NFS Unbound Performance Upgrades: The Definitive Guide

Are you looking for the best performance upgrades in NFS Unbound and their working? This guide is undoubtedly for you.

NFS Unbound Performance Upgrades
NFS Unbound Performance Upgrades Menu

At the beginning of the game, you can choose three cars for playing NFS Unbound. Also, you won’t be able to upgrade this car right away. Simultaneously, you want to be the best racer in NFS Unbound. So, this can only be possible when you boost the performance of your chosen car in NFS Unbound. You can get this feature by completing several missions in the storyline.

Performance Upgrades are the best part of your car upgrades. By upgrading the performance of your car, you can be the best opponent in NFS Unbound for any other competent racer. It is time to upgrade the version of your selected car. Notably, your vehicle’s performance can be upgraded by using some of the best parts available in the game store.

Moreover, car upgrades are also available in NFS Unbound, by which you can upgrade your vehicle’s performance automatically. Therefore, we will explain to you each method by which you can boost your car performance.

Key Takeaways

  • Traction and Traction Handling Profile: Tweaking these factors is essential for optimizing car performance in NFS Unbound.

  • Car Engine: The engine is a critical component, influencing acceleration, horsepower, and speed, among other factors.

  • Garage for Upgrades: Visit the garage to modify and upgrade your car for better performance, allowing you to compete with other racing cars.

  • Car Tiers: Cars are categorized into tiers, with the best ones in the game falling into the S+ Tier and below-average ones in the B Tier.

  • Quality Options: NFS Unbound offers various quality options to enhance car performance, emphasizing the importance of quality for improvement.

Performance Upgrade Menu
NFS Performance Upgrade Menu

NFS Unbound Performance Upgrades

As you know, at the start, you are not allowed to upgrade your car’s features. But as the storyline progresses in NFS Unbound, you can upgrade the external parts of the vehicle, like tires, paints, and windows, along with the vehicle’s performance.

You can improve performance by modifying your racing car’s various parts and features. This will undoubtedly increase the statistics of your chosen car to the maximum level. Moreover, you can change the car’s Engine, Nitrous System, and Fuel System.

Upgraded car
NFS Unbound Upgraded Car

How to Open Performance Upgrade Menu

In NFS Unbound, you can upgrade the car’s performance according to your choice. It would be best if you went to the performance menu available in NFS Unbound. To open the NFS Unbound Performance Upgrades Menu, you can follow these basic simple steps:

  1. First, go to the Pause Menu in NFS Unbound.
  2. Find the Garage option in the Pause Menu.
  3. The Performance Upgrade display will appear by selecting the Garage option.
  4. Now, choosing the best performance parts can increase the car’s performance.

Factors Affecting the Performance

Delving into the NFS Unbound performance upgrades, certain factors affect the performance of cars. The two most important factors affecting the performance are listed below:

  • Tweaking Traction
  • Handling Profile

We will explain how these factors affect the car’s performance, and you can adjust them to have a high performance in NFS Unbound.

Tweaking Traction

Tweaking Traction is the first important factor that affects the car performance in NFS Unbound. It is crucial to adjust this factor to have a smooth performance. Moreover, the NFS Unbound performance upgrades require this factor to be suitable.

Traction Profile
NFS Unbound Traction Profile

However, the traction profile is related to the Driving Surfaces. Furthermore, the greater the stability of the traction profile, the higher the smoothness of the driving surfaces. In addition, the traction profile can be adjusted for the compatible driving surface of your car by moving the pointer.

What the Pointer Tells You

Adjusting the traction profile pointer in NFS Unbound is essential for optimizing your car’s performance. Here are the key cases for different pointer positions:

  1. Extreme Left: Suitable for on-road surfaces but reduces off-road performance.
  2. Extreme Right: High off-road performance, not ideal for on-road driving.
  3. Middle: Best balance for both on-road and off-road surfaces.
  4. Somewhere Right: Better for off-road than on-road.
  5. Somewhere Left: Better for on-road than off-road, still usable off-road but with reduced performance.

Choose the pointer position that matches your driving needs to enhance your car’s performance effectively.

Handling Profile

The Handling Profile is the second factor affecting the car’s performance in NFS Unbound. Players must have some of the best know-how about handling the profile to have the best car performance upgrade.

Handling Profile NFS efficiency
NFS Unbound Handling Profile

Adjusting the Handling Profile in NFS Unbound involves controlling Downforce, Drift, and Steering Sensitivity. Here’s how different pointer positions affect your car’s handling:

  1. Extreme Left (Grip): Provides proper traction for your car, maintaining control.
  2. Extreme Right (Drift): Reduces traction, allowing for more drift but less control.
  3. Centre: Offers a balance between traction and drift, providing equal chances for maintaining control or drifting.

    Better Performance Using Parts

    Performance upgrades can also be done by purchasing a complete update from the game store. Moreover, you can replace the parts of your car with the best available features in the store. Many NFS Unbound Performance Upgrades are available using parts and Car Upgrades. Notably, you can choose the best Nitrous Oxide, Car Engine, and tires that will add to your car’s performance.

    NFS Unbound Performance Upgrades
    NFS Unbound Performance Upgrades Menu

    List of Parts Affecting Performance

    Moreover, there is a list of parts of the cars that should be improved or fitted with the best features to have the best performance upgrades. The list of the components of the racing cars that affect the car’s performance are:

    • Engine of the Car
    • Nitrous System
    • Fuel System
    • Exhaust System
    • Induction
    • ECU
    • Brakes
    • Tires
    • Gearbox
    • Clutch
    • Chassis
    • Auxiliary
    • Differential
    • Drivetrain
    • Suspension
    • Aspiration

    We will briefly explain each of these parts to you in a while. Moreover, we will explain how these components affect the car’s performance and how performance can be increased. Now, let us briefly look at each of these components separately.

    The engine of the Car

    ECU NFS UnboundNFS Unbound Engine Unit ECU

    In NFS Unbound, the engine stands as the paramount component affecting performance upgrades. It plays a pivotal role in a racing car, influencing the following crucial aspects:

    1. High Acceleration
    2. High Horsepower
    3. High Speed
    4. Nitrous System
    5. Chassis

    When selecting parts for the engine, it’s imperative to consider these factors. You can access the engine’s attached components through the inventory, where you’ll find a comprehensive list of parts responsible for enhancing these attributes in NFS Unbound.

    Furthermore, you have the option to exchange the vehicle’s engine with a superior model from the in-game store. This upgrade significantly enhances your car’s performance in terms of acceleration and horsepower.

    Nitrous System

    The Nitrous System stands as the second crucial factor influencing a car’s performance, closely tied to the vehicle’s engine. Consequently, improving the engine performance will enhance the Nitrous System. This upgrade contributes significantly to the car’s version.

    Moreover, the Nitrous System elevates the car’s speed and boosts its engine, enhancing overall efficiency. Under optimal conditions, it results in lower fuel consumption rates, significantly augmenting performance. Beyond the added engine boost, the Nitrous system also enhances:

    1. Horsepower
    2. Fuel Consumption Rate
    3. Exhaust
    4. Speed
    5. Acceleration
       Nitro NFS Unbound
      NFS Unbound Nitro

      Fuel System

      The fuel system is a crucial component affecting a car’s performance in NFS Unbound. It plays a vital role in the engine’s efficiency and power output by ensuring the proper combination of fuel and air for combustion. Upgrading the fuel system can lead to improved performance.

      Exhaust System

      The Exhaust System plays a crucial role in maintaining a car’s performance in NFS Unbound. It works by expelling hot gases generated in the combustion engine to the atmosphere. A high-performance exhaust system ensures efficient gas release, contributing significantly to NFS Performance Upgrades.


      The induction system in NFS Unbound is crucial for maintaining the engine’s efficiency and preventing overheating, especially in high-performance cars. It ensures a smooth flow of air to cool the engine and contributes to overall performance upgrades.

      NFS Unbound Efficient car
      NFS Unbound performance Upgrade Car


      ECU is also one of the engines related terms. The ECU controls all the electronic-related circuitry of the car. We can say that ECU is the structural unit of the vehicle’s engine. Therefore, the better the ECU System, the greater the car’s performance. In short, if you want the best performance upgrade, you can have a better-quality ECU.


      As you know, brakes are critical parts of any vehicle. That’s why the brakes will affect the system performance upgrades. Brakes are a necessary component for the car’s performance. If there are no brakes, the system performance will be unstable as the brakes tend to slow down the vehicle’s speed.

      High-quality brakes will give you additional time laps, increasing your car’s performance. Thence, NFS Unbound Performance Upgrades are affected due to the brake’s quality.

      Efficient Brakes NFS Unbound
      NFS Unbound Efficient Brakes in Menu


      NFS UnboundEfficient tiresNFS Unbound Efficient Tires in Menu

      Tires play a crucial role in NFS Unbound. They affect handling and traction profiles, directly impacting vehicle performance. NFS Unbound offers various tire types with specific features. Choosing the best tires enhances your car’s performance on different surfaces. In summary, tires are essential for upgrading your car’s performance.


      The gearbox greatly influences a car’s performance in NFS Unbound. It determines speed based on the selected gear, with higher gears providing more speed and better performance. The number of gears varies for each car, with four being standard. The gearbox improves horsepower, acceleration, and speed performance. Gears range from Maximum 1st Gear to Maximum 4th Gear, with higher gears offering more speed. Choosing the right gearbox is essential for optimizing your car’s performance in NFS Unbound.


      In NFS Unbound, the clutch plays a crucial role in a car’s performance by ensuring smooth engine operation and integrating the gearbox with the engine. It also affects gear shifting speed. A high-performance clutch with a strong grip can make gear changes smoother, significantly improving the car’s efficiency.


      Acceleration of the car is the priority in NFS Unbound. In short, the more excellent the acceleration, the greater the car’s performance.  In this regard, the chassis is also one of the most critical factors in determining the car’s performance. As there are a lot of upgrades available for acceleration purposes in the inventory, you can choose the suitable one.


      Upgraded performance NFS Unbound Upgraded Performance

      Auxiliary parts in NFS Unbound are crucial for a car’s performance, particularly its speed. You can select two passive auxiliary components simultaneously to boost your car’s speed, helping you in races and evading police pursuits.


      Differential Setup has an equal chance to improve or downgrade the car’s performance. That being so, you must be careful about upgrading the version using this component. Moreover, the handling profile will be highly improved by this factor. As a result, the performance of the car will be enhanced.


      The drivetrain is one of the most critical factors in upgrading the car’s performance. Moreover, the drivetrain-related parts are responsible for the following features:

      • Power of the Engine
      • Speed of the Car
      • Acceleration of the Vehicle
      • Handling Profile

      You can choose these components carefully for the best NFS Unbound performance upgrades.


      Suspension is one of the essential factors in upgrading the car’s performance in NFS Unbound. Rest can also lead you to a low-performance profile if not adjusted well. It would be best if you were careful while upgrading the version by using the suspension property. The suspension is mainly responsible for the following features:

      • Handling Profile
      • Traction Profile


      Aspiration is the last but not most minor feature that adds to the car’s efficiency. Moreover, the aspiration feature is responsible for efficiently increasing the vehicle’s power. As you know, the two types of chargers are also available for performance upgrades using Aspiration features. The two chargers available in NFS Unbound are:

      • Turbo Charger
      • Super Charger
      NFS Unbound Performance
      NFS Unbound Performance upgraded in Gameplay

      Performance Upgrade by Garage

      You can upgrade your car’s performance in NFS Unbound by visiting the Garage and consulting the Mechanic. The Mechanic provides guidance on the best performance upgrades for your car, allowing you to customize it to your liking. This improves your car’s performance, making it a formidable competitor in races.

      NFS Unbound Garage
      NFS Unbound Performance Upgrade in Garage

      NFS Unbound Standard Performance Rating

      As you know, NFS Unbound has a lot of powerful cars for thrilling races. But these cars need performance upgrades to give the best in NFS Unbound. For that reason, you must know the NFS Unbound Standard Performance Rating.

      Typically, the performance rating is somewhere between 100 and 400. While upgrading the performance of your car, you can compare the statistics with the standard performance rating.

      Standard Performance Rating Table

      The following table will summarize the standard performance ratings for NFS Unbound:

      Standard Performance Rating
      Performance Ratings Car Tier
      330-400+ S+
      270-329 S
      210-269 A+
      160-209 A
      100-159  B
      NFS Unbound Standard Performance Rating Table

      Performance Statistics Analysis

      The above table depicts that if the car’s performance rating is above 270, it is a super racing car with smooth performance. Moreover, there is a complete list of ranks of the vehicles, from the best to the worst, according to the performance rating. Therefore, the best cars are in the S and S+ Tier. Likewise, the vehicles placed in the B Tier in NFS Unbound are less likely to be used.

      So, the performance rating of any car must be greater than 159 to be used. However, for the beast, the car performance rating can be more than 400.

      NFS Unbound High performance
      NFS Unbound Upgraded Performance in Gameplay

      NFS Unbound Quality Options

      Quality is an essential factor that needs to be considered while upgrading the car’s performance. In short, the greater the quality of the parts, the higher the car’s performance will be. Moreover, a list of quality options available in NFS Unbound is shown below:

      • Elite Quality
      • Superior Quality
      • Pro Quality
      • Sport Quality
      • Stock Quality

      This guide has entirely explained every method for upgrading the car’s performance. In short, this guide will lead you through each technique to boost your car’s performance. We have also explained upgrading the car’s performance using different parts and a garage.

      Also, you can visit our guide if you’re interested in the NFS Unbound Cheats & Trainer. Moreover, if you have a craze for NFS Unbound, you can see our guide on NFS Unbound Best Starter Cars, How to Get BMW M3 GTR in NFS Unbound, and NFS Unbound All & Best Cars.

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