifting, leaping, and boosting.

The styles you get through these are created by several street artists. Each effect is dissimilar to the others, and they can be Common, Rare, legendary or maybe epic. Most of them cannot be attained initially, but those that are unlocked since the start should be checked out.

Vanity Items

Vanity Items modifications to upgrade Cars
Vanity Items

In the vanity items, we have the customization for horn, underglow and air suspension. If you like to honk but want its sound to be good or melodious to some extent, then this modification can do it for you.

Underglow is for those who are fans of neon lights. One can adorn the vehicle with neon strips of vibrant colours. Apart from this, the car seems quite lavish with the pulse pattern of these strips. Lastly, you can opt for air suspension to personalize the car’s ride height.

Exhaust Adjustments

Another outstanding feature we get to see in NFS unbound is being able to adjust the exhaust sounds. For timbre, there is the option of smooth and aggressive at the extreme ends. There are also stock/ custom adjustments for the exhaust’s bass.

You can either have a lighter tone or a deeper one. The overrun allows you to set the popping and banging audio. Furthermore, you can go between muffled and exposed for the forced induction parts. Adjust their strengths the way you want.

These wide ranges of options gives players open access to detailed customization.

Ending Remarks

We sum up today’s NFS Unbound upgrade cars guide here. Try out the themes and styles to get the best one for your car. We hope that you enjoyed reading this article. Till the next one, keep sharing it with your friends.

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