Nintendo Switch Made Up 87% of 2020 Console Sales in Japan

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The Nintendo Switch has, without a doubt, earned its place in gaming history since its launch on March 3, 2017. Statista reported at the end of 2020 that the family-friendly console has sold over 70 million units in the past 3 years. This puts the Switch at 12th on the list of best-selling consoles of all time, just behind the Nintendo 3DS family. This is very impressive when considering that the 3DS released a whole 6 years before the Switch. You can get the Nintendo Switch here.

It’s no surprise that Nintendo reigns dominant in Japan even more when compared to the rest of the globe. As IGN reported, Famitsu/KADOKAWA data shows that 6.85 million consoles were sold in Japan in 2020. A whopping 5.9 million of these were Nintendo Switch consoles. 3.9 million of those were full-sized Switch units, while 2 million were Switch Lites. The Playstation 4 came in second place with around 540,000 units sold. And Playstation 5 was in third. with around 250,000 sold. It seems that Xbox numbers weren’t even on the board.

Nintendo Switch Continues Trends From Years Past

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While Nintendo‘s reach obviously extends far beyond their home country, they have a long history of being the king of the Japanese market. For years, Japan was head and shoulders above any other country in video game design and production. With Sony also located in Japan, the country still houses two of the “big three” companies. PlayStation is able to find a formidable community in Japan. But Xbox is a different story.

CNBC reported that of the 46.9 million Xbox unites sold in Q2 2019. Only a measly 0.3% of those sales were in Japan. Since the launch of the very first Xbox console, Microsoft has been aware that penetrating the tight-knit Japanese gaming market would be a challenge. They are still dedicated to providing a better experience for their Japanese audience. But luckily, Microsoft is in a good-enough position that they don’t have to depend on their Japanese sales.

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