One Piece Odyssey Best Skills [Top 23]

With over 72 unique skills in One Piece Odyssey, find out the best skills you can use!

One Piece Odyssey Best Skills

Previously on VeryAliGaming, we discussed all the skills used by nine playable characters in One piece Odyssey. Today, we’ll shortlist those skills and rank them amongst the best in our One Piece Odyssey Best Skills guide.

With that in mind, there is a particular Field Skill that is useful when it comes to the environment. I’ll also mention the ability and its owner for you guys!

Firstly, the game comprises not only Battle and Field skills but also a mix of special arts and abilities that the characters can use to outplay their opponents. At times it is difficult to unlock those abilities due to a lack of experience or in-game currency such as berries and Cube Fragments.

For that particular instance, it is best to gather as many items and upgrade-related Fragments to ensure you have the best skills in your arsenal!

Key Takeaways

  • There are around 71 skills for our nine playable characters in One Piece Odyssey.
  • Additionally, characters like Monkey D. Luffy can enter different states or gears to increase their attack, power, speed, and defense.
  • Luffy can use Gears Two, Three, and Four in One Piece Odyssey.
  • Unfortunately, there is no Gear Five for Luffy as of now.
  • The skills are ranked based on damage output, TP consumption, and OP animation!

One Piece Odyssey Best Skills

Combination of Skills
Some of the best animations in One Piece Odyssey!

Certain Bond Arts are available for some characters in One Piece Odyssey that allow them to combine their attacks into one huge explosion of damage. We’ll be going through some of the best skills in the game that showcase amazing animations and insane damage output.

Before we start, please note that the following skills mentioned are my selection of choices; therefore, they will be different for every player out there. However, there may be instances where our choices will align, and for that, I would appreciate it if you guys drop your favorite skills down in the comment section!

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Gum-Gum Red Hawk

Luffy can achieve the Red Hawk after Gear 2. It is a very powerful skill that utilizes the abilities of his Gear change and delivers a hefty amount of damage to the target. Whoever the target may be, they are in for a knockout!

During the animation, Luffy stretches his right arm to a few inches behind his body and transforms his fist into pure metal. After that, his fist is engulfed in flames, followed by his whole arm, which transforms into metal!

Luffy then launches his blazing hot metal arm to knock the enemy out in one blow! A max-level Gum-Gum Red Hawk utilizes 150 TP!

Gum-Gum King Kong Gun

Now entering his final Gear Four, Luffy blows air into his arm and expands into a giant gorilla figure. His bulky arms refined with pure metal, and his muscles popped. Luffy proceeds to jump into the air before raining down with a giant metal arm! 

Where did that massive arm come from? He blew air into his right hand like filling a balloon with air. The opponent is heavily struck by the gigantic arm that blows multiple targets away in an instant!

The Conqueror’s Haki

Luffy unleashes a powerful wave of Haki, causing the surrounding enemies to be completely wiped out! The animation starts with Luffy taking a step forward toward the enemy. He stands still and closes his eyes before momentarily opening them and causing a massive wave of Haki to surround the enemies with its astonishing effects! When Luffy opens his eyes, his eye color shifts to hot red and a crackling blue wave emits from his body!

Gum-Gum Dragon Fire Pistol Twister Star

The Bond Art combines Gum-Gum Pistol, Dragon Twister, and Exploding Star. These are the skill sets for Zoro, Luffy, and Usopp. You can use the Bond Art through Usopp, where he acts as a backup to attack the target from a long-range using his Exploding Star skill!

Luffy prepares his Gum-Gum Pistol and Zoro his Dragon Twister. Once the animation for all three characters is complete, their attack hits the target simultaneously. Moreover, the attack deals with AOE damage and causes one of the opponents to be completely knocked out while the other gets his Health bar depleted by 50%!

Charming Demon Sleepless Night Onigiri

One of Roronoa Zoro’s special skills, the Charming Demon Sleepless Night Onigiri, consumes 65 TP and allows Zoro to use three of his swords simultaneously. During the animation, Zoro takes his deadly stance and puts both swords on adjacent sides. His swords illuminate with a purple aura, and he rushes toward his opponent to deliver a slash attack that depletes 90% of the opponent’s health bar! Once the animation is over, you can notice an X-Mark that causes the damage.

Gum-Gum Cuatro Jet Cross Shock Bazooka

Another one of the Bond Arts combines the skills of Nico Robin, Monkey D. Luffy, and Chopper to deliver the maximum damage on an enemy. Luffy prepares his Gum-Gum Jet Bazooka, Chopper his Cloven Cross, and Robin with her Ochenta Fleurs Cuatro Mano. Together they hit their target with a mixture of special attacks that hit the target simultaneously!

Once the animation is over, the opponent is knocked out completely! Tony Tony Chopper can also team up with Sanji and Brook and use the Cloven Flambage Diamond Parry Shot!

Ashura Silver Mist

The skill allows Zoro to summon forth nine deadly swords engulfed in a purple aura. He then rushes toward his target and strikes them with all nine swords to deliver a fatal blow that either reduces their HP by 80% or knocks them out completely! Zoro is seen to use different sword styles, and each of them shows outstanding prowess.

Black Rope Dragon Twister

If you’re looking for a skill that does damage to multiple targets, the Black Rope Dragon Twister is the one you should be looking for! The skill damages multiple targets and leaves hefty damage to all those touched by it! Consuming 180 TP, Zoro enlights all three of his swords with a deadly blue aura. He then proceeds to rush toward the opponents and strikes them simultaneously.

Any target exposed to the Dragon Twister is thrown into the air, and almost half of its HP is gone!

Soul Franky Swing Arm Boxing Solid

The Bond Arts skill is used by all three of Luffy’s crew members, including Brook, Franky, and Nami! It is a long-range attack that simultaneously utilizes Thunder Charge, Franky Swing Arm Iron Boxing, and Brook’s Soul Solid! 

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Gum-Gum Storm

In his Gear 2 form, Luffy drastically increases his speed, attack, resistance, and power. By sucking all the air from the environment, Luffy turns into a massive balloon and propels himself toward the enemy while spinning.

During the propulsion, Luffy brings out both his arms and makes a fist. The skill is similar to Gum-Gum Gatling, and Luffy creates a storm of punches that significantly damage the target!

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Gum-Gum Gatling

Even without max level, the particular move does tremendous damage to multiple targets. The animation starts with Luffy stretching his rubber arm and charging it. He then proceeds to launch those fully charged arms to deliver multiple barrages of incoming punches at incredible speed.

The damage inflicted on the target can reduce their health bar significantly. Paired with Gear 2 form, Luffy can completely annihilate his target using Gum-Gum Jet Gatling!

Cloven Tiger Trap Roseo Pound

Usopp, Zoro, and Chopper can use this bond art skill to damage their target significantly. The skill can be used above bond chart level 4, allowing Zoro to use his Tiger Trap, Chopper’s  Cloven Roseo, and Usopp’s Pound to form a massive cloud of an explosion that deals more than 5k+ damage to a single target! Using a mixture of attacks with a few crew members is fun.

The Billion-Fold World Trichiliocosm

One of Zoro’s deadly attacks allows him to charge toward his enemies airborne, with all three of his swords spinning at incredible speeds. The Billion-Fold World Trichiliocosm churns the enemies into tiny pieces and causes tremendous damage to a single target. The move utilizes a three-sword style technique and consumes 240 TP to deal massive damage to the opponent!

If you’re looking for a skill that looks classy and deadly simultaneously, my advice would be to use the Billion-Fold World Trichiliocosm!

Monster Point

It is an Attack and Element type skill for Tony Tony Chopper, which uses 150 TP to cast. Chopper transforms into a giant scary monster with a Rumble Ball for five turns. With enhanced attack and power, Chopper can use skills such as Cloven Roseo Palm packed with the effects of Monster Point for 205 TP.

During the animation, Chopper roars, with his eyes gleaming with a mixture of bright blue and white eyes. He charges his right palm and proceeds to smash his opponent with a blast that knocks them out in one hit!

Another one of his skills that pair incredibly well with Monster Point is the Punch. In this skill, Chopper selects his target and smashes them with one of his hands to deliver a “Justice of Hammer” that throws one target onto the other, causing damage to both of them!

Mil Fleurs Gigantesco Mano Stomp

One of Nico Robin’s Ultimate Skills, the Mil Fleurs Gigantesco Mano Stomp, allows Robin to summon two giant legs from the earth. When she says “Stomp,” the legs rain down on multiple targets while continuously stomping them with its massive feet! The attack follows six stomps with a final stomp that delivers huge damage in an AOE!

Mil Fleurs Gigantesco Mano Spank

A different version of Gigantesco Mano, the Mil Fleurs Gigantesco Mano Spank conjures a giant hand from the earth, allowing Robin to control it and spank the opponents in the form of a wave! It is also one of Robin’s many Ultimate attacks in One Piece Odyssey!

Storm Cloud Rod

Before preparing her attack, Nami says, “Are you ready?” and leaps into the air while spinning her pole. Storm Cloud Rod uses a massive 200 TP and allows Nami to shroud herself in a thunderstorm cloud, which she uses to strike her enemies down! It deals with AOE damage and causes the opponents to lose more than 80% of their health. Nami may not look like much, but she has powerful skills in her arsenal!

Golden Pound

Usopp can conjure three types of hammer attacks from his list of abilities. By using Golden Pound, Usopp mysteriously brings forward a 10-ton hammer! Although Usopp struggles to lift the heavy-ton hammer, he pounces it directly on the heads of his target and drains 40% of their health!

Golden Pound is not much in terms of damage. However, the massive hammer allows the skill to be mentioned in our One Piece Odyssey Best Skills guide!

Gum-Gum Bullet

Another perfectly charged mega punch by Luffy is the Gum-Gum Bullet. During the animation, Luffy stretches his right arm behind his body as far as possible and launches it toward the enemy with enough force that knocks them back!

The damage for this skill allows Luffy to deplete the target’s HP either entirely or by 60%!


The skill is used only by Nami, allowing her to steal a handful of berries from her opponents. The skill does not do any severe damage and can only be used if a player needs to get their hands on some berries. Players can use these items for different purposes, such as obtaining ingredients or upgrading materials!

Nami runs past her target in a flash and quickly snatches whatever they hide in their pockets. You can use the skill to gather as many berries as possible!

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Thunder Bolt Tempo

Another one of Nami’s skills, the Thunder Bolt Tempo, allows her to summon forth a thundercloud that strikes multiple targets with a lightning burst! The skill only requires 70 TP to use and can deal with AOE damage. Thunder Bolt Tempo can also paralyze opponents.

Swing Arm

Nami can use her long pole to cast a spinning wheel of lightning that highly resembles one of Zeus’s Lightning Bolt! The lightning spins around the top of her pole, and she uses it to smash her target with a high-voltage thunder strike! With only 70 TP consumption, the skill can completely paralyze and knock the target!

Gum-Gum Rocket (Field Skill)

You may find this skill rather useful while roaming around the environment in One Piece Odyssey. Gum-Gum Rocket allows Luffy to stretch his arms to reach hard-to-climb areas. You can unlock the Field Skill during Chater 1: Lake Shore Cave. The skill is handy for rugged areas that are hard to reach, allowing Luffy to move toward whatever he grabs with his rubber arms!

With that, I conclude my One Piece Odyssey Best Skills guide! Let me know what you guys think by dropping a comment below the comment section. Until next time!

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