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Nvidia Ending Production of Chips Used for Nintendo Switch

According to a report Nvidia plans to end production of the Tegra X1 Mariko processor this year. Both the Switch and the Switch Lite use the Tegra chip to power the console. If the report is accurate Nintendo might need to either upgrade the Switch models or find a new manufacturer. There have been rumours circulating that Nintendo is releasing a new console called the Switch Pro that includes a larger OLED screen.   

If the reports are true, Nintendo plans to extend the battery life up to nine hours and offer resolution up to 4K. It will be like PS4 Pro in that it will be an enhancement from the original model for those who want a more powerful console.  The Switch has been a tremendous success for Nintendo, selling over 79.87 million units. The Switch has been the best selling in the US for 23 straight months and surpassed life sales for the 3DS last month.

It would make sense if Nintendo were developing a higher end Switch device.  Nintendo released a cheaper model of the Switch called the Switch Lite back in 2019. The Switch Lite costs $200 and it was an option for those with limited budget. According to a leak, a Switch Pro will be released early 2022.  Nintendo has not commented on the rumors or denied the leaks. If Nintendo is planning to release higher end devices, then they should be releasing more details soon. As a Switch owner I am supportive of releasing a higher end Switch model. The benefit is that gamers would have more choices to choose a model that they prefer. The negative though is that it could halt momentum of the Switch.     

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