No Rest For The Wicked Is The Much Needed Evolution In The ARPG Realm

A worthy contender to soul-like and isometric title .

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No Rest For The Wicked is a Dark Souls, Elden Ring, and Diablo combined ARPG developed by Moon Studios. While it incorporates many soul-like elements and Diablo-style gameplay, it definitely offers a refreshing perspective in the RPG world with its compelling and unique features. The beautiful and detailed environment, along with action-packed combat and epic boss fights, definitely make No Rest For The Wicked stand out from its competitors.

Key Takeaways

  • No Rest For The Wicked combines the elements of soul-like and isometric games giving ARPG a new direction.
  • With punishing combat, a deep atmosphere, and several fun mechanics, the game is a worthy contender to titles of similar genre.
  • Thanks to the unique features it offers, No Rest For The Wicked is definitely a much-needed change of pace in the ARPG realm.

Next Level ARPG Experience

I tried out No Rest For The Wicked in early access, and while it did seem a bit unfinished, it still managed to charm me with its soul-like combat and Diablo-esque camera view.

No Rest For The Wicked ARPG Experience
Source: theJOSHfeed, YouTube

While I do agree the story and plot itself are not unique and feel incomplete, you get to play as a Cerim who arrives in Sacra and is tasked with saving the poor souls infected by an ancient plague. 

What stood out to me the most was the atmosphere and detailed environment, which looks straight out of a painting. The characters are well defined and interesting. I loved their expressions and, weirdly enough, adored their disproportionate and unusually large limbs. 

Methodical Combat

While the isometric view gives me Diablo vibes, the engaging and punishing combat of the game reminds me of soul-like titles. In No Rest For The Wicked, enemies won’t spawn again for you to fight in case you die at any point of your exploration, but the game punishes you in other ways.

When you die in No Rest For The Wicked, your equipment will take a durability hit and you will have to repair it and that can cost a lot.

Source: theJOSHfeed, YouTube

Coming into combat, your resources will be quite limited, including both your health and stamina. No rest for the wicket is no less than souls like games when it comes to combat. In early access, you will not get the diversity of unique builds, as there are no classes to choose from.

All you can do is loot weapons and use them if you have the required starts. I found the battle system quite strange as some of the low-level enemies in herds were able to give me a tougher time than major bosses. So, Moon Studios does need to put a bit of effort into the combat system of No Rest For The Wicked to enhance it even more.

Engaging Gameplay

The reason why I consider No Rest For The Wicked to be no less than a breath of fresh air in the ARPG Realm is because it effortlessly incorporates several mechanics. You get to find and loot weapons to fight enemies, cook meals to replenish your health, and even decorate your very own house. The majority of No Rest For The Wicked’s gameplay focuses on gathering and crafting.

No Rest For The Wicked Gameplay
Source: theJOSHfeed, YouTube

You can only heal by eating meals you have prepared at fire pits using ingredients collected during your explorations. The world itself is vast, and every location offers a different atmosphere in which the players can indulge. 

The map uses a fog of war system and reveals itself as you explore the world more and more. If you have enjoyed the isometric gameplay of Hades 2, then you will love No Rest For The Wicked, as it is similar but a bit grimmer and darker.

Premise And Lore

This is yet another aspect on which I feel that the Moon Studios should have focused a little bit more. Despite what the setting of No Rest For The Wicked suggests, it is not at all lore-heavy as you will usually see in soul-like titles.

You start out in the year 841, controlling the holy warrior set to investigate a plague called pestilence. The protagonist is a Cerim, a holy warrior with magical abilities.

Source: theJOSHfeed, YouTube

As you set out to find a way to cure the locals of Isla Sacra who have turned into dangerous monsters, you uncover deeper truths involving a lot of political conflicts. And that is basically the whole premise of this game.

I wish that there had been more focus on the storyline and engagement between different characters. Maybe it’s because it is still early access and parts of it are incomplete, but I do look forward to seeing more focus on No Rest For The Wicked’s story from Moon Studios.

Is No Rest For The Wicked A Worthy Contender

I agree that the game had quite a rough start, but I cannot help but feel No Rest For The Wicked was the much-needed evolution in the ARPG world, introducing a unique blend of the incredible features both souls-like and isometric games have to offer.

ARPG genre
Source: theJOSHfeed, YouTube

No Rest For The Wicked needs a few improvements and tweaks before it can reach its full potential, but as far as the gameplay looks right now, it definitely is a worthy contender to titles of similar genre and has given a new direction to the ARPG genre.

The atmospheric and labyrinth-like world limited but important loot, and punishing combat are what have made No Rest For The Wicked one of my favorite games this year.

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